Application of paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Igor, manufacturer Schwarzkopf

Many women and girls are unhappy with their color of eyelashes and eyebrows and would like to correct it, but unfortunately, it is not always possible to find time to go to a beauty salon in the bustle of our everyday life. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out these cosmetic procedures independently, without leaving home. Specialists of the German brand Schwarzkopf came to the aid of the beautiful half of humanity and developed a wonderful tool “Igora” - eyebrow and eyelash dye, which can serve as an alternative to professional coloring.

Many prefer this correction as an excellent way to avoid the procedure of everyday makeup, thereby saving your time. Now, to give a beautiful, durable and rich color to eyebrows and eyelashes, emphasizing their clarity and expressiveness, you just need to spend a little time. Schwarzkopf Igora Bonachrome is a safe paint that allows you to carry out the dyeing procedure quickly, easily and comfortably at home. After applying it, an excellent result is obtained, which lasts for several weeks on the hairs.

The packaging of this paint provides everything you need, so use when painting eyelashes and eyebrows, of course, convenient means "Igor". Customer reviews indicate that the protective eye stripes, the applicator, the mixing container and the oxidizer are of very good quality and perfectly perform their function. So do not worry that you can forget about something when painting, the company Schwarzkopf prudently took care of this. Undoubtedly, “Igor” is a paint for eyebrows and eyelashes, which can guarantee that after using it, the eyes of the statun are simply charming and acquire a certain depth.

Color spectrum

It is completely easy to choose a color in harmony with the shade of the hair. Paint Igora Bonachrome is available in three colors. But it should be remembered that this tool may differ slightly from a similar tool for dyeing hair. She has slightly different chemical components and coloring matter, so there will be a slightly different effect than the one created by Igor Royal - hair dye. Therefore, it is better to follow some recommendations when buying products for eyelashes and eyebrows.

It is very easy to determine the correct color Igora, its palette looks like this: black, blue, black and brown. It is believed that the eyelashes and eyebrows should be darker by one tone than the hair. Therefore, fair-haired and red-haired girls and women, as well as brown-haired women should choose a brown shade of this product.

Brunettes, of course, fit black and blue-black colors of paint "Igor". Reviews of these tones are already using their women recommend to choose a shade depending on the hair color. It’s easy and it’s easy to make the right choice. To do this, you need to look through the “Igor's” paint palette and find close ones in tone with Schwarzkopf Igora Bonachrome, therefore it is recommended to use one brand for hair, eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing.

How to properly paint?

Those who used this coloring agent, assure that the method of preparation of the desired consistency is very simple. To do this, take a tube where the paint Igora itself, and squeeze out two centimeters - this is quite enough to dye the eyebrows and eyelashes of one person. Then add three drops of activating lotion and mix everything well with an applicator, then immediately apply the resulting composition to the hairs. For a more saturated color, you need to hold the paint for about fifteen minutes, but not more.

Dosing at home

This staining procedure is very easy to carry out at home. First, you should wash off the makeup from the face, and on the eyelids and the area around the eyebrows, it is recommended to apply an oily cream for skin around the eyes.

Then you need to do everything as written in the instructions, and it is better not to add the coloring pigment, as this will in no way affect the result.

Eyebrow tinting should begin at the top edge, as it should be a little darker and gradually move towards the inside. It is not necessary to go beyond the contours to avoid contact with the skin. Before dyeing eyelashes should be put under the lower special protective strips, and when the tool is applied, then close the eyelids and tilt the head down a bit.

It is necessary to ensure that the pigment does not get on the mucous membrane, if this happens suddenly, then rinse eyes well. But on the whole, “Igor” - eyebrow and eyelash dye - is the best coloring agent and stands out among other similar coloring pigments due to the fact that it has more than 95% positive feedback at its address because of reliable and high-quality results with its constant use.

Is this staining safe?

