7 reasons why you should go through the procedure of hair biolamination

Every woman knows that you need to care for your hair carefully throughout life. Biolamination is a great option for those who want to give their hair vitality so that they look well-groomed, natural, silky and voluminous. Women or girls who want to change color should pay close attention to color biolamination.

What is hair biolamination

If nature does not give you a thick head of hair - there is a great way to make its texture smooth, shiny, luxurious. Hair biolamination is a procedure in which each hair is covered with cellulose composition, saturated with nutrients, as a result of which they acquire a beautiful, healthy appearance. Biolamination will restore shine to curls that have become discolored, underwent a perm process, or were unsuccessfully stained. This procedure gives new life to hair, contributes to their restoration.

Color biolamination of hair

If you want to return your natural color or forget about colors permanently, spoiling the hair structure, the best solution will be color biolamination. Like transparent biolamination, color also strengthens hair. It must be understood that this is not a cure and cannot be. To obtain the desired color palette is used, consisting of 7 shades. The result lasts up to 4 weeks.

Biolamination of hair at home

To perform biolamination at home, you need to buy a special kit, which contains biolaminate, the necessary tools and instruments. These kits are produced by brands such as Moltobene, Constant Delight, and the concept Concept Hair Loss is also available in specialty stores. All brands provide a different palette from which to choose the desired color. Due to biolamination, you can straighten curly hair.

Means for home biolamination:

  • there are original sprays that can be applied to clean hair, but they have a big minus: styling works until you wash your hair,
  • a negative effect can occur when using a mask made of gelatin: when combing the collagen that is contained in the substance, the hair roots suffer,
  • for the effect to be effective, you should buy a professional kit, where you already have everything you need.

Doing this procedure at home professional set, you need to follow the following rules:

  • study the instructions for use,
  • evenly distribute the composition of the hair, try not to fall on their skin of the head, so as not to require treatment,
  • soak the composition on the head as many minutes as indicated in the instructions,
  • put a plastic wrap or a cap on your head, and heat exposure can be provided with a simple hairdryer.

Means for hair biolamination

Specialized stores offer their customers to purchase professional kits of the following brands:

  1. Lebel Cosmetics. Means of this TM contain only natural substances, vitamins and amino acids. The company keeps its recipe of preparation of the composition in strict secrecy, because of this the price of a set of tools for biolamination of hair of this brand is high. Means Lebel Cosmetics make fitolaminirovanie hair, after which they become healthy and shiny.
  2. The set of the Russian brand Estel includes shampoo, nano-gel, fixing lotion, spray and special serum.
  3. The American brand Matrix adds soy and wheat germ to its products. The composition is hypoallergenic. Funds from this company stimulate growth, prevent the occurrence of dandruff. The set contains tonic, balm-conditioner, cream-laminate, lotion, cream for straightening and activator. If you believe the company, the effect of gloss and elasticity lasts 6-7 weeks.
  4. The Italian brand Kemon has created its own recipe, which includes a liquid cellulose film, avocado oil, bamboo extract (thanks to this composition, there is also a treatment). Magnesia, which is part of the composition, produces the necessary heat when interacting with water, which gives the effect of a steam bath. Valid 4-6 weeks.

Biolamination of hair - photo before and after

Then you can make sure that the curls look healthy and shiny by looking at the photo before and after biolamination. Some results are simply amazing: hairs that were brittle and dry, after the procedure became much healthier, began to radiate shine, delivering admiration to their mistresses. The photo shows that this procedure is done for long, medium and short curls. After passing this procedure, you can give a new life to your curls.

Price of hair biolamination

The cost of biolamination in Moscow is different, it all depends on the hair, their length, location and popularity of the salon itself. Girls and women are free to choose on any of the signs, but the expensive procedure is not always better than the budget. Prices are displayed below, the effects of lamination are always noticeable even to a non-professional:

Main component

Hair shiny and well-groomed after the procedure

Biolaminate consists mainly of natural elements.

The main component in each composition is cellulose, which is obtained from natural extracts, for example from avocado or dandelion juice. The resulting cellulosic film is durable enough to provide adequate protection. Moreover, such “wrapping” of curls does not violate their natural breathing and water balance.

Effect after color biolamination

The positive effect of applying biolaminate will be noticeable immediately. Hair will become more voluminous, elastic and strong, and the appeared shine will emphasize the beauty and density of the hair.

Biolamination of hair will help get rid of split ends and facilitate styling

Naughty hair will look more well-groomed. Elegant curls will come to replace curls. It should be recalled that the procedure in question is not a medical one, therefore it will only improve the appearance of the strands, and not their structure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Biolamination has a downside.

To understand whether the procedure for applying biolaminate to your hair is suitable for you, you should know all the pros and cons.

First, we list the undoubted advantages:

  • Hair noticeably change. Curls will become stronger, shiny and smooth.
  • The wrapping film will give a rich shade without changing the previous hair color.
  • After the procedure, the hair will become more elastic, which greatly simplifies styling. In addition, the curls will be obedient and will keep their shape longer, so you can completely abandon the means for fixation.
  • Protective film protects hair from heat, frost and direct sunlight.
  • Since the composition of biolaminate includes only natural ingredients, this procedure has no contraindications.
  • Biolamination is a safe procedure.
  • Biolamination of hair is almost harmless to the structure of curls.
  • In addition, keratin scales are not separated along with the cellulose film.

