Expert Hair Evalar

Hair Expert from a well-known manufacturer Evalar is the most popular product on the cosmetics market. It includes a variety of active substances, natural herbs and extracts. To verify this, it is necessary to conduct a thorough, and most importantly, impartial study of this product.

About the manufacturer

The company “Evalar” was founded in 1991 on the basis of the Federal Research and Production Center “Altai” and was headed by L. Prokopyeva, who at that time held a management position and was a research assistant. Initially, the company was engaged in the production of cosmetics, but as a result of great competition, it switched to drugs. Her first products were briquettes with medicinal herbs, and then the successful production of recycled Altai mumiyo tablets and other well-known achievements. Thanks to this patented product, Evalar went into the production of bio-additives and successfully entrenched in this niche.

The main goal of this company is to give people not only to preserve, but also to strengthen their health, while using only natural ingredients. To date, "Evalar" recognized expert in the field of nutrition and herbal medicine. For 25 years, new technologies have been successfully introduced, and serious scientific work has been carried out on which many scientists are working. At the same time, its products are successfully sold in more than 20 countries of the world. And for three years she was awarded the title "People's Brand".

During its period of work, a sufficiently large number of drugs and supplements were released. The quality and efficiency of products is confirmed by repeated national awards, as the best manufacturer of dietary supplements.

The dream of every woman, without exception, is beautiful and healthy hair. And to make it happen, the company has developed a whole line of hair care products:

  • shampoo "expert hair". It is based on natural and active ingredients, allowing even daily care for the hair,
  • vitamin complex "Expert Hair". It contains all the necessary vitamins and trace elements for hair,
  • Burr oil. Available both in pure form and with the addition of no less useful propolis, nettle, train and other components,
  • Spray "Expert Hair". Universal cosmetic product that does not require special application skills,
  • Expert Hair Lotion. Based on natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on curls.

The preparation "Expert Hair" is made of the following components:

  1. Zinc. The trace element is one of their effective components, the action of which is aimed at strengthening the hair roots and eliminating dandruff. The maximum effect is achieved when interacting with cystine and taurine.
  2. Brewer's yeast. The component is designed to give the necessary amount of vitamins of group B vitamins, nourish the locks and protect them from the harmful effects of the environment.
  3. Cystine. This acid is one of the components of keratin, which is responsible for providing the hair with the necessary protein. With its help strands become more resilient and obedient.
  4. Taurine. Known for its effects on hair follicles. Namely, it does not allow them to shrink, and therefore prevents falling out.
  5. Horsetail. The plant is rich in silicic acid, which promotes rapid hair growth. It also has firming properties, reducing hair loss and preventing hair loss.

Indications and Contraindications

Preparations from the Expert Hair series are recommended for use with the following problems:

  • thinning hair
  • deterioration in appearance
  • dandruff,
  • dullness
  • itch
  • excessive hair loss,
  • lack of shine
  • damage to the structure
  • growth retardation.

With a noticeable deterioration of the hair condition, it is necessary to use one drug or a complex of this series. So the maximum benefit is achieved in a combination of internal intake of vitamins and external hair care in the form of a spray or shampoo.

BAA "Expert Hair" is not recommended for use during pregnancy and lactation, as well as with individual intolerance to one of the components. In general, no side effects were observed.

Dosage and duration of administration

If you take into account the dietary supplements from the series "Expert Hair", they are available in the form of tablets. One pack includes 60 pieces. With the recommended intake twice a day (with meals), this amount is enough for a month. The very same tablet is quite large and has an oval shape. Such dimensions may cause discomfort during swallowing in some consumers.

The duration of admission should be at least three months, this is the time required for a visible result. Although in many reviews, noticeable improvement in earlier terms. It all depends on the state of the locks and the individual characteristics of the organism.

When taking supplements for a longer time, you need to break for 10 days after each 3-month course.

Combination treatment with shampoos and homemade masks

In addition to taking the vitamin complex to achieve the best effect, you can use other means of this line. If the choice fell on the spray "Expert Hair", then its application is necessary up to 3-4 times a week. The rubbing of the strengthening hair spray occurs with light massage movements without subsequent rinsing, and the course itself lasts 2 months.

If you have questions regarding Evalar products, you can contact a network of pharmacies of the same name, which are located in Moscow and Biisk, for advice. Total network has 25 pharmacies.

When using both spray and lotion, you can achieve the following results:

  1. The maximum effect is observed if you use this drug immediately at the first signs of excessive hair loss. Visible results will be noticeable 2 months after the first use.
  2. The lotion has a positive effect on the cellular level, improving the appearance and health of the strands.
  3. Spray can be used as an independent tool, or in combination with everyday hair care products.
  4. Sprays do not require rinsing, which is very convenient in their use. Immediately after drying, the look of the hair is transformed to the better.