Of course, women and girls are worried, is it not harmful to dye your eyebrows and eyelashes? This pigment of the German brand Schwarzkopf contains only safe substances, therefore any allergic reactions and irritations are minimized.

"Igor" is a paint for eyebrows and eyelashes, therefore hair dye products cannot be used for these purposes. But still you can conduct a small experiment before the very staining. Girls who already use this paint for a long time recommend to put a little coloring matter on the inside of the hand first, and in case no reddening appears during the day, then you can safely start coloring.

Advantages and disadvantages

The undoubted advantage of this coloring pigment is that it does not spread during painting. Customers prefer paint “Igor, because it is not endowed with an unpleasant smell and has a good consistency. Using this tool from the German manufacturer, it is not necessary to dye eyelashes and eyebrows more than once a month due to high-quality and safe composition.

The only drawback is the fact that the paint sometimes paints the skin, but this can not be considered a great disadvantage. Because from the skin she will wipe off perfectly with soap or wash off herself in a couple of days.

Beautiful half of the population, using the paint "Igor" for dyeing eyelashes and eyebrows, is very pleased with it. When painting, it evenly lays down and paints each even the smallest hair, thanks to which the color is perfectly even and saturated. Using this dye pigment, you can not worry about the structure of the eyelashes and eyebrows, it is guaranteed not to be broken, since this paint is absolutely safe and does not spoil the hairs.

Schwarzkopf Igora Bonachrome gives magnetism and charm to the eye, and is also an ideal solution for those who don’t like to stand in front of the mirror in the morning for too long.

Home use

The cosmetics market is full of various eyebrow and eyelash products. Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom stands out among all because it has 90% positive feedback due to reliable and high-quality results with constant use. The presence in the set of all that is necessary for convenient and safe dyeing is a significant advantage. Product Components: Dye and Activating Lotion. They are easy enough to dose and mix in a convenient container. With a monthly use of paint is enough for a year.

Color for eyebrows and eyelashes from the Schwarzkopf brand has excellent quality. The components of this product do not irritate the skin and do not stain it. The paint comes with a step-by-step instruction with a kit that will be needed during the preparation of the paint. The package contains: a paint, an activating lotion, a measuring container, a spatula for applying paint and strips protecting the skin.

Before you start staining, you need to thoroughly clean the face from the makeup. On the eyelids and the area around the eyebrows, it is desirable to apply a cream that is oily in consistency and designed to care for the area around the eyes. On the eyelashes and eyebrows cream should not fall.

When starting painting, it is necessary to observe the proportions indicated in the instructions. There is no need to add more coloring pigment than indicated in the instructions, it will not affect the quality of staining. To do this, add a small amount of paint to the container. Then a few drops of activating lotion is added to the paint and stirred with a spatula.

Coloring eyebrows start from the top edge and only then move to the inside, as the top edge should be slightly darker. For the shape of the eyebrows do not need to go. Paint for eyebrows and eyelashes is applied for exactly 10 minutes, there is no need to hold it anymore. After this time, residues are removed using any oil, lotion or just water.

It is extremely important that the pigment does not fall on the mucous membrane or in the eye. If this situation occurs, the eye is immediately washed with water. In this case, it is better to postpone staining until all signs of irritation of the mucous membrane or the eye have passed. Eyebrow correction is best done after the procedure, because the extra hair that extends beyond the eyebrow is much easier to notice. Correction is done with tweezers.

It is very easy to paint your eyelashes with Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom.

After applying a special oily protective cream on the area around the eyes, under the lower lashes, skin strips are applied.

The prepared coloring pigment is applied to the eyelashes using a special paddle from the kit. Apply the product should be a dense layer, so that all eyelashes are painted properly. Eyelids close and tilt head slightly down. This must be done to ensure that the tool does not fall on the base of the eyelashes and does not burn them. As in the case of eyebrows, keep the paint for 10 minutes, then remove the remnants with a cotton pad and rinse eyes with warm water. After staining with Igor, eyelashes will look great without the use of mascara. This effect is achieved due to the coloring of even the shortest hairs, which cannot be painted over with ink.

