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Hair plays a big role in the life of any woman. Their condition, appearance, color can tell a lot about their owner. What just do not make the fair sex to create the perfect head of hair: paint, curl, straighten, laminate. One of the most common options is highlighting.

Now this procedure can be carried out not only in the cabin, but also at home. For this, many cosmetic companies produce special paints. The basic kit contains a dye, an oxidizing agent, a balm, gloves and a cap. In addition, it may include special tools, such as a hook and hand protectors. Each manufacturer tries to prove that its product is the best. However, in reality this is not always the case. To choose a quality paint, we recommend using the following criteria:

  1. The composition should contain the caring ingredients: extracts, vitamins, vegetable oils, silk peptides - and ammonia should be absent. Useful substances protect against aggressive damage and control the saturation of the hue.
  2. The tool should provide perfect staining of strands, including gray ones, and maintain the result for a long time.
  3. Texture is an individual characteristic, however, it must be borne in mind that cream paint is more convenient to use. It does not spread and is distributed evenly.

Among the abundance of drugs for highlighting, presented on the market, there are those that are in special demand. They have been on the leading positions for quite a long time, which speaks of their high quality, and have positive reviews from both professionals and ordinary customers. Their list is given below in the ranking of the best.

5 Schwarzkopf Pallete Glare of Color

The well-known German company has developed a special kit for highlighting at home under the name “Glare of color”. The main advantages include the rich color gamut and amazing efficiency. Widely used to create strands on gray, dyed and natural hair. Regardless, Pallete shows high results.

Buyers note that this is one of the best quality paints at an affordable price. Includes golden and cold shades. Pleases with firmness and mild action. The texture is creamy, not flowing, evenly distributed over all the strands. The locks after the highlighting procedure are silky and shiny. Pallete helps to create unique images without going to the salon. Lovers of home coloring delighted.

4 Garnier Nutrisse Creme

A brand participates in many ratings and is always among the best. Garnier for highlighting is an excellent caring composition containing wheat and olive oils, as well as jojoba extract. Excellent moisturizes and nourishes the hair. Makes them docile and smooth. Does not contain ammonia, so does not harm the curls.

Differs in high quality, efficiency, guaranteed uniform coloring. Buyers love Garnier for its gentle composition and impeccable results. Can be used on both light and dark hair. The kit for home use includes a hat. With her to carry out the procedure is convenient and easy.

3 Estel De luxe

One of the leaders in creating hair care products. It has long conquered the Russian market, gaining the trust of numerous consumers. The manufacturer produces professional highlighting kits suitable for home use. The paint gives an excellent result, if you act strictly according to the instructions (mix the ingredients in the required proportions). The main advantage is the purity of color, without yellow highlights.

It contains many useful ingredients (green tea, horse chestnut, guarana), which protect and take care of the curls during the procedure. The special formula carefully paints each strand. De luxe received a lot of positive feedback for the softness of the impact, saturation of the shade, excellent durability. An additional advantage is the ability to mix several colors to get your own, individual, color.

2 Kapous Special Meshes

Italian brand cosmetics for hair, working on a global level. Products are tested by European experts. One of the best and most popular is paint for highlighting. Created in accordance with innovative technologies. It has excellent quality characteristics and high durability. Suitable for professional and home use. Does not contain ammonia.

Kapous received a lot of positive feedback from buyers and hairdressers. A wide range of shades allows you to choose the right color for any woman. And hydrolyzed silk helps to keep it from leaching and ultraviolet rays. After the procedure, an invisible film remains on the surface of the strands, protecting it from external negative factors. Even on gray hair the result will be steady and bright, and curls smooth, docile and elastic.

1 Loreal Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes

The paint Revlonissimo is in great demand in the market. Developed by the famous French company Loreal on the basis of nano-located technology. It allows high-quality dyeing strands without harm to the hair, so owners of damaged curls can use it. Gamma includes 7 elegant shades that can create a stylish look.

Copes with gray hair. A lasting effect is achieved by liquid crystals, which are fixed in the cortex layers of the hair. Vitamins, marine collagen, essential oils and wheat proteins provide good conditioning right in time of highlighting. Restore damage and deeply nourish. The paint is resistant to shampoo, so it is not washed off for a long time.

Powder Formulations

They require preliminary mixing with additional substances, because they are more suitable for beauty salons than for home painting.

Tip! If you do decide to use the powder, be very careful - breaking the proportions or not following the basic rules can greatly harm even strong hair.