Lotion of this line can be sold only in pharmacies, which should be considered in the process of purchasing it. Its stated result is achieved due to the combined effect of biotin, menthol, panthenol and its other components.

Well-known company for the production of medicines, dietary supplements and cosmetic products "Evalar" has been successfully operating on the Russian market for over 25 years. And during this period of time, she earned many awards, patented several invented preparators, and also helped many people gain health and beauty.

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For more details on the benefits and rules of use of Evalar preparations, see the video.


Most of the reviews are positive and are directed to the gratitude of this company. When studying negative statements, it can be concluded that the lack of a positive result was caused by non-compliance with recommendations on the use of products. And for those who are hard to drink pills, it is advisable to find an alternative in the form of a spray and shampoo "Expert Hair".

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Expert Evalar for hair is a series of drugs that contain active ingredients that have an action aimed at reducing hair loss and improving their condition.

When this happens, the lack of vitamins, amino acids and trace elements necessary to ensure the health and beauty of curls. In addition, the products of this series are able to stimulate new hair growth, improve the nutrition of hair follicles and the condition of the scalp, increase collagen production in the dermis, and restore shine and shine.

The effectiveness of the means of this line is caused by the components in their composition.

Horsetail is a source of natural silicon that increases the formation of collagen and nourishes the hair from the inside. Cystine and taurine amino acids ensure the growth of strong and strong hair, their elasticity and elasticity, prevent hair loss. Zinc also improves growth and development.

Spray lotion helps to reduce hair loss and increase their volume.

The use of shampoo can significantly reduce the loss and strengthen the root bulbs. At the same time, the beauty and health of the curls is restored, their protection from thermal effects is ensured, the fat metabolism of the skin is normalized. Thanks to a mild detergent base that does not contain sulfates, the scalp is not irritated while using the shampoo.

Instructions on Expert Hair from Evalar (Method and Dosage)

The drug in pills is recommended to be taken by adult patients daily 2 times 1 tablet at a time with food.

Duration of use - 3 months.

If necessary, a regular intake is introduced at intervals of 10 days.

When using shampoo it is recommended to apply it on wet hair, then lather and leave on the hair for about 1-2 minutes. This will allow the active substances to work better on the hair. After that, rinse off with water. You can repeat the procedure at any time.

Spray lotion should be applied to the scalp every week 3-4 times, rub in with massaging movements. Flushing this tool does not require. After applying the lotion, you can use styling products and use a hairdryer. Course application - from 2 months.

Reviews of Expert Hair Evalar

As you know, one of the indicators of female beauty and health are hair. Therefore, women try to take good care of them, using a variety of means. At the same time, reviews of Expert Hair Evalar are quite common and many of them are positive.

Women, who used three products at once, noted that literally a week later they noticed that their hair began to fall out less and their appearance improved significantly.

Often there are reviews of young mothers, who after the birth of the baby began to disturb the loss and dull color of the curls. Although experts argue that such a phenomenon is considered quite normal and eventually passes, women do not want to wait. Therefore, they try to use traditional recipes or safe preparations. Usually taking the drug allows you to quickly stop hair loss, and then return their beauty and strength.

In addition to pills, women often use Expert Hair Lotion Evalar, reviews of which are often found on the forums. Many people like this lotion spray. They note the ease of use and, of course, efficiency, but in combination with other means.

However, there are reports when, against the background of the use of this supplement, undesirable manifestations in the form of skin rashes occurred, appetite and, accordingly, body weight. The reason for this lies in the main substance of the tablets, which not only increase the appetite, but also can cause hormonal disruption.

In any case, if problems arise, it is important to determine the cause of this violation. Therefore, it is first necessary to consult a trichologist, undergo a diagnosis and get competent recommendations for the treatment of this ailment. As for this supplement, it is a good prophylactic.

Price Expert Hair Evalar, where to buy

Price Expert Hair Evalar tablets for 60 pieces is 380-420 rubles.

Lotion (100 ml) can be bought at a price of 350 rubles, and shampoo (250 ml) - for 490 rubles.

Education: She graduated from the Rivne State Base Medical College with a degree in Pharmacy. She graduated from Vinnitsa State Medical University. M.I.Pirogov and internship at its base.

Experience: From 2003 to 2013, she worked as a pharmacist and head of a pharmacy kiosk. She was awarded diplomas and insignia for many years of diligent work. Articles on medical topics were published in local editions (newspapers) and on various Internet portals.

