Spanish hair extensions: lossless, luxurious hair

Every woman wants to be attractive, have your own charm and style. But beauty has several components, one of which is availability of voluminous and beautiful hair. But, unfortunately, not all of us are given by nature long and beautiful hair, allowing us to do any styling. However, do not be upset, because now there are several methods of hair extensions. Deserves special attention among all spanish hair extensionswhich belongs to the variety cold build. It is called Spanish because of the glue invented in Spain.

Procedure technology

Hair extension by Spanish technology is as follows. With the help of a special activator and glue connect overhead and natural strands. As a result, a chemical reaction occurs, and hair extensions adhere strongly to natural hair.

Glue can have any shade. Whitish glue is used for light hair, and dark shade for dark hair.

Spanish extension procedure lasts on average 3.5 hours. Resultt will please you up to 6 months. Hair after extension on the Spanish technology look voluminous, long and beautiful.

Advantages of Spanish technology

  1. You do not need special care for such hair, you can use absolutely any conditioner and shampoo,
  2. You can tint, lighten, dye hair extensions,
  3. You can use the swimming pool, sauna,
  4. When combing there is no hair loss,
  5. Extended hair in the Spanish way can be worn for up to 6 months, but the correction of hair in 3-4 months is desirable.

Spanish extension is most preferable for blondes and brown-haired women., as the glue has a whitish hue. On the hair, it blends with the natural color, but sometimes women with very dark hair clips are noticeable.

Care for hair extensions

During shampooing, shampoo should be gently applied to the hair. Creams, masks, balms, etc. applied over the entire length of the hair, without affecting the roots. Then they should be thoroughly rinsed so as not to leave shampoo at the roots. Also keep in mind that when washing your hair you can not tilt your head back or forward, otherwise the curls may be confused. And in any case, do not twist the hair when wiping.

You need to comb a special comb, designed for hair extensions. Do not go to bed with wet hair. For the night, hair in the Spanish way should be braided in a braid or gathered in a ponytail, do not tighten them.


  1. Allergy to build-up items
  2. Vegetative vascular dystonia,
  3. Individual intolerance,
  4. Skin diseases of the scalp,
  5. Increased sensitivity of the scalp,
  6. Regular hormonal drugs,
  7. Strong hair loss.

Principle of spanish hair extensions

The Spanish method that has gained popularity is fixing donor hair with special Ruber glue at the roots of its own hair.The basis of the method is glue, invented in Spain, In structure, it resembles the component of living hair - keratin. Pre-prepared donor strands are glued in a special way to their own strands.

Features of the extension procedure

Spanish hair extension technology has been popular with women since 2006, when Ruber glue was first invented. Since then, the method remains the most affordable, but quite effective. Clay was hypoallergenic - does not cause any irritation.

During the procedure, strands of donor natural hair are used. On sale there are different types of "raw materials" - European and Slavic. Slavic are better suited for the purpose of building, but their cost is twice as high.

In Europe, material is obtained from Asian countries, where the structure of human hair is stiff and coarse. To bring the "raw materials" in an acceptable condition, it is subjected to processing, staining. From this they become brittle, lifeless, quickly fail. Therefore, the price for them is almost twice as low.

Slavic type hair is obtained from Eastern European countries. They are better suited for building plasticity, structure, color.

One of the features of the procedure is a long time to conduct it and the skill of the artist. Weigh the pros and cons, referring to a private trader or a beauty salon. Do not trust the photos posted in the workplace. This may be a photo of his competitor.

Read reviews about skill and communication skills. You will spend about 4–5 hours in close proximity to this person.

Council A private master is not always a good professional. In this case, it is better to trust a specialist from the salon. There, his qualifications are verified.

The price of services for building up the Spanish method varies depending on the region of residence, cost of donor strands, requests wizard. Also, the cost will be different because you are served in a beauty salon or a private master.

The cost of hair extension by the Spanish method according to statistics:

  • from 6000 to 15 000 rubles in both capitals (from private masters),
  • 5000–12000 rubles - in regional cities (with private masters),
  • 12 000–20 000 rubles - in the capital's salons,
  • 10 000–15 000 rubles - in regional salons.

You can save money by purchasing the materials yourself.

Extension procedure

The strands are harvested in advance, gluing the tips with a glue hardening in the form of a capsule. At the second stage, the master processes a glue capsule with a special compound; it becomes soft. Now the hairdresser connects the donor strand with yours, presses them to the capsule manually, a centimeter from the roots. After a short time, the composition hardens. It turns out two strands connected by an adhesive capsule. The capsule is strong and firm.