They have a fairly thick consistency, which facilitates the process of applying the composition, are considered safer than other options. In addition, oxidizers allow you to adjust the shade - by choosing different degrees of concentration, you can get a highlight of white, beige, wheat and any other color.
When choosing an oxidizer, one should be guided not only by the original color of the strands, but also by their structure. So, for brown-haired women and brunettes with hard hair, the concentration of this agent should be from 9 to 12%. This will create a wonderful effect, and also easily and quickly whiten the necessary strands. If the owners of dark hair use a weaker concentration, then the final result may give a yellow tint. But blond and blondes are best suited oxidant 6%.

Tip! If it is quite difficult for you to understand all these indicators, use the ready-made highlighting kit. It includes not only the paint itself, but also a host of other tools necessary for home dyeing (gloves, hook, cap, balm, etc.). In addition, the palette of shades in the set is chosen in such a way as to get excellent results on any original color.


Such tools are characterized by high cost, because they are often used in salons. If this moment does not bother you, feel free to buy this effective drug. It is not so bad for the strands and less dry ends.

Tip! Choosing the best means for highlighting, remember that his formula should be both strong and gentle. Only in this case, you can count on 100% paint over gray.


In the store you will find products of different brands and at the very different prices. To make the best choice, use this list of popular drugs.
Pallete by schwarzkopf
Over the long years of its existence, this company has managed to win the trust and respect of consumers. Not the last role in this matter was played by the optimal ratio of acceptable cost and high quality. One of the main advantages of the Pallete is the rich palette, the ability to hide gray hair and the versatility of paint. The line includes a lot of different shades - traditional and bright. Golden, ash, pearl and silver blond are especially popular.
The tool can be used to dye natural or dyed hair - it lightens immediately by 4-5 tones. The result will be excellent and incredibly resistant. Glare of color &, special sets, with which you can create a new and unique image, have received the greatest popularity.

Important! Pallete can not be used for painting damaged or fragile hair. In this case, it is better to choose a more benign remedy.

Estelle - the undoubted leader, producing one of the best paints for highlighting. Among its advantages can also be attributed pure color without yellowness. Even burning brunettes can apply the paint - there will be no problems anyway. The main thing is to keep the proportions and strictly follow the instructions.
Thanks to a special formula consisting of an oxidizing agent and a chromo-energy complex, the tool effectively paints every hair, masks gray hair and provides additional care for the strands. And one more thing - in order to get a beautiful or unusual color, you can mix 3 or even 4 tones at once.

Tip! If you plan to highlight at home, use the series De luxe. It includes more than 100 stylish colors, and also contains a lot of vitamins and extracts (green tea, guarana and horse chestnut), which allow you to lighten the strands without the slightest harm. But for staining damaged hair is more suitable without ammonia paint Estelle.

Shades of colors Estelle are divided into 2 subspecies - for professional and amateur use.

Another professional brand, providing the most strong clarification (about 6 tones). The composition of paints from Garnier includes three useful oils - wheat, jojoba and olive. With their help, hair gets vitamins, it becomes very smooth, moisturized and docile. And most importantly, if you accidentally exceed the exposure time of the composition, nothing terrible will happen - the color will remain as radiant and beautiful, and the strands will not suffer.

Majimeches from Loreal

L'Oreal - a reliable brand that produces kits for home coloring. Their distinctive feature is the presence of a special comb, which allows you to significantly facilitate the application of the composition and do without foil, caps and other means. Among the many colors of the brand Majimeches has received particular popularity. It has wax and vitamins, so this tool is ideal for weakened hair. In the composition there is no perhydrol, so that the strands get a warm tone.

Important! Mazhimesh does not lighten more than 2-3 tones. This means that brunettes need to find another (stronger) tool. But blond hair after dyeing will get a soft golden hue, which contributes to a visual increase in volume.

Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes by Loreal
Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes is another product of the company that is in great demand. This series includes 7 beautiful shades that can hide gray hair and give the entire head of hair a stylish well-groomed look (champagne, platinum, beige, natural, ashen, rainbow and pearl blond). And most importantly, this paint can be used by ladies with damaged hair - there will be no harm from it.

Supra is a coloring agent consisting of a bleaching powder and white henna. The composition of such paints include bleaching ingredients of both chemical and natural origin. With the help of Supra, you can completely discolor the hair or change its color to only a few tones. Means equally well lays down both on natural, and on colored locks. After using it, it is necessary to make toning.
The dye is artisanal and professional. Experts recommend to opt for the last option - it acts more gently. Some types of Supra have a color pigment, so they can be used for bright highlighting.