The hair expert used the entire line of products, but the best effect was vitamins, because they affect the body from the inside and eliminate the cause of loss, rather than mask it. Very cool vitamins for those who want beautiful, thick and long hair.

In a month the hair can grow no more than 5 mm. what can be seen there? very interesting to try. hair falls out when combing and blow-drying after washing.

I am an ardent supporter of bezshimoznyh shampoos. Especially I love all kinds of pharmacy lines. I have been using Evalarov for a couple of months. I liked it very much) When washing the hair, the shampoo does not foam too much - this is explained by the lack of sulphates, but I know that some people like a cap of foam on the head during washing, so this one is not for them))) I chose this shampoo initially because after washing collected a whole bunch of hair in the bathroom, the moult was probably seasonal)

I love to experiment with my hair. I will dye, cut my hair, I will shave my hair, then I will add more))) In general, there is no constancy in my image. Naturally, I like to try everything as a real innovator. And then the turn came to shampoo Expert (sulfate-free). I try not to wash my hair with all sorts of slags with the SLS inscription, which I do not advise you! Immediately I will say that my head every day! By evening, it is no longer fresh, and the next morning is generally dirty. I can not stand the state is not washed or dirty head! I have no problems with hair loss, I just want my head to remain clean as long as possible. Will the newcomer on my shelf handle this? So, I will tell you more about the expert. And not thick, but not liquid shampoo, optimal consistency for sulfate free. There is no sharp smell, no peeling, dandruff and irritation, and other things I did not notice! He washes his head very well, moderately frothy, even one application is enough to wash his head. Let me tell you about how I am my head expert. First, I put the shampoo on my palms, then put the shampoo and foam on the roots and wait about three minutes, massage the roots with the massage movements, “pull it down” to the ends, then wash it off. It's simple! Now about the results. I can’t judge about the declared drop in drop, because I do not suffer hair loss. As for improving the condition of the hair, and a long feeling of freshness and a clean head, I noticed. Now I can wash my hair in a day! For me, this is an excellent result and progress! I am very pleased with the expert, while I will not buy anything else, I stopped at it!

Against hair loss is my favorite proven remedy Expert Hair Lotion. While I used it once, I completed the course in two months. She began to use it when, after painting, her hair began to fall out very badly, and it was necessary to urgently restore them. Tried oils, all sorts of balms, but almost to no avail. Already with the last hope, I bought this lotion)) After washing my hair, I applied it to the scalp, and only then I dried it with a hair dryer or just in the open air. Loss decreased gradually, but by the end of the first month of use of the lotion it can be said to have stopped.And in two months my hair has become healthier and stronger, it is even evident that the regrown roots during this time look very different, shine, so now I grow my natural color, he began to play differently with lotion)

Good day everyone! I want to share my feelings from the use of shampoo Expert-hair. In general, a hair expert is a series of products. There are pills, balm, lotion and shampoo itself. But on trial I took only shampoo for a start. I liked that it was sulfate-free. On the site of Evalar, the manufacturer talks about the effect in a month. My problem is generally banal - hair loss. Applied this shampoo for about a month, it was enough for the package. I do not know how many percent hair loss was reduced, but I can definitely say that they remained less in the bathroom after washing their heads. On top of that, the condition of the hair has improved - they have become softer and silky. I applied it this way - at first I poured the required amount into my hand, diluted it with water a little, then washed it well, especially the roots and left this foam for 3 minutes. The price is basically normal for such funds, about 400 rubles.

About Evalar

The brand name "Evalar" was made up of two female names: Eva and Larissa. The owner of the first of them is the director of a cosmetics company in Poland. The lady took a risk and invested in Russian business. The second, Larisa, became the head of the AO research and production association Altai. He currently works as the CEO of Evalar.

Evalar is one of the largest companies in the Russian Federation. She produces and develops drugs and dietary supplements. They consist of only natural ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

The products pass a full circle within the framework of one manufacturer, this is the cultivation of herbs, their processing and packaging in a container of an already finished product. Technical equipment is fully consistent with international quality standards.

About 200 medicines and dietary supplements are produced by the company. For example, the complex "Evalar" - "Expert Hair", reviews of which are mostly positive. All the goods of this organization are aimed at improving and maintaining human health.

Series "Expert Hair"

The range of the company is huge and against its background, the “Hair Expert” series from “Evalar” stands out in particular. Reviews of these products say that they contain only natural ingredients that help to preserve and find beautiful hair. Preparations can be used both separately and in combination. In the latter case, their use gives the greatest effect.