With this method of building master attaches from 150 to 230 strands, attaching them evenly throughout the head. A woman may experience minor discomfort only for the first few days after the procedure. Then she gets used and wears her hair like from her own hair.

Attention! Glue capsules become whitish after drying. Therefore, this type of extension is suitable for fair-haired ladies. Brown-haired women and brunettes need to think about other ways, for example, about Hollywood hair extensions or gel method.

Increments achieve two goals at once - the length of hair and the volume of hair, which is the dream of most women. You can ramp up to a length of 70 cm. The volume of donor hair can not be more than half of their own.


Hair grows constantly, therefore in three-four months after extension, glue capsules become noticeable. Also, under the influence of balms, shampoos, other cosmetics, keratin capsules is destroyed. It is time to correct such hairstyles:

  1. First, the glue capsule is treated with a softening solution.
  2. Then, with special tongs, the donor strand is pulled down.
  3. Using special tweezers, the capsule is crushed, then the remains of the hairstyle are combed out.
  4. The increased locks are cleaned, sometimes tinted. Then use for reuse.

The time for correction takes much more than the build-up itself.

Hair care after the procedure

Hair extensions will not be for you any special period in life, they will not change the usual way. You will also be dancing, playing sports, going to the bathhouse, swimming pool.

The first two or three days do not wash your head. Give the adhesive composition to dry securely. Just need to comply with certain measures of protection so that the capsules do not collapse:

  • in the bath always cover your head,
  • wear a special swimming cap in the pool,
  • wash your hair in smooth movements, without tangling your hair,
  • comb already dry hair,
  • don't go to bed until the hair is dry,
  • use soft, non-aggressive products for washing,
  • comb your hair with brushes and brushes with sparse teeth
  • dry only with blotting movements, not twisting with a towel,
  • You can use the hairdryer briefly, away from the head,
  • if the hair is long, at night they are pinched or braided.

Care for hair extensions as well as for relatives.They can even be cut and painted. But they take into account that in the place where the strands are fastened under the glue, the hair will not sneak, but will remain the same color. Also your and donor strands can react differently to the paint.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of the Spanish method was the length of time during which you can wear this hairstyle. And, accordingly, rarely visit the master for correction. Consider the other advantages:

  • extensions make even very short (3-4 cm) hair,
  • the size of the capsules, they are so small and invisible that they can only be detected by touch,
  • prices are much more democratic than other types of build-ups.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages to this method of beauty guidance:

  • a lengthy procedure in time for both fastening and removing the strands,
  • cannot be used on dark curls,
  • The use of oils, masks and balms is prohibited.

It is noticed that after the procedure of extension, native hair sometimes starts to deteriorate. On the effects of hair extensions, you can find out on our website.

After removing the overhead strands, their own curls are cut short to bring them to a healthy state. Therefore, before you decide on the procedure for building, weigh all the pros and cons, and only then make a decision.

Attention! If a girl does not want to spoil her natural hair under the influence of “hot” methods of extension, then she will certainly like the “cold” Spanish method. It will suit those ladies who do not want to attend the correction every two weeks with a tape technique.

This technique is suitable for owners of any hair, even very thin, which other methods are contraindicated. Glue capsules are small and weightless. Therefore, do not pull the hair down, do not cause any discomfort.

The Spanish method of hair extensions is a relatively safe, modern way of transforming a woman. Compared with other such procedures, this method is the most gentle. The rather high cost is more than justified by the fact that this hairstyle is worn for almost half a year without correction. You live a normal life, occasionally visiting the master. At any time you can remove the donor hair, simply referring to the appropriate master in the salon.

Other popular hair extension techniques:

Useful video

Technology Spanish hair extensions.

Harmful to grow hair or not?

Technology hair extension according to the Spanish method

For the extension of the Spanish technology used European and Slavic hair of high quality. Strands for building are already formed and fixed with keratin glue. The master puts a special activator on the glue, which softens and makes it more flexible and soft. Stepping back 1 cm from the hair roots, the master fixes the donor strand to the hair and forms a flat joint with his hands. Frozen glue resembles a small capsule, so the Spanish technology is also called capsular capacity. Small flat capsules absolutely do not interfere with the process of combing, do not press on the skin during sleep and are not susceptible to hot temperatures.