On a note! Most of the negative reviews about this dye are related to non-compliance with the application technique.

Igora royal
One of the most famous and most spectacular brands. The Igora Royal series consists of 45 shades that need to be mixed with micones. Being a non-ammonia, this soft cream paint does not harm the hair and will give a stylish color.

Platinum from Loreal
Platinum is a professional paste intended for highlighting as well as complete bleaching. Contains beeswax and nutriserid, a special substance that cares for colored hair. The tool lightens as much as 7 positions, so it can be used for both natural and colored hair.
Tips for dyeing hair with Loreal paint:

Platine Precision
Bleaching powder Platine Precision allows you to effectively paint over gray hair and lighten the hair by about 6 tones. This is the best option for dark-haired women! Powder can be used for various types of highlighting, but best of all it falls on short haircuts - curls after its application acquire a beautiful platinum shade.

Matrix Color Graphics LiftTone
If earlier the highlighting procedure took at least 2 hours, then with the advent of Matrix paint the process became much easier. Now strands lighten literally in 10 minutes. The set includes a toner (there are 4 different colors), a lightening powder and a sparing oxidizer.

Blonde Lightening Powder
Paint kit with highlight effect consists of a lightening gel and powder-enhancer. Blonde can only be used on natural strands. The tool gently neutralizes the natural effect and greatly simplifies the procedure of toning. As a result, the hair color can be changed to 5 or even 6 positions. Unfortunately, this paint does not cope with gray hair.

Platifiz Precision Bleaching Powder
With this powder, you can not only smooth the hair, but also achieve their complete bleaching. Using Platifiz Precision has one characteristic feature - the tool only works when there is heat, so you have to stock up on either foil or a warm cap. Powder has a high level of durability, so it can be used on both natural and pre-painted strands. As for gray hair, it is not taken on them. In all other cases, you can safely get the change in shade by as much as 6-7 positions.


To choose the best paint for highlighting, read the reviews left by our regular readers.

  • Anna, 28 years old: Before, I only painted in the salon - I was afraid to buy and use paint on my own. I did the classic highlighting, the balayazh, then mazhimesh. But recently the cost of these procedures has risen to the skies, so I decided to go for an experiment. I bought a set of L'Oreal, watched a video on the Internet and did everything myself. Now only this set and use! The color is very beautiful, clean, without any hint of yellowness. I am glad that the box has everything you need for work.I advise everyone to this particular company - convenient and affordable! &.
  • Polina, 19 years old: I have long wanted to make highlighting, but I still could not decide. And then I saw an advertisement for the paint Garnier and realized that this chance should not be missed. By nature, I am light blond, so the staining procedure was not difficult. The paint does not flow at all, is easily and evenly applied, it paints well every hair. The result was a very beautiful glare shimmering in the sun. Now many of my friends also make homemade highlights with this paint &.
  • Larisa, 35 years old: Faced with the first gray hair, I immediately went to the hairdresser. The master advised to make highlights - it should hide the whitening strands well. Used the dye from Estel. Very pleased with the result - the hair is soft, shiny, does not break and does not split. And most importantly - pure color without yellowness and other undesirable phenomena. Then many more times we tinted the roots with this very tool - never failed &.

  • Tatiana, 30 years old: I have been walking about 10 years with highlighting - I simply can’t imagine myself differently. Of course, from time to time I switched to full coloring, but then returned to the clarification of individual strands. In the salon, the procedure was carried out with Blond lightening powder, but at home I used Igo ammonia paint without ammonia. I like it even more than powder clarifier. Firstly, it does not harm hair, and secondly, it does not require long preparation. Of course, after such a coloring I dedicate a little more time to the care of hair, but I am satisfied with the result &.
  • Miroslava: For the first time I tried to make highlighting about 5 years ago - at that time this procedure took much longer. But with the advent of paint Mazhimesh from L'Oreal everything changed dramatically. Now it takes half the time to dye my long hair. As for the results, I am incredibly pleased with them. The dye does not dry hair, cares for them, has a wide palette of shades and always gives a beautiful and rich color. For me, Mazhimesh is the best tool. I recommend this color for highlighting to everyone! &.

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Does the technique affect the choice of funds

Highlighting is most often done with a cap or through foil. When dyeing through a cap, the dye is applied simultaneously to all strands. When using foil process can take a long time. Therefore, in the second method, you should not use the strongest composition possible so that the first strands will not be burned while the next ones are processed.