The complex from Evalar Expert Hair, reviews of which are convincing in its effectiveness, includes:

  • shampoo that gently and gently cleanses hair from dirt and styling products,
  • lotion that complements the effects of shampoo that nourishes and strengthens the strands along the entire length,
  • vitamins, the reception of which saturates the hair follicles with all the necessary substances from the inside.

The action of the funds perfectly complements each other, which allows to achieve maximum results

Shampoo "Expert Hair" ("Evalar")

Reviews shampoo put on the podium and claim that it contains many active ingredients that significantly affect the condition of the hair after its use. Among them stand out:

  • horse chestnut extract
  • D-panthenol
  • keratin,
  • soluble collagen with elastin,
  • chitosan
  • liposterol-hydro, including provitamins B5, vitamin groups PP and C, hyaluronic acid in combination with fruit acids,
  • argan tree oil
  • L-carnin and arginine,
  • biotin.

Detergent has a beneficial effect on hair, in particular:

  • protection from negative external factors, such as sunlight, dirt, dust, temperature drops and similar phenomena,
  • wetting strands
  • stabilization of fatty metabolism,
  • hair cuticle cell regeneration,
  • nutrition of hair,
  • activation of metabolic processes and stimulation of scalp growth,
  • restoring hair structure by filling keratin voids.

Shampoo "Expert Hair" ("Evalar"), reviews of which are a shade of admiration, contains six natural proteins - this is L-arginine, keratin, collagen, elastin, taurine and chitosan. They successfully struggle with hair loss, damage, brittle hair. Effectively affect the weakened and split ends. Suitable for the care of dull and lifeless hair.

About hair lotion

Lotion "Evalar" - "Expert Hair" - the reviews are very different and contain a vitamin cocktail for hair and skin of the head. These are: aminophylline, complex liposentol-N, biotin, menthol, L-carnitine and many other substances.

Cessation of hair loss, improvement of blood circulation in the scalp, increase in root volume, normalization of metabolic processes, restoration of damaged hair cuticle - all these factors confirm in most cases the effective effect of this hair line Expert Hair (Evalar).

Reviews spray this company put almost the first place (next to shampoo) in the care of damaged strands. In addition, it causes active hair growth and completely heals the hair, makes curls smooth, shiny and silky. It is applied directly to the skin of the head and not washed off - rubbed into the skin. Lotion does not make the curls heavy and does not make them fat. After applying it, you can do all the usual activities with hair, that is, combing and styling them. Regular use - at least three times a week. Course duration is two months.

Vitamins "Expert Hair" ("Evalar"): instructions

Reviews of vitamins also indicate their effectiveness. So, in one tablet, having a mass of 1 g, contains 150 mg of brewer's yeast, 120 mg of horsetail extract, 75 mg of taurine, 50 mg of cystine and 10 mg of zinc oxide. They are a biologically active food supplement and are not considered a drug.

  • Autolysate brewer's yeast nourishes the body with B vitamins and high-grade protein. Contains amino acids and enzymes accelerating metabolic processes. This improves the microflora and the work of the gastrointestinal tract, heals the skin and strands.
  • Horsetail saturates the body with silicon, contributes to the production of collagen. It nourishes the hair, gives it shine, radiance, moisturizes, improves skin elasticity and hair elasticity.
  • Taurine restores the structure of the curl at the cellular level. Interferes with process of destruction in fabrics. Improves the growth of strands, prevents their loss.
  • Cystine contains sulfur and is an integral part of keratin. Provides elasticity, smoothness and elasticity of the scalp.
  • Zinc regulates the metabolism and is involved in cell division in the root system of the hair. The lack of this element slows the growth of nails and hair, contributes to their destruction.

Take one tablet twice a day for up to three months vitamin drug "Expert Hair" ("Evalar"). Vitamins, reviews of which, although most of them confirm a positive result, should not be taken by pregnant and lactating women.

Where can one buy?

The Expert Hair complex (Evalar), reviews of which say that these drugs can be found in almost every pharmacy in the Russian Federation, are also sold in the Evalar pharmacy chain. Also, this product can be ordered at an online pharmacy or on the official website of the company.

Those who wish from 05.00 am to 17.00 can ask all the questions of interest on a free multi-channel telephone.

Reviews of means "Expert Hair"

The complex of drugs "Expert Hair" gathered a lot of rave reviews. Ladies celebrate improvement in hair after two weeks of shampoo and lotion. First of all, the growth of strands increased, an undercoat appeared at the roots, and the loss ceased. Curls have become smooth, elastic and voluminous. A really good result is seen only as a result of a three-month intake of vitamins and the use of funds. And during this time not only the condition of the hair, but also the skin and nails is improved.