The dried glue quite firmly fixes the donor strand, and the junctions are inconspicuous and practically imperceptible. In the first days of the socks of artificial strands, the client will feel uncomfortable with heaviness, but after a couple of days this feeling will pass. Adhesive for fixing artificial strands is either completely transparent or tinted to match the strands. But when it dries, it acquires a whitish tint that will be noticeable on dark-colored hair. Therefore, the Spanish capacity is more suitable for fair-haired and blond girls.

And the artificial strands can be worn for up to 4 months, but no more, since the glue begins to break down with time and the accumulated strands can simply fall away. In order to build hair will require from 150 to 200 donor strands, and the procedure itself can last more than 2 hours. When the master starts the process of extension, he selects the thickness, shade and texture of artificial strands, taking into account all the features of the client's hair. At the request of the client, you can choose strands of tone to match with native hair or make the effect of highlighting or coloring, using in the process of building strands of different shades.

Hair extension

By the way, the artificial strand would not be firmly fixed, but over time it becomes necessary to make a correction. First, the hair grows and the capsule goes down, and secondly, the keratin, which is part of the rebounding glue, begins to deteriorate over time and the hair begins to be intensively combed out. In order to remove the artificial strand, the master applies a special solvent to the capsule, the capsule softens and the donor strand is painlessly removed. The correction takes more time than the build-up itself, since the artificial strands must first be removed, then the client's hair should be combed off the glue residue, then the strands should be corrected if they are combed during the wear process. The following procedure is identical to the original build. Correction will cost the client less than building up, since the same strands will be used as during the first visit to the master.

What to expect when you are planning a Spanish hair extension procedure?

  • First, a rather lengthy procedure and close interaction with the master. Be prepared for the fact that you spend at least three and a half hours in the cabin, and all this time a specialist in building will be next to you.

Each of the hundreds or two - namely, so much is required for a full-fledged procedure - the master will fix the order manually, separating the strands, securing the additional hair, checking the result.

Therefore, make sure that you have complete psychological compatibility with the person conducting the procedure. Otherwise, it can turn into hell. You have to agree that spending almost four hours with a person - no, not bad, just not conforming to your warehouse - is the strongest test.

Secondly, you will need to decide on the amount, color, length and quality of hair extensions. By the quality of the hair itself, you are likely to choose from European and Slavic - such is the general classification of purchased treated natural hair. European are considered the worst quality, and Slavic - the highest.

European and Slavic hair differ in the country of origin of the raw materials and the degree of product processing.

European manufacturers of hair extensions - and this is a big industry - receive raw materials, hair, from the countries of the Asian region. To make hair suitable for extension (taking into account the structural features of the hair of residents of southern and Asian countries), they are subjected to significant treatment: straightened, dyed. Therefore, there are more subtle, fragile, have less vitality.

Slavic hair is mainly obtained from representatives of Eastern European countries, they more meet the requirements of hair extensions in structure and color, are less processed and depleted, therefore they look better and “take root” on natural hair. Here, of course, the master will act as your advisor, and you will have to make a decision based on the desired result and your estimated budget for the procedure.

If on average 150 strands are increased, and each strand, for example, 50 cm long of “European” hair costs from 40 rubles, and “Slavic” hairs - from 100 rubles, the difference is quite tangible. However, your master can insist on some kind of one, having a positive experience with him and a reliable supplier.

Thirdly, with the help of extensions you can achieve an increase in both the length and volume of hair. Often, as a result of building, they achieve both.

When planning the result after the Spanish extension, keep in mind that the initial length of your own hair should be at least 10 cm, the volume of additional hair can not exceed half of your own hair, and the attachment will be light transparent, so special hair is required on dark hair with Spanish extension selectivity. You can grow hair up to 70 cm.

How to live with "Spanish" hair?

  1. In general, you can lead this way of life, what are accustomed to. The presence of additional strands in your hair will not interfere with sports or dancing, or the usual water and hygiene procedures. True, in everything you need to exercise the necessary moderation, however, corresponding to common sense and general recommendations:

    If you go to the sauna or steam room, be sure to cover your head.

In swimming pools with chlorinated water, use a swimming cap.

Wash your hair with smooth movements, without tangling the hair and not dropping them down.

Use mild cleansing and care products.

For combing, use combing and brushes with infrequent teeth, do not lie down until the hair is completely dry.

  • If your hair has a significant extension in length, it is recommended to collect hair for the night.
  • In the first days after the extension procedure, you may experience some discomfort. This is quite a natural phenomenon, you should not worry much and worry about it. After all, new hair is a sudden extra weight and load on the scalp. Therefore, your body simply has to adapt to new conditions, in a few days you will fully get used to the new sensations.