Safe staining

Undoubtedly, girls often worry about the safety of coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. The components that make up the Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom are completely safe. This factor reduces the manifestation of allergic reactions to a minimum. However, the test should be carried out. To do this, a small amount of the coloring matter is applied to the inner side of one of the hands. The absence of redness within 24 hours suggests that the tool can be safely used. In some cases, contraindications to the use may be inflammatory skin and allergic diseases in the active stage, wounds of any nature around the eyebrows, eye diseases. Contact lenses before painting must be removed.

Thanks to such means as Igor, it is necessary to paint eyebrows and eyelashes not more often than once a month. The high-quality and safe composition of the coloring agent helps to achieve an excellent result - a uniform and noble shade that will last for several weeks. The paint for eyebrows and eyelashes is distributed evenly, covering each hair, so the color comes out perfectly smooth and saturated. The structure of the hair is not broken.

Normal hair dye can not be used in any case. It contains aggressive for eyebrows and eyelashes coloring components, which not only do not allow to achieve the desired effect, but are also unsafe.

Eyelashes and eyebrows are often subjected to staining with ordinary cosmetics. Not all girls are sure that they use exceptionally safe and high-quality cosmetics, which negatively affects eyebrows and eyelashes. Removing makeup in the right way using quality cosmetics is another factor that worsens the condition of the hairs. Therefore, after using paint beauticians recommend strengthening eyelashes and eyebrows with vitamins for hair growth. This will help restore them, give a healthier and more natural look.

The product for coloring eyebrows and eyelashes of the Schwarzkоf brand is a great equivalent of coloring in the salon. With this tool it is easy to create perfect eyebrows that beautifully accentuate the eyes. Colored eyelashes will look spectacular and natural. This will greatly enhance the magnetism of the gaze, give it expression and charm. If a girl has rare and bright eyebrows, such paint is the best option. And the saving of time in the morning and the lasting noble color are those qualities for which Igor's paint should be used.

Shades of paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Igor Bonahr:

The black

Blue black



Carefully clean your eyes and eyebrows from makeup. Place a protective leaflet on the edge of the lower eyelid according to the instructions. Mix a portion of the dye with 10 drops of activator and apply with an applicator to the eyelashes and eyebrows. Hold the paint for up to 10 minutes depending on the desired intensity of staining. Thoroughly wash the dye with cool water using a cotton swab or disc. Using paint, strictly follow the instructions.

Production: Germany.

The brand: Schwarzkopf Professional Official Website


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Description paint Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom

Coloring eyebrows can reduce the time of morning makeup. After all, after the procedure, you get beautiful eyebrows saturated natural color. Paint Schwarzkopf Igor Bonahr is easy and convenient to use. The result after the procedure lasts for several weeks.

The package has everything you need to paint:

  • Oxidizing agent,
  • Tube with dye,
  • Eye protection strips,
  • Capacity for paint dilution,
  • Convenient applicator.

Color palette

Eyebrow and eyelash dye is available in three basic shades:

Shades can be mixed together in different proportions to obtain a natural and even shade of eyebrows. When dyeing, you can also reduce the exposure time of the coloring composition on the hairs.

Brunettes like black and bluish-black paint, but owners of light and red hair should opt for a brown color.

How to dilute the paint

Prepare the coloring mixture is not difficult. To do this, take a tube of paint and squeeze out 2 cm, add 3 drops of oxidizer. Mix well and apply to the hairs.For a bright saturated color, hold the paint for 15 minutes. If you want to get a lighter shade, then 7-10 minutes is enough.

  • The paint does not spread,
  • Does not have an unpleasant smell
  • Safe to use,
  • Economical.

TO disadvantages can only be attributed to the fact that it stains the skin.