For some people, the funds did not fit. It is noted that even after a long intake of vitamins, the expected result was not visible. There are those who have come only temporary improvement, and only at the time of using the funds and taking the pills inside. After abandoning their use, hair loss was resumed, and the achieved result was minimized.

But despite this, there are much more positive responses than negative ones.

Means "Expert Hair" is a unique complex that can cure curls, stop loss, enhance growth and improve their appearance. Beautiful hair with “Evalar” is not a myth, but a reality.

General information and the composition of the series

The composition of the series Expert Hair:

  • hypoallergenic shampoo,
  • Supplements in the form of tablets
  • spray (lotion) for regular hair care,
  • Herbal tea with herbs and flavonoids.

Who is suitable therapeutic complex

Pay attention to the products from the company Evalar with the following problems:

  • thinning of hair,
  • thinning hair shafts
  • dull color, noticeable deterioration of curls,
  • scalp irritation
  • slow hair growth
  • the disappearance of natural shine
  • broken hair structure.

Characteristics of products for the recovery of the strands and scalp will help to understand the reasons for the popularity of the Expert Hair series. Many women who discovered problems with hair, used one or more products.

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Girls recommend combining ingestion (tea, vitamin and mineral complex) with the care of curls and skin (spray, shampoo). A noticeable result will certainly appear. Reviews of the Evalar Expert series of hair are most often positive.

Shampoo for regular use

The cleanser does not contain dyes, has a pleasant texture, well removes dirt, scales of the epidermis, the accumulation of sebaceous secretions. The active effect on the scalp, hair rods is confirmed by thousands of positive reviews.

Characteristics and results

Among the active ingredients:

  • D-panthenol
  • lactic acid, sodium salicylate,
  • argan oil
  • chestnut extract
  • taurine,
  • soluble collagen and elastin,
  • chitosan
  • nicotinamide
  • arginine
  • L-picture of.

Feel free to use shampoo if you have:

  • hair loss, weak strand growth,
  • dryness, oily skin,
  • dull color, breakage, "fluffy" hairs, dandruff.

There are some restrictions for use:

  • pregnancy,
  • lactation period
  • excessive sensitivity to components.

Negative or side effects are rare. Sometimes allergic reactions are observed.

Regular use gives excellent results:

  • hair loss stops,
  • blood supply, nutrition of hair follicles improves,
  • hair structure is restored,
  • cell regeneration process is activated,
  • hair rods become dense, elastic, shine appears,
  • the greasy secret is produced in a moderate amount,
  • there is an acceleration of metabolic processes, growth zones wake up,
  • restored health of hair.

Trichologists recommend shampoo from the series for the improvement of hair for regular use. Use the product as usual:

  • apply a little bit on the root zone, foam up, process the strands,
  • wait 1-2 minutes, massage your scalp, rinse.

Reviews of shampoo Evalar Expert hair positive. Despite the insufficiently abundant foam due to the high concentration of natural components, the product cleans strands well. The result is noticeable after about a month of constant use.

Price - from 430 rubles. The drug is available in a convenient tube, volume - 250 ml.

Description and nuances of use

Vitamins for beauty and health curls contain:

  • Brewer's yeast,
  • horsetail extract,
  • zinc oxide,
  • cystine.

The supplement is suitable for anyone who has noticed a deterioration in the condition of the strands and skin on the head. Vitamin-mineral complex will help with weak growth, hair loss, damage after dyeing, curling, using a hair dryer, curling, ironing.

Stop using vitamins for healthy hair:

  • while waiting for baby, when breastfeeding,
  • If you have a tendency to allergic reactions.

Due to the carefully selected composition, the Vitamins Expert hair from Evalar noticeably improves the condition of the hair, nourishes the body with nutrients from the inside.

Regular use has the following effects on the scalp and curls:

  • zinc reduces inflammation of the epidermis,
  • the yeast actively nourish the hair follicles, trigger regeneration processes,
  • Horsetail extract enriches with silicon, without which collagen production is impossible, strengthens the curls,
  • Cystine provides nutrition, hydration of hair shafts, scalp.

After the wellness course, you will be satisfied with the condition of the hair:

  • dandruff will disappear
  • growth of curls is normalized,
  • fewer lost hairs will remain on the comb,
  • water, fatty balance of the scalp will return to normal,
  • the curls will be smooth, obedient, the “dandelion effect” will disappear,
  • improved appearance of curls, normalized structure of hair rods,
  • hair will be thicker, more voluminous.