    You can care for them as you would for regular hair. You can even cut and dye them. Only when planning staining keep two important points in mind.

      First, the hair under the glue, the place of attachment of hair, will not sneak, will remain the same color.

  • Secondly, your own and hair extensions can react differently to dyes.
  • When applying care products - balms, oils, masks - avoid applying the composition directly to the adhesive capsule to avoid unwanted reactions and not soften or break the connection.

    You can wear your hair extensions without correction for up to four months. During this time, if you did everything correctly when building up and properly care for your hair after the procedure, not a single hair should fall from your head. In the literal sense of the word.

    Hair loss is a completely natural process, on average, about a hundred hairs fall out per day. Since your strands are connected by a tight ring of glue, they will be held. However, over time, tufts of obsolete hair are formed in the joints towards the roots. With this, as well as with the displacement of adhesive capsules from the hair roots, is the need for correction.

    Important advice from the publisher.

    Stop damaging your hair with harmful shampoos!

    A recent study of hair care products revealed a terrifying figure - 97% of well-known brands of shampoos spoil our hair. Check the composition of your shampoo for the presence of: sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate, PEG. These aggressive components destroy the hair structure, deprive the curls of color and elasticity, making them lifeless. But this is not the worst! These chemicals penetrate the blood through the pores, and are spread through the internal organs, which can cause infections or even cancer. We strongly recommends discarding these shampoos. Use only natural cosmetics. Our experts conducted a series of analyzes of sulfate-free shampoos, among which they identified the leader - the company Mulsan Cosmetic. Products meet all standards and standards of safe cosmetics. This is the only manufacturer of all-natural shampoos and balms. We recommend to visit the official website We remind you that natural cosmetics do not have a shelf life of more than one year of storage.

    Correction: what it is and how it is implemented

    Over time, as the hair grows, the joints descend from the roots. And the farther from the roots, the more they become visible. In addition, they keep lost hair, and they, too, must be disposed of from time to time.

    Also, the adhesive capsule needs updating: nevertheless, the longer it lives, the greater the risk that one day it will weaken, lose hair or break. Therefore, correction is necessary, and the correction procedure has some peculiarities.

      The correction will take longer than the build-up. During the correction, you must first remove the false hair, and then fix it in a new place. Therefore, by the time it took you to build up, you need to add the time required for hair removal - at least an hour. Therefore, expect your time and finances in advance: additional work will also be additionally paid.

    There is no need to acquire new overhead strands if you are happy with the way you wore them. This is an important question of price, and during the correction you will pay only for the work of the master. True, if some strands have been lost, or you want to add volume, simply purchase the necessary amount of donor hair. If you decide to completely change the look or length of hair, you will need to re-make an investment in their purchase.

    You can not continue to use false hair. Perhaps you decide to rest or are going on a long expedition. Then the wizard will remove your strands and return them to you until the next time you decide to repeat the procedure. By the way, if you are a big fan of false hair, it is still recommended to take breaks from time to time, even if small. So you will rest and gather strength for new procedures.

    How to choose a master or salon and how much it costs to build

    1. Building up, as a rule, is practiced by individual specialists and salons. Therefore, not every salon near your home or work, you will find a corresponding offer. But, choosing a master or salon, familiarize yourself with their portfolio, meet a specialist personally - you have a long hard work to do together.

    The cost of the procedure consists of the cost of hair and work. For example, if a strand of Slavic hair with a length of 50 cm costs 40 rubles, and for the procedure you will need 140 hairs, your purchase will cost you 6,000 rubles. Slavic hair is at least twice as expensive.

    For building private master will take at least 30 rubles. for strand, in the salons price list may contain 100 rubles. for strand. Total work - from 4500 rubles. It turns out a lot. But for other types of capacity - for example, Italian or microcapsular - may request even more.

  • Arrange with the master that you can consult from time to time on issues of care or any problems with hair. It is easier and more reliable to get information from direct hands than to search for information on the Internet or from third parties.
  • Now we can summarize some results:

    Spanish hair extensions are a safe, modern procedure. Its high cost is justified by the fact that you can wear hair extensions for several months, and donor strands themselves can be used repeatedly. You should approach the choice of a master with full responsibility, because his professionalism is the key to a good result and your satisfaction.

    After you have increased your hair, you can lead a normal life, following simple rules of care. From time to time you will need a correction. And at any time you can remove hair extensions - just contact your master.

    What is better: Spanish or capsular capacity?