Before and after pictures

Photo: Kiska_murka, score 5 points. Review: it looks natural, it is easy to apply on the eyebrows, saving and does not irritate the skin.

Photo: phelix-shmelix, score 5 points. Feedback: high cost, does not irritate the skin, is well applied and lasts a long time.

Photo: Sobchenko, score 5 points. Review: easy to use, natural color, economy, disadvantages: dear.

Photo: Daria_Potanina27, score 5 points. Review: one tube is enough for 20-30 stains, the kit contains all the necessary tools and fluids. Disadvantages: very quickly washed off.

Reviews of paint for eyelashes and eyebrows Schwarzkopf Igora

Elena's review:
To give the eyebrows a normal look, I used gel. But then I got tired of it, and I decided to go to the master for the correction and coloring of eyebrows. For the procedure, the master used the paint Schwarzkopf Igor Bonahr in a brown shade. To obtain a natural color, she stood it on the hairs for 7 minutes and then removed it with a dry cotton pad. The paint is not bad, but began to wash off after a week. In order not to spend time constantly on campaigns to the master I want to buy paint and paint eyebrows on my own.

Review Lyudmila:
I used Estelle paint. And recently decided to try Igora. I did not notice any special differences between them. Both colors are good.

Review Alina:
I use this paint all the time. I paint only eyebrows, and I am afraid of eyelashes. After the procedure, the color of the eyebrows is natural and beautiful. I recommend to try!

Ella's feedback:
I can not imagine life without coloring eyebrows. I tried paints of many companies, but I liked Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom the most. I paint with a brown tint, it turns out natural and beautiful!

Reviews of eyebrow paint "Igor"

Over ninety percent of the comments on paint are positive. Girls who constantly use this tool, write that it is the best dye compared to others. It is high quality, safe, and the result is stored for a long time.

The reviews say that the paint is good and easy to apply, it is distributed evenly, enveloping each hair. All eyelashes, even the smallest, are well painted over, the color is uniform and saturated.

It is noted that the continuous use is absolutely safe, the eyebrow hairs do not deteriorate, the eyelashes do not become shorter or less, their structure is maintained at one hundred percent. This proves the safety of the product, its qualitative composition.

Everyone likes the aroma of the product, because many of the similar ones have a pungent smell that is annoying, but this one is pleasant and the procedure is more comfortable.

So, Schwarzkopf - a company that has been on the market for several decades, maintains its status as a quality manufacturer!

High price - professional quality: reviews confirm

The Schwarzkopf company is a manufacturer of professional cosmetics, so Igor for eyebrows is present in the arsenal of cosmetics of each elite salon.

Schwarzkopf Professional - German professional cosmetics corporation

Important! Eyebrow does not dye hair, as the concentration of chemical agents in them is much higher.

Saturated and resistant colors: brown, black, etc.

The high cost of a bottle of 15 ml is fully justified by high quality:

  1. The durability of the paint fully complies with the stated deadlines: after carrying out the dyeing procedure, the hue and color saturation remain for 3 weeks.
  2. The pigments included in the composition give deep shades without yellow turbid impurities.

Igora paint gives the eyebrows a pure color

  • Eyebrow dye Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom is composed of substances that protect the hair from UV light and give them a healthy shine.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • High cost is offset by economy. A bottle is enough for 2-3 procedures. Taking into account the durability of pigments, you can not worry about buying a new one for several months.
  • Important! The manufacturer declares the hypoallergenic of its products. But if the dye is used for the first time, it is necessary to conduct a sensitivity test (apply the composition to the skin of the inside of the wrist and wait 15-20 minutes). It is surely recommended for those who have increased immune responses to other chemicals.