Use pills after consulting a trichologist. Independently appoint any dietary supplements is prohibited.

The use of therapeutic agents:

  • 1 tablet twice a day during meals,
  • drink 1/2 cup of water
  • course duration - 3 months, after a break in 10 days treatment can be repeated.

Packaging - 60 tablets, cost - 380 rubles. The drug is sold in the pharmacy network.

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Expert Hair Spray Series

Another effective tool for comprehensive care for weakened curls. Spray is indispensable for alopecia, other problems of the epidermis and hair rods.

Many patients say they bought “active lotion for baldness” of the Evalar brand. Regardless of the name, the indelible composition has a positive effect on hair.

Details and indications for use

The tool is indispensable for the treatment of damaged strands. Spray contains:

  • taurine,
  • vitamin b6
  • biotin
  • alcohol,
  • L-picture,
  • lauric acid,
  • menthol,
  • aminophylline, other components.

Trichologists often prescribe active lotion to patients with the following problems:

  • baldness associated with non-hormonal disorders,
  • decrease in the intensity of hair growth on the head,
  • poor blood supply, insufficient nutrition of the hair follicles,
  • excessive fatness of the scalp,
  • noticeable deterioration of the locks.

Standard restrictions:

  • gestation period, breastfeeding,
  • wounds, scratches, damage to the scalp,
  • hypersensitivity to substances in the composition of the drug,
  • increased dryness of the hair.

A special formula allows you to actively influence the state of hair. The lotion is designed primarily to combat hair loss, but regular use will heal the hair, relieve from other problems.

With active blood supply to the hair follicles, normalization of their condition, hair growth improves. At the same time, problems related to malnutrition disappear.

How to apply:

  • apply lotion on clean, dry scalp, slightly massage the epidermis,
  • strands dried out? Do the styling, preferably with gentle methods,
  • do the treatment every other day, with strong hair loss - 5 times a week,
  • the optimal course is 2 months, then a visit to the trichologist for consultation on the further use of the active lotion.

Remember - it is not necessary to wash off the spray for the improvement of hair rods.

Price - from 350 rubles, the volume of the bottle - 100 ml.

Full Health Drink Information

Altai herbal tea contains many ingredients:

  • yarrow,
  • oregano
  • calendula
  • black currant
  • melissa, other components.

Flavonoids and tannins, essential oils, organic acids in the composition of herbs actively affect the scalp and strands. Healing tea is recommended to all who care about the health of the hair.

Side effects of the drink from the Altai herbs are not marked. If you have sensitivity to one or more types of medicinal raw materials, pick up another herbal tea.

Clinical effect with regular use of herbal remedies:

  • immunity increases, the condition of organs and systems improves,
  • the body gets enough vitamins
  • normal nutrition of the scalp,
  • curls become smooth, well-groomed, elasticity appears, pleasant shine.

For best results, use 1 cup of herbal tea in the morning and evening. The optimal course is 20 days. Take a break for 10-14 days. Then go to the trichologist, specify whether it is possible to pamper the body with healing tea.

Herbal tea reviews from the popular Expert Hair series are almost 100% positive. Many patients noted that not only the condition of the hair was normalized, but also the sleep improved, the nerves became stronger, the working capacity increased. Medicinal herbs collected in ecologically clean areas of Altai - a storehouse of valuable substances, an affordable means to restore vitality.

Analogs from Russian manufacturers

Popular series for the recovery of hair from Russian manufacturers:

  • Natura Siberik Sea buckthorn.
  • Horsepower.
  • Recipes grandmother Agafia.
  • 911 from Twins Tack.
  • Estelle

For alopecia, poor hair growth, loss of elasticity and shine, use the offer from the Russian pharmaceutical company Evalar.

Review and experience of using the series Hair Expert in the following video:

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Girls, I use this shampoo together with a balm Expert Hair. I ordered everything at once on the official site of Evalar. And shampoo and balm was enough for me

for 1.5 months. I have no serious problems with hair loss, but sometimes (for some reason in winter) I notice that the hair becomes weak, probably because of this, the hair falls out stronger. In general, I liked it first of all that the shampoo washes the hair thoroughly, there is no feeling of greasy hair even the next day. Together with the balm, and if you still have a beautiful hair dryer, the effect is created as if you did the styling in the salon - the hair becomes volume, shine and grooming. After about a month with a little hair fall out, it became noticeably less (visible on the comb).