    The hot build method involves exposure to high temperatures on natural curls. In the case of glue technology, donor strands are attached to their relatives without the use of forceps with heating elements. Because the Spanish building is considered safer and less traumatic than hot capsular. The technique that is right for you, the master will select immediately after assessing the state of native hair.

    Spanish technology extension

    This method refers to the cold ways of building. In the process of building on the hair there is no heat exposure - the glue used in the procedure softens with the help of an activator and is firmly fixed on native hairs. For Spanish hair extensions, donated strands are used.

    Before the procedure, cuts are processed with a special glue (two- or three-component). During the extension, the prepared strands are fixed at a distance of up to 1 cm from the roots with the help of an activator. Then the master forms a small capsule of glue. Drying, it fastens native hairs with extensible.

    Spanish hair extensions in our salon are available to everyone. We perform the procedure using transparent glue for light curls and black for brunettes. Dark-haired beauties no longer need to worry that adhesive capsules will be visible on the strands. After drying, the glue acquires the color of hairs and becomes completely invisible.

    Glue capsules are not felt on the strands. They are weightless, but donor hairs hold tightly. No combing - the curls are fixed and do not crawl out over the entire period of the socks.

    Correction after Spanish hair extensions

    The periodicity of the correction with the cold adhesive method is every 2.5-4 months. Everything is individual and depends on hair growth. The date of correction will be assigned by the master on the day of the extension. He will record you at a convenient time.

    Owners of healthy, thick hair need to apply for correction every 3-4 months. If you have thin weakened hair, then you need to visit the master after 1.5-2 months.

    In the correction after the Spanish hair extensions include:

    • Processing curls with a special tool - a remuver.
    • Removal of donor strands.
    • Combing and removing glue residue from hair.
    • Putting glue on donor strands.
    • Re-build.
    • Hair Styling.

    Slavic strands used for building glue, withstand up to 5-6 corrections. After 5-6 procedures, they are partially or completely replaced by new curls.

    What hair is used for Spanish extension

    Our salon applies high quality curls. We are increasing Slavic hair of children's and adult structures. During the whole time they wear socks, they are silky and soft. Curls do not tangle and do not turn into a sponge, even with frequent washing of the head.

    Masters advise after the extension procedure, and from correction to correction, apply nourishing masks on the hair extensions, avoiding the root area. So donor strands will serve you longer warranty period.

    Prices for Spanish hair extensions

    The cost of this method is calculated based on the number, length of the incremental strand, additional services - coloring, haircuts. Laying is carried out free of charge. The total cost is calculated on the day of applying for a free consultation. Payment is made after the completion of the procedure.

    In our salon the cost of the Spanish extension is free from extra charges - we cut the donor hair and select it on our own. Hair workshop does not work with intermediaries. We made the Spanish building available to every beauty of the capital.

    For our favorite customers, we have developed a personalized system of discounts. Discounts apply to donor strands and all types of extensions.

    Technology features

    Spanish hair extensions - This is a cold technology, the appearance of which is the merit of the Spanish hairdressers. They invented a special two-component adhesive "Rueber", which securely connects donor curls with natural hair. For extension, ready-made strands are used, formed from high-quality Slavic and European hair and fixed with glue. To soften the glue, the master puts a special activator on it and with his hands forms very neat flat mounts that firmly connect the natural and overhead strands. Frozen glue is like a small capsule, it does not interfere with the process of combing and does not cause discomfort during sleep. In the early days, the socks of the overhead strands may feel heavy, but out of habit, it will soon pass. In the master uses from 150 to 200 donor strands. The procedure of Spanish hair extensions takes an average of 3.5 hours, and the result lasts up to 4 months.

    After drying, the glue acquires a transparent white shade and may be noticeable on dark hair, so cold Spanish hair extensions are more suitable for fair-haired and fair-haired girls.

    Pros of Spanish hair extensions

    1. Hair is not exposed to high temperatures and special devices, so that they remain healthy,
    2. Glue in its structure is similar to natural keratin, from which human hair is built, therefore it does not cause allergies,
    3. Increased hair is allowed to tint, dye, straighten, and for the care of them you can use any shampoos, masks and balms
    4. Capsules provide reliability of fastening of natural and overhead curls, so that the hair does not comb out,
    5. Increased strands with proper care worn up to 4 months,
    6. Removed artificial curls easily and painlessly,
    7. You can increase the length to 70 cm
    8. Donor curls can be used for corrections repeatedly,
    9. Prices for cold methods are traditionally lower than for hot methods of building,
    10. You can fearlessly visit the pool, sauna, bath, solarium.