    Eyebrow paint Igor

    Order and buy a tool under the power of every girl

    Igor is convenient to use. The kit is equipped with everything you need to start painting without any preparation:

    • A tube of paint with a capacity of 15 ml.
    • Emulsion oxidizer in a plastic vial 10 ml.
    • Plastic pialochka and applicator for mixing components.
    • Paper lining under the eyelashes. With their help protect the eyelids from accidental hitting the paste.
    • Instructions for paint for eyebrows Igor

    Read the instructions before using the paint.

    Instructions for use

    Eyebrow and eyelash dye Igora is used to darken the tone relative to hair color. Naturally look eyebrows, the shade of which will be darker hairstyles no more than 2-3 tones.

    Important! After the plucking procedure, staining is carried out after the complete healing of the damaged skin!

    Coloring of eyebrows and eyelashes occurs on one principle, but in each case has some differences in the procedure for applying the composition:

      In both cases, before starting the procedure, the face is rubbed with lotion to completely remove makeup. To further protect the skin of the eyelids, it is wiped with a swab with castor (or other cosmetic) oil.

    Use castor oil to protect your skin.

  • The components are mixed immediately before the application procedure. Based on the capacity of the cream and oxidizer, they are mixed in a ratio of 3: 2.
  • At this stage, when dyeing eyebrows, you can start applying paint with a brush. The layer should be made thick, while avoiding "creeping" out of the contour. If the paint for eyebrows Igor still got on the eyelids, it should immediately be washed off with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol lotion.

    Use a brush for coloring.

  • When dyeing the eyelashes, the eyelids are closed with lining before the procedure. In this case, you may need outside help. A convenient tool for applying paint will be a washed brush from under the carcass.
  • According to the instructions paint for eyebrows and eyelashes Igora aged for 15 minutes. This time is enough to get a steady color. Wash off the composition with a wet swab.

    Paint aged 15 minutes

    Too dark tone can be washed off in the first minutes after dyeing with soap.

    Beauty and perfection

    Every woman has her favorite method of giving color to her eyebrows and eyelashes. A good effect is achieved with the help of a pencil and ink, shadows and tattoo, but the simplest and most effective is coloring. Using different paints you can achieve a stable, accurate and perfect result.

    This type of eyebrow paint like Schwarzkopf Igora Bonacrom has long been loved by many women, because with its help it is very easy to get a great effect. In addition, this tool has many other advantages, namely: Professional quality level, The kit includes everything you need for the procedure, Universal color range of three shades: blue-black, brown and black, classic, modern and safe pigment provides lasting results coloring, Convenient to use and soft, comfortable texture. Igora Bonacrom paints have a professional level and are widely used in salons. Skilled craftsmen appreciate this product for its qualitative composition, easy application and decent result. The positive features of this tool include the lack of smell, the pleasant texture of the gel and quick action.

    Igora set has a fairly high cost, which may be a drawback of this paint. The structure includes high-quality and proven components that not only give color, but also take care, which is important. The pigment gently but firmly colors the hair, making it more saturated and elastic. Before use, it is best to conduct a small test for an allergic reaction. It is important to note that the composition in contact with the skin must be removed with a damp cloth. You can also apply to the area around the eyebrows before the procedure. Otherwise, the paint will be difficult to remove, and do it better with a liquid to remove the waterproof make-up.

    The tool for eyelashes eyebrow dye comes in the complete set. Eyebrow set consists of the following elements:

    • Paint,
    • Pigment activator,
    • Special mixing and dosing tank
    • Spatula,
    • Paper protective elements that will be needed when dyeing eyelashes.

    This set of eyebrows allows you to paint with the greatest comfort that will provide excellent results. Means for eyelashes paint Igora is a very popular product of this brand, which has many positive reviews.

    In order to avoid any trouble, you need to know the principles of proper staining at home. Both preliminary preparation and follow-up care is important. Cosmetics for eyelashes paint Schwarzkopf will help to create the perfect image only if certain rules are followed.

    Watch the video: HOW TO TINT YOUR EYEBROWS AT HOME!! CHEAP, FAST & SIMPLE!!! (March 2020).