I have been working in the auto business for many years. If a client who wants to see the car came to me, I have to go with him to the street and already there to tell and show everything! In spring and summer, it is a pleasure, but in winter ... In winter, I go out without a hat, I am constantly cold, maybe that's why I had problems with my hair: they became disobedient and constantly electrified and flowed! What I just did not use, but there was no effect! Some funds weighed hair, while others made them fat. In the end, I decided to go to the pharmacy and already there to choose a remedy that might have helped me solve this problem. I chose for myself the Expert series: shampoo and balm. After all, as it is known, it is the balm that protects the hair, helps to smooth it and make it more docile! A shampoo expert bribed me that he was sulfate-free! After using the balm, I noticed that my hair began to comb and fit better! The volume held out longer, even a slight shine and smoothness appeared, which is important (.) - it was noticeable not only to me! Having tried once to refuse the expert, I could not! I recommend everyone to try Balsam Expert!

Why I choose Hair Expert

  • Hair Expert works not only from the outside, but also from the inside
  • Expert Hair contains natural B-group vitamins from beer yeast autolysate
  • Hair Expert - hair loss remedy , contains the most complete composition to strengthen the hair structure
  • Hair Expert - clinically proven efficacy *
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The mini version of the Expert Hair shampoo is a great option for those who want to simply try a product, go to the pool, gym or go on vacation. Disposable bags, compared with a bottle or a tube, weigh almost nothing and easily fit into even the smallest cosmetic bag! Appreciate all the advantages of Expert Hair shampoo in a new mini-format!

The problem of spring hair loss is familiar to many women. But heightened loss is not the only trouble that threatens our curls in the spring. While nature comes to life after a long winter, our hair, on the contrary, becomes lifeless, dull, brittle ...

Why is this happening and how to return hair strength and beauty?

Our hair is daily tested, which can seriously weaken it. Stress, ecology, unhealthy diet, daily blow-drying, coloring ... Therefore, a good hair loss shampoo should be in the arsenal of any woman who cares about her attractiveness.

But how to choose a truly effective shampoo that would carefully clean the curls, while strengthening them and protecting them from harmful influences?

There are several signs by which such a means can be distinguished from all the others. Let's look at each of them in more detail.

Hair loss is, in principle, a natural process that occurs continuously. Every day you can have from 50 to 100 hairs on a comb, this is within the normal range. However, if you notice that the hair falls out more or their density has noticeably decreased, it is time to think about why this happens.

The cause of severe hair loss in women can be various diseases, medication or hormonal disorders. But there are reasons for hair loss that we all face daily and that every woman should know about.

Beautiful hair: care for 5 easy steps

Do you think that to have shiny, strong, beautiful hair, should your care be any special? In fact, a few simple rules and suitable hair care products can turn everyday hair care into intensive procedures to strengthen and restore them, giving them a healthy look and shine!

How to use?

The shampoo is applied to damp hair, it foams and is distributed along the length of the strands. Then the foam can be left on the head for a few minutes, after which it should be washed off with warm water. It is extremely important to avoid contact with the mucous membranes (especially in the eyes) in the mouth!

Shampoo is quite suitable for permanent use.

Indications, contraindications, side effects

Spray from the company "Evalar" can be used with enhanced loss, as well as deterioration of the hair and scalp.

There are few contraindications, among them damage to the skin of the head and individual intolerance to the components. Side effects can occur only in the form of slight redness, burning, itching.

Indications for use

Products "Expert Hair" is designed for people with pathological intense baldness. Also, the drug is necessary for the full care of damaged curls, eliminate itching, dandruff and dryness of the dermis of the head.

Tablets for hair loss are presented in a package containing 60 pieces of white color. BADM peculiar taste of beer yeast, the smell is absent.

The composition of the tablets of the company "Evalar" includes the following substances:

Average price: 480 rub

Brewer's yeast extract. The component nourishes curls with protein and vitamins of group B. Brewer's yeast improves hair growth, contributes to its density and elasticity

  • Horsetail - is a source of strength and strength strands
  • Taurine - is an amino acid that promotes hair growth
  • Cystine is an amino acid that contains sulfur. Eliminates dryness, brittleness and loss of strands. Protects the curls from the influence of the environment: cold, heat treatment
  • Zinc - is a trace element necessary for the normalization of metabolism. Prophylactic substance preventing dandruff, itching and scalp fungi.
  • Evalar tablets are a universal vitamin remedy, which are characterized by the following beneficial properties:

    • Promote compaction of the hair structure
    • Maintain water balance of hair
    • Strengthen the process of hair regeneration along the entire length
    • Slows down the process of hair loss and promote their active growth
    • Eliminate dandruff, itching and dry scalp
    • Normalize the sebaceous glands
    • Give hair softness and shine.