    Cons Spanish hair extensions

    1. The build-up process is a complex and painstaking work,
    2. Correction is an even longer and time consuming procedure.
    3. Spanish extension technology is not suitable for short haircuts. The minimum length of hair at which it is possible to make an extension is 10 cm.
    4. Improper care and late correction of the adhesive capsules can damage hair when removed. Much, of course, depends on the work of the master.
    5. Hair extension by Spanish technology is not suitable for brunettes.

    Contraindications. Spanish hair extensions are not recommended for people with severe hair loss, hypersensitivity and head skin problems, vegetative-vascular dystonia, during long-term use of strong antibiotics, hormonal drugs and chemotherapy.

    Cold hair extensions: technology, prices, glue, reviews

    Not everyone has beautiful hair, on which any styling would look good. But you can improve the appearance by hair extensions. Among all methods, the method of cold glue hair extensions uses glue to secure additional strands. This method is called Spanish.

    French cold technology is similar to Spanish. One technology differs from another in that the French technology uses coloring additives in glue, which allows it to build on hair of any shade.

    Used materials and subtleties of technology

    The Spanish method of cold hair extensions does not use molten connecting materials.If we compare the cold and hot buildup by their effect on their own strands, then we can say that the cold method is less dangerous than the hotter effect.

    Attach strands of donor to the client's hair with three-component adhesive Rueber. This glue is heat resistant, which allows you to go to baths and saunas, dye your hair, do your hair with irons or curtains. Strong connections of "their" and donor hair allow you to wear strands without correction for about four months.

    For the correction or removal of hair extensions, the Spanish method uses a harmless Rueber solution, which destroys the structure of the glue. Cold Spanish (French) method of extension can be used with a length of your own hair not shorter than 10 cm.
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    Technology benefits

    • Spanish technology is a gentle way to grow without temperature exposure, which uses hot build.
    • The joints between own and donor strands are almost invisible.
    • Cold glue extension is important for all types of hair.
    • The method allows to dye, tint hair.
    • You can use any conditioners and shampoos, go to the pool or sauna.
    • Hair combed in a minimum amount.
    • Hair after a session can be worn up to 6 months, but it is better to make a correction after 3 months. Periodically making a correction, you can extend the life of additional strands of socks up to a year.
    • The procedure does not require special tools.
    • The technology has a low cost.

    Technology flaws and cautions

    • The work for the builder is rather laborious and time consuming.
    • After removing the extension, thin hair can be damaged by small creases.
    • Places of adhesions when building in the Spanish way have a light whitish color, so this capacity is more suitable for blondes and brown-haired women. The French method, in which the glue may have a dark shade, is applicable for dark hair.
    • The Spanish extension method is incompatible with subsequent perm and bleaching.
    • When caring for hair, enriched with strands, according to Spanish (French) technology, after washing the head, masks, balms and creams are distributed, bypassing the roots, along the length of the hair. Then they are thoroughly washed off. When wiping the hair is not twisted. At night, it is better to braid up your hair in a braid or put it in a ponytail, but do not pull it together.

    How does the session go?

    Cold build technology using the Spanish method is carried out in accordance with the following actions:

    • the master selects strands taking into account the characteristics of the client's hair,
    • during the chemical reaction between the Rueber glue and the activator, the selected strands are firmly glued to the client's hair, the joints are almost invisible to the touch,
    • the procedure lasts for 3-4 hours, the method makes the hair after building volume,
    • after 3-6 months, the strands are removed using a special solution.

    Prices and reviews

    To buy a glue extension procedure, you need to know that its cost depends on the price of a strand of the required length (30 -100 cm), on the price of the strand structure, and on the price of the required number of strands (50 - 300 pieces).

    The cost also depends on the region and the level of the cabin. Buy a popular version with a European type of hair, 40 cm strand length and the number of strands 100 pieces can be an average of 8000 rubles.

    In one of the Moscow salons prices for building silk hair from 95 rubles. up to 160 rubles for one strand, and prices for building natural hair - from 110 rubles. up to 190 rubles.

    Elena's review, 26 years:

    “The master helped to buy suitable strands to my hair - you can't tell from yours”!

    Review of Anna, 31:

    “The Spanish way is reliable. I wear 2 weeks, hair does not get out. My feedback so far is positive. ”

    Review of Marina, 20 years old:

    “This is what my frail hair lacked. Length, volume, gloss. I advise "!

    Review Julia, 35 years:

    “I do not stop looking at my new long hair, built up according to Spanish technology. Buy a session in a good cabin advised a friend, and prices are reasonable there. Thanks her!"