Some masters prefer alternately to disentangle the foil and wash off the paint, which will also save the previously painted areas and help make the color more uniform. Similar alternate flushing can be done at home, especially if the hair is very long.

Oxidizer or powder?

To choose the right tool, you need to have a little idea about it. Otherwise, you can spoil the hair very much and nothing but scissors will not help. Therefore, you need to know what are coloring compositions, and to have an idea about the concentration.

All dyes can be divided into 2 groups:

Powders are professional products and are not available for free sale. But you can purchase through the salon or a familiar master. When buying, he will immediately tell about the rules of breeding and select the appropriate product. Oxidizers are different concentrations and are selected depending on the original color and condition of the hair. If they are dark and thick, then you need an oxidant 9-12%. Such concentration will help to whiten the strands qualitatively and will not upset the yellow tint. For light, bleached or porous hair, an oxidant of 3-6% is suitable.

Most consumers have difficulty choosing a product, and not everyone is able to deal with percentages and oxidizers. Therefore, at home, you can immediately use ready-made sets for highlighting. With their help, making fashionable coloring is a snap. In some, besides the current composition, includes a comb, brush and even a cap, which is very convenient and eliminates unnecessary trouble.

Palette - an inexpensive and proven tool

Another popular set is the company Schwarzkopf, this is a glare of color from Palette. Suitable for both dyed and natural hair. Unlike sets of other firms, it has a large selection of shades from classic colors to very bright and cheerful ones. Allows you to create persistent highlights, but can ruin the hair. Therefore, if they do not glow with health and are prone to damage, it is better to use more benign products from other companies. But in general, the set allows you to create very beautiful playings, copes well with gray hair and very quickly sweeps off shelves in stores.

Estel - the choice of professionals

Professional paint has one huge advantage over home products. They do not give yellow when bleaching strands, even if they were initially very dark. One of the most popular and inexpensive paints is Estel. Not to be confused with the analogue in retail, here we are talking about professional dyes. If you have the opportunity to purchase a professional tool Estelle, then feel free to do it. The effect is sure to please, but only with the correct concentration of oxidant.

L’Oreal Kit: convenient, easy and fast

Perhaps the most popular and acclaimed paint for highlighting at home is L'Oreal. This set will please with a stunning effect due to the innovative development of the company - a unique comb. On the comb Loreal there are special places where you need to apply a coloring agent from a tube. Next, you need to brush along the strands and wait for the right time.

It is easy to make such coloring even to itself, and with outside help the procedure will take several minutes and will please you with a stunning effect. This method does not need a foil or cap, the whole process takes place in the open air.

In fact, there are a lot of kits and paints intended for highlighting at home. They are from the companies Wella, Garnier, Supra and many others. Therefore, if some tool did not fit, then if you wish, you can always find a replacement.


If you decide to transform yourself or a girlfriend using bleached strands, you must first pick up the paint and tools. For the procedure we need:

  • brightener: powder or oxidant,
  • glass container brush
  • foil cap
  • comb, clips.

In addition to all the above, arm yourself with good mood and patience. If you wish, you can perform this procedure without help, but still it is better to invite an assistant. If everything you need is available, you can start highlighting at home. We do it right: we dilute the paint according to the enclosed instructions, maintain the composition on the hair for the indicated time, and then we can wash it off.

Make a choice

Shop windows are simply full of all sorts of paints and mousses to lighten hair. It is better to choose a gentle remedy, so that you do not have to cut dry and damaged hair. We make the right choice from a variety of presented jars and bottles:

  • Pallete - this company has been known to everyone for many years, it managed to win the trust of consumers. In the arsenal of this manufacturer, there is a special set of "Glare of color." This composition gives an amazing result both on gray and dyed hair, and on untouched ammonia strands. Glare really turn out great, besides there are different shades and tones. With this wonderful set from Schwarzkopf, you can create a new, unique image without problems. Customers say that this paint is the best value for money.
  • The leader of hair care products is Estel. This manufacturer is an excellent product. Brightener of this brand does not give the effect of yellowness, even if the hair is painted in a very dark color. Well suited professional series. This dye to highlight hair at home will give an excellent result only if diluted according to the instructions. Do not deviate from the rules - and everything will turn out! Carefully follow the ratio of the dye and oxidizer, and the result will please you.
  • Excellent lightening agent for hair is the trademark "Garnier". The gentle mixture contains oil of jojoba, olive, wheat. The right moisturizing and nourishment is contained in the composition to the full. Even if you accidentally overdo the composition on the hair for several minutes, nothing terrible will happen. The color turns shining, brightens to five tones, so dark hair can also be subjected to the procedure.