    Pills "Expert Hair" from "Evalar"

    The “Expert Hair” tablets from “Evalar” are a dietary supplement with a healing effect. Stimulate the production of proteinoids - collagen in the skin, nourish hair roots, return the life force to the strands. Full analogues of the drug on sale are not presented. Here one option is to choose biological supplements with similar content of components.

    One tablet contains B vitamins and essential amino acids for strengthening hair. Natural directional components regulate the sebaceous glands and are able to restore even damaged locks.

    • Autolysate brewer's yeast. Half consists of active protein and B-vitamins. It is responsible for the metabolism of substances in the cells, normalizes the intestinal microflora, which has a beneficial effect on the state of hair and prevents hair loss.
    • Horsetail. Replenishes the body with silicon, which induces the production of collagen. The component plays an important role in the formation of connective and bone tissues, nutrition and moisturizing of the scalp, makes hair shiny and elastic.
    • Taurine. Restores and seals the structure, prevents damage to and deformation of the root bulbs, is responsible for maintaining the water balance and eliminating the dryness of the strands.
    • Zinc. An important trace element that promotes cell division and metabolism in the roots. Strengthens follicles and prevents the development of androgenic alopecia, dandruff and seborrhea.
    • Cystine. Amino acid containing sulfur provides curls with elasticity and softness, prevents fragility, levels texture and returns a healthy look. Protects against negative environmental factors.

    The table shows the number of listed components in the composition of one tablet weighing 1 g.

    Table - The composition of "Expert Hair" from "Evalar" tablets

    Shampoo and lotion

    Average price from 350 to 450 rubles

    Shampoo - stored in a 250 ml container. The drug is characterized by a saturated odor, foams when applied.

    Lotion - presented in a bottle with dispenser, 100 ml. The tool has a pleasant smell, the substance is colorless.

    It is recommended to use shampoo and lotion of the Evalar company in a complex. Expert Hair cosmetics in tandem provide an effective remedy for weakened and damaged curls.

    The shampoo contains the following useful ingredients:

    • Cleaning elements - clean the strands from dirt and styling products. Thanks to the sparing elements, identical contained in children's shampoos, the drug reduces hair loss, gives them volume
    • Keratin - promotes regeneration and smoothing of the scalp, has a refreshing and moisturizing effect. Makes combing curls easier
    • Collagen - is a natural protein that restores strands, gives them shine
    • Chitosan - is a polysaccharide that helps moisturize and regenerate the structure of the curls
    • Argan oil - eliminates dryness, breakage and strand loss
    • Biotin - is a vitamin complex necessary for the normalization of the sebaceous glands.
    • Extract of brewer's yeast - contributes to the saturation of the strands of proteins and vitamins, accelerate hair growth.

    Not less saturated composition contains lotion. It consists of the following elements:

    • Aminophylline - warms the deep layers of the dermis, accelerating the blood circulation of the scalp
    • Liposentol N - a complex of soluble vitamins, normalizing the sebaceous glands
    • L - carnitine - is an amino acid that enhances the growth of new hair.

    The complex has an impressive effect on curls:

    • It acts as a protective barrier, preventing the influence of the external environment on curls
    • Nourishes and moisturizes the scalp due to the content of collagen and elastin
    • Normalizes the functioning of the sebaceous glands
    • Stimulates the restoration of damaged hair and scalp cells
    • Promotes active hair growth
    • Improves scalp circulation
    • Enriches hair with vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy growth
    • Smoothes damaged hair scales, creating a lamination effect.

    In addition to shampoo, you must use lotion. The drug is designed to improve blood circulation and to increase the flow of beneficial trace elements in the hair follicles.

    Mode of application

    Before using products "Evalar Expert Hair" it is necessary to study the instructions for use. Improper use of the drug can significantly reduce its effectiveness.

    For effective use, the shampoo needs to be foamed and applied to wet hair. The tool should remain on the strands for 2 minutes, after which it should be washed off with warm water.

    Shampoo is intended for regular use. The product is suitable for daily care.

    Instructions for use of the lotion are simple: just apply the product to the head with a light massaging motion, it does not need to be washed off, after applying the hair it is necessary to dry it with a hair dryer, it is possible to use styling products.

    The procedure should be carried out no more than 4 times a week. The course of treatment curls is 2 months.

    Terms and conditions of storage

    The drug should be stored at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees. The shelf life of the drug is 2 years.

    The drug "Expert Hair" is unique in its composition. To date, the products have no analogues, the products on the market do not include at the same time a complex of vitamins, amino acids and plant extracts.

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