    Hot Italian hair extensions: technology

    Some girls by nature have rare thin hair, and they dream about voluminous hairstyles. Other women are not satisfied with the length, and I don’t want to grow a braid to the waist for several years. In such cases, overhead strands will come to the rescue. And why you should use the Italian hair extension in a hot way, you will find out in the article.

    Delve into history

    This technology of hair extension was invented in 1991 by David Gold, a stylist and hairdresser. Clients constantly complained to him that artificial strands do not adhere well to resin capsules, which were used in the popular English method.

    Then the hairdresser decided to invent a special glue that would cope with his task. He made it on the basis of keratin (frozen protein). This glue has already securely fixed donor hair and minimized hair loss and combing.

    Modern strands

    Hair extensions using Italian technology are made with keratin capsules. They are a unique polymer that is almost half organic. This modulated keratin provides a strong mount for a long time with the smallest size of the capsule.

    With this sticky substance donor curls are already connected in small bunches. Capsules will be completely invisible, because modern technology allows you to paint them in any color. Today, for the manufacture of strands are most often used natural European or Slavic hair of various shades. Therefore, increased curls Italian way look quite natural.

    Areas for building

    Other methods of giving splendor to the hairstyle allow you to make overhead strands only in the neck and temples. But Italian hot hair extension technology has made a real breakthrough. With it, you can quietly fasten tufts of curls, even near the parting. Also, invisible capsules make it possible to build a thick bang, which the girls had not even dreamed of before.

    Preparing to build

    As soon as you want to have long thick curls, do not immediately run to the hairdresser to build. Girls recommend first to do the following:

    • Treat hair in advance if it is not in very good condition.
    • Choose an experienced master, preferably on the reviews.
    • Consult with him about building. Each hairdresser gives his recommendations.
    • Wash your head immediately before the procedure. Capsules well stick together only on clean strands.

    Only if you follow these simple tips, the Italian technology of hair extension will not cause you any problems. Feedback from women confirms this.

    Strand selection

    For Italian technology, there are some restrictions on the length. The minimum you can increase 6 centimeters, and the maximum - 70. To give additional volume, depending on the density of the average will leave 60 donor curls. If you want to get really lush and long hair, you will need up to 200 strands. All these nuances need to be negotiated with the selected master.

    When the optimal number of strands will be determined, the barber will select the curls that best fit your color. If there are none, it doesn’t matter. They can be painted in any shade. But in the arsenal of the professional master there are always about 60 curls of different tones. When the Italian hair extensions will be completed, it will be possible to make any hairstyle or styling.

    Wearing time

    Masters of the Italian extension say that the dates depend on the initial length of the client's own curls. The minimum is two months, and the maximum is six months.

    Judging by the experience of the girls themselves, the correction needs to be done every two months. With slower hair growth, re-buildup can be done in four months, but not later.

    In any case, it is quite a long period of wearing compared with other technicians.

    Correction procedure

    To hot Italian hair extensions always look beautiful, you need to make timely correction. It is completely harmless and does not destroy the natural strands. Therefore, re-attachment of the capsules can be performed immediately after their removal.

    To remove keratin crystals, the hairdresser applies a special solvent to them. After a while they will soften and become pliable.

    The capsules are broken by forceps resembling pliers, and donor strands are simply pulled down. After that, the hair is thoroughly combed and washed with shampoo to remove the remnants of keratin.

    The strands are also not damaged after removal, so they can be reused. Such savings can not please the girls.

    Advantages of Italian build

    Fashionistas prefer this technology thanks to numerous advantages. It:

    • Keratin capsules are considered the most reliable,
    • build-up imperceptibly and does not cause discomfort when worn,
    • you can attach strands in any area of ​​the head,
    • the procedure does not injure the natural and donor hair,
    • you can go to the bathhouse, sauna or to the beach,
    • keratin crystals are hypoallergenic,
    • long enough socks.

    Method disadvantages

    Despite all the advantages, the Italian capsular hair extension still has its drawbacks.

    • The process is very time consuming and lengthy (even a professional hairdresser takes several hours).
    • The result largely depends on the skill and experience of the builder.
    • Keratin capsules in the first days cause discomfort.
    • The technology does not suit girls with dermatitis and seborrhea.

    Peculiarities of care

    After building for the first time, the hair can not be touched and pulled. Capsules must be allowed to harden, otherwise they will disappear. Curling and hot hair dryer can be used if you do not affect the root area.