Miracle Comb

There is another gentle paint for highlighting hair at home. It is even a whole set from the company "L'Oreal". It includes the lightening compound and a special comb. Then it is necessary to put the mixture on it, then carefully comb the necessary strand and leave for the allotted amount of time. The effect is stunning. Consumers have noted a huge plus recruitment in that this procedure can be carried out without help. The same effect can be achieved with an ordinary comb. Apply a brightener to the instrument with large teeth and run through the hair from root to tip. Get thin clarified strands on top. This will give the face freshness, rejuvenate for several years. It is quite easy to make such hair dyeing at home. But this is just the easiest option.

Keep the paint on the head need from fifteen to forty minutes. Time staining will depend on what result you want to achieve. In order to get the most white strands, forty minutes will be enough. If the hair has previously been dyed with henna or basma, refrain from applying lightening agents. The result will be deplorable - you will have to immediately go for a haircut!

If the hair dye to highlight hair at home is selected, you can proceed to the most interesting. Foil is an excellent tool for quick results. It is advisable to purchase a special material in the store, but in an emergency, you can use household foil. Cut it into rectangles thirty centimeters long. If the hair is short, then twenty is enough. We begin the exciting process of highlighting hair at home:

  • Dissolve the composition, be sure to wear gloves and cover your shoulders with a towel.
  • The thin end of the hairbrush split the hair into three parts. Start to apply the paint to the bottom.
  • Using the thin end of a comb or knitting needles, separate the strands that you are about to dye. Take a rectangle of foil, wrap inside one centimeter. This trick will prevent the clarifier from flowing. Put a strand on the foil. Brush quickly apply paint and fold the foil in half.
  • Apply the composition to all separated strands and leave for fifteen minutes.
  • Check the intensity of staining, and if you like the result, you can wash out the clarifier. Do not remove the foil immediately, first rinse the hair with warm water. Be sure to apply a nourishing balm and soak it on the hair for ten minutes. Here's how hair highlighting is done at home. This technique is not complicated and is available to anyone.


Transform a short haircut can be easily and quickly using highlighting through the cap. This method is very popular, because it takes a minimum of time and financial resources. One has only to get a special hat and paint. If you can not buy a finished hat, you can use a tight package. The effect will be the same, only it will need to be fixed securely.

The sequence of actions is simple:

  • We choose paint for highlighting in house conditions and we part it according to the instruction.
  • We put on a hat, we fix for reliability a clip.
  • Using the crochet hook or the thin end of the comb, stretch the strand and apply a lightening mixture. We do this with strands all over our head and wait thirty minutes.
  • After the time, wash off the paint with warm water, without removing the "headgear".
  • Remove the cap and wash your hair with shampoo, then apply a balm.

The result will exceed all expectations. This method of coloring "feathers" always turns out well. No one will distinguish your work from the hands of the master.

Home Shatush

You can creatively dye your hair yourself. The main thing is not to overdo it, so as not to get a sloppy look. Shatush is a type of coloring of individual strands, creating the effect of regrown roots. Many girls like this look, and they tint the strands on their own every six months. Fashionable highlighting is done very simply:

  • Separate several thick strands on the top layer of hair, clip them at the crown.
  • Dissolve the paint and cover the shoulders with a towel.
  • Stretch the gloves and apply the mixture directly onto the strands with your hands, stepping back from the roots of a centimeter. Carefully spread the paint over the entire length of the curl.
  • At the bottom of the hair also need to paint a few sections.
  • Rinse off the brightening mixture and apply a balm.

Such a detailed overview of how to make highlights in the home, will help to do everything correctly.

Care and care

Lightened hair eventually becomes dry and brittle, no matter how good the paint is. They definitely need extra care. Arrange a beauty day once a week. Nutritious masks and gargling with broths will bring back your shine to shine and beauty, it is nourished with energy and strength. Oil is the best friend of curls, and it does not happen much. Apply burdock oil for the entire length of hair twice a week. Sparing no odds, spread each strand with this life-giving elixir, then cover with a bag and wrap in a towel. After an hour, wash your hair with shampoo. The main thing is not to be lazy and take care of your hair. They will respond with gloss and silkiness immediately!

Technique and paint selection

The highlighting process is performed using two techniques: through a cap or using foil. The cap allows you to apply the coloring element around the contour of the head, which can not be done when highlighting with foil.

To choose the right paint, you need to have a little idea about the compositions of paints and their features. Conventionally, all coloring elements can be divided into two categories: oxidizing agents and powders. In the sets of conventional paints, regardless of the manufacturer, oxidizers are mainly present.

It is almost impossible to find powders on sale, and they are mainly used by professionals. At home, it is better not to use them, as you can seriously damage your hair if you do not observe the concentration.

As for oxidants, they are safer; in addition, by choosing different degrees of concentration, you can adjust the color: from contrastingly white to wheat tone. By the way, on light hair, for example, ash-blond and blond, light highlights - half a tone lighter than the existing shade, it looks more natural and attractive.

Oxidizer should be selected based on hair color and texture. For dark, hard hair, an oxidizer should be taken with a concentration of from 9 to 12%. It will easily and quickly whiten hair, creating the desired effect. If to use means with smaller concentration, then the end result will have a yellowish shade.

On the video dye for hair loreal:

For light hair or pre-bleached enough 6% oxidant, you can even take a concentration of 3%. It is sometimes difficult to deal with the concentration percentage on their own, which is why it is more convenient to purchase ready-to-use kits. In this case, you should think only about the manufacturer.

Manufacturer selection

Of the main advantages of the ready set for highlighting, it is possible to single out the moment that it contains a set of protective means and means for painting, in addition to the coloring compositions themselves. Also attached detailed instructions for work.

So, a set in the middle price segment of any manufacturer includes:

  • Paint and oxidant,
  • Gloves
  • Little cap
  • Hook,
  • Balm or conditioner for use after dyeing.

The paints themselves can be produced in three versions:

  • In powder form,
  • Cream colors,
  • Paints on an oily basis.

Powder paints are inconvenient because they need to be able to be diluted in the correct proportion. It is recommended to contact a hairdressing salon with such a kit, where the master will dilute the composition in the correct and necessary proportion for the specific type and color of hair

What is the palette of shades of hair for hair Brilliance, you can understand if you read the content of this article.

But what constitutes the Schwarzkopf Million Color hair dye palette and how diverse it is, will help to understand the content of this article.

What are the reviews of professional hair dye, you can read here:

Whether hair dye kills lice can be understood by reading the content of this article.

Paints in the form of a cream are quite convenient to use and allow you to quickly complete all the work, even at home.

Oil paint in the free market can be found only in specialized stores. In general, they are designed for use in salons. The cost of such a paint is quite high, but for damaged hair it is the best option for a gentle dyeing.

Top manufacturers

What is the best brightener for hair? Referring to the rating. First place in all ratings owned by the company L'Oreal. For highlighting the company has released a separate series Revlonissimo NMT Super Blondes.

It presents a range of the most successful and fashionable shades for highlighting. Among the advantages of paint can be noted its exceptional ability to easily paint over gray hair. Paints belong to the category of hair sparing and most safe for health. Color turns out resistant, and hair keeps natural gloss and health. The cost of such a set starts from 500 rubles.

Second place takes the company's products Estelle.

It attracts buyers to the average price category. This manufacturer also presents a huge selection of tones and shades for any color and hair type. The quality of the coloring elements is also high, even considering the low cost. Coloring occurs evenly, without significant harm to the hair. The color is saturated and durable.

The average price of such a set starts from 150 rubles, which is quite acceptable for the procedure at home.

The paint is sold in a basic set with all the necessary accessories for the procedure, including hair conditioner.

Third place owned by the company Garenier.

It offers at least quality compositions for lightening strands. The kit includes coloring elements, a balm for applying after the staining procedures, gloves and a cap. The paint belongs to the category of sparing agents, which is ensured by the fact that its composition includes natural oils that provide nutrition and hair restoration. This kit costs from 200 rubles. In addition, the company offers a series of shampoos and balsams for bleached and colored hair.

Palette Series Paint from the German manufacturer Schwarzkopf are also very popular. Under the link - a palette of colors of a paint for hair Palet.

A few years ago, the products of this company were only available in salons and hairdressing salons. To date, it is commercially available and has a fairly reasonable cost. The price of such a set for highlighting starts from 150 rubles.

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It should be noted that this set has the maximum effect of coloring and should be chosen by ladies with thick thick dark hair.

For those who have not done the procedure

Doubt is the main enemy of everything new. People tend to avoid everything new precisely because of doubt: fearing that staining will not produce high quality, the highlighting itself may not be suitable, girls refuse to radically change their appearance. In a situation with highlighting, if there are doubts, you can spend a gentle coloring, lightening the individual strands just half a tone. This will not change the image dramatically, but will bring a zest to the exterior.

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