    You can wash your hair no more than twice a week, and then using gentle shampoos. At the roots should not get masks, balms and other care products. Combs should be special for hair extensions. Usually they have two-level teeth: soft, natural and silicone.

    If you do not neglect these tips, then the Italian hair extensions will be the ideal option. Trust only a qualified specialist with experience and experience, and he will delight you with a hairstyle you have dreamed of for so long.

    Advantages and disadvantages of technology

    Among the main advantages of this method of hair coloring is necessary to highlight:

    • Does not damage the curls.
    • Haircut looks natural.
    • Fastening zones of artificial strands are invisible.
    • Secure fixation is provided. You can blow-dry your hair, apply styling products without fear that the “donor” strands will disappear.
    • Split curls can be curled, dyed and other hairdressing procedures.
    • Provides lasting results. Correction will be required only once every few months.

    Of the minuses - this technique does not suit the owners of liquid hair. In addition, some subspecies of this technique is not applicable for dark hair.

    Cold technology is not for everyone, as it has contraindications:

    • hair loss,
    • hair that is too weak,
    • vegetovascular dystonia of hypertensive type.

    Cold hair extensions - technology

    There are techniques that allow you to increase the length of the strands and give additional volume to the hair. One of the most popular is cold. In the process of such a procedure, the so-called "donor" is attached to the strands. A feature of this technique is the absence of exposure to high temperatures and chemical components. To do this, use safe materials:

    • special adhesive tape
    • wet rings,
    • glue capsules.

    As a result, it is possible to obtain a reliable durable result: the strands are held firmly and at the same time the hair is not damaged.

    There are several varieties of such a procedure. To determine which technique is right for you, learn about the features of each of them.

    This technique allows you to increase the length of the strands without harm. For fixing use special glue. Capsules are made of it, adjusting the size depending on the thickness of the beam to be attached. Spike as a result has a neat appearance.

    Strands look natural, like it's native hair. The main plus (in addition to the absence of harm to the head of hair) - the attachment points are not visible. Such a hairpiece can withstand the effects of styling products and hair dryer. Glue for a cold hair extension does not contain harmful chemical components.

    Therefore you should not worry about possible damage to the strands.

    The procedure is performed manually. For medium-thick hair requires about 100 beams. After attachment, strands hold up to 4 months. After this time, it is enough to make a correction using the same technology.

    Not to mention the shortcomings of this procedure. Spanish cold hair extensions have one significant disadvantage - it is not applicable for dark curls and for light short strands (less than 7 cm). After forming the capsule, the glue hardens and brightens. Therefore, on a dark head of hair attachment points are noticeable.

    For this method, micro-rings and beads are used, which correspond in size to the match head. “Donor” bunches of natural hair are attached to the relatives with a hook.

    The strand is dragged through the ring and pressed with tweezers. Clips for this extension are available in a wide range. You can choose a suitable option for any shade of hair.

    Due to this, it is possible to make the attachment points invisible.

    Japanese technology provides a less durable result. After 2-2.5 months, a correction is required to maintain the length of the strands. In the process of adjusting the “donor” bundles tighten up closer to the beginning of hair growth.

    Despite the fact that this technique is safe for hair and is suitable for any type of hair, it is worth considering that it also has drawbacks. After removing the strands on the attachment sites, there will be creases that severely spoil the look of the hair. In addition, for the owners of thin hair, this technology is not suitable.

    French hair extensions

    This method is used for a long time. It consists in "sewing" tress. This technique is ideal for thick curls with a rigid structure. If you have a short haircut, this technology is better not to choose.

    This procedure is also harmless to curls. However, it also has disadvantages. It provides a short result. Having made a French build-up, be prepared for the fact that a month later a correction will be required.

    This is another safe extension of the strands. Artificial hair is connected to the family with adhesive tape. Separate thin strands. To each put a bunch of sticky side up. The native strand is lowered and another artificial one is glued on top, but it is already held with adhesive side down. To remove such locks simply enough. It does not take much time.

    The effect lasts up to 2.5 months. This technique is suitable for curls of any length. In particular, it is applicable for short haircuts. However, before deciding on such a procedure, it is worth considering that the first time after the build-up, foreign beams will cause unusual sensations.

    Prices for the procedure of cold hair extensions

    The cost of this procedure depends on the density of the curls, the length of the donor strands and the status of the beauty salon. You can choose any length of strands in the range from 30 to 100 cm. The number also varies from 50 and more. On average, to build 40-cm bundles of good quality, you will have to pay 8,000 rubles.