Hair becomes stronger

Now you should consider the disadvantages:

  • The procedure is quite short, because after 2-3 weeks the film begins to wash off.
  • Enough high cost.
  • The possible appearance of an allergic reaction to the natural ingredients that make up it.
  • In case of severe hair damage, the effect will be invisible.
  • The protective film can not firmly lock on the fat curls.
  • The biolamination procedure should be carried out once every two months. Covering strands of biolaminate more often than expected, you break the oxygen and water exchange. Biolamination is a rather complicated and time-consuming procedure, so at home and without proper skills you can cause great damage to your hair.

Biolamination is very difficult to do at home, but you can

How is biolamination performed

Biolamination of hair is carried out in several stages:

  1. Cleansing curls with a specialized shampoo that removes impurities, dead cells and prepares the hair for the effects of active ingredients.
  2. The number of subsequent steps depends on the funds that make up the complex. There may be a “hot phase”, which implies the provision of heat during the action of the drug, and a “cold phase”. Also, the composition may include various serums, balms and lotions.
  3. After washing off the last product, proceed with the installation.
  4. It is worth saying that a similar procedure should be carried out a few weeks after staining, but in no case before it.

After staining can not immediately carry out biolamination

Means for hair care after the procedure

In the first few days it is not recommended to wash your hair and blow-dry them, as well as use other styling products.

On the first day after the procedure it is not recommended to collect strands in the tail and create hairstyles.

Use shampoos that do not contain aggressive ingredients.

Home biolamination

If you are confident in your abilities and have gone through the first procedure with a professional, you can re-biolamine the hair at home.

  1. To begin with, wash your hair with shampoo for lamination.
  2. Dry the strands and apply the “hot phase” preparation to them by constantly heating it with a hairdryer.
  3. After 20 minutes, rinse with warm water.
  4. Then you need to wash and dry your hair again, then apply the “cold phase” product, which lasts about 10 minutes.
  5. At the end, apply a feeding mask that lasts also 10 minutes.

Hair mask

All necessary preparations are included in special complexes of products intended for biolamination. Therefore, it remains for you to choose a suitable tool for your hair and strictly follow the instructions.

What is the procedure and its benefits

Biolamination is a quick care of sealing hair into a thin, invisible film. The film is formed by applying to the strands of hair a special substance, which includes plant cellulose and proteins. At the end of the sealing, the representative of the weaker sex will get chic, shiny, smooth, smooth, and most importantly healthy-looking curls.
Express service will be a pleasant find for owners of disobedient, dry, brittle, deprived of health locks. Biolamination of hair has a number of advantages and advantages, among which it is worth highlighting:

  1. The protective film contains proteins and cellulose, due to which the unevenness of the curls,
  2. Biolamination significantly increases the elasticity of the hair, which in turn facilitates the styling of hair,
  3. Bioactive film helps to preserve the natural moisture of hairs,
  4. Express care has almost no contraindications.
  5. The effect lasts 1-2 months.

Reviews of express care speak for themselves. Photos clearly show the results. Millions of girls across the globe have not experienced all the benefits of bioactive film. But here it is worth remembering about one small nuance: in order for the effect to please the girl for more than one day, she will have to completely reconsider the care of her hair. For example, to abandon cosmetics containing sulfates.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

When it comes to our hair, we try to explore as many sources as possible in order to get acquainted in detail with the negative and positive side of the cosmetic service. We offer you to get acquainted with frequently asked questions on the topic of "biolamination of hair", and the answers of experienced masters on exciting topics.

How long does the result last?

In each case, the effect of well-groomed curls will be kept differently. It all depends not only on the proper selection of cosmetics, but also on the structure of the curls, the degree of their damage, the quality of the service. In general, the result will please the girl from 4 to 7 weeks.

Is it often possible to resort to the performance of services?

Hair biolamination is a procedure that has no contraindications and any restrictions. Therefore, to resort to a cosmetic procedure is possible without any restrictions.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are considered contraindications?

Feedback from experts is therefore ambiguous, but experts agree on the same opinion - sealing will not harm a woman and a child. In some cases, the bioactive film does not firmly seal the hairs, and the effect of well-groomed hair lasts from 2 to 4 weeks.

Can I perform the procedure at home?

The first time "sealing" is better to perform with professionals, that is, a beauty salon is better not to get round. Subsequent biolamination of hair can be done at home. A representative of the weaker sex must comply with safety rules: it is not necessary to put a bioactive substance in gloves and save money on the tool. It is better to buy imported products. And although imported cosmetics is slightly overpriced, it is still the most effective and efficient.

Undoubtedly, the procedure of "sealing" the curls will be a real boon for girls who want to give themselves a smart, and that is important healthy hair like in the photo. Before going to the salon, weigh the pros and cons and make the final decision.

Express Care Myths

Many myths revolve around the biolamination of hair. That time has come to dispel them, because they do not carry any useful information.

  1. Myth 1. After express-care, you cannot stack a hair with a curling iron and a hair dryer. Opinion of experts: after leaving the hairs, a protective film is formed, which carefully protects the curls from thermal effects. That is, you can use a hairdryer and a curling iron,
  2. Myth 2. Express-care cannot be done after perm. The opinion of experts: after the perm, the hair needs additional care, because the hairs are badly damaged and dried. Sealing is not something you can, but you need to do, because the curls need extra care,
  3. Myth 3. Having resorted to the servant only once, the girl will not be able to do without her. Opinion of experts: the myth that sealing "sits down" on the procedure, remains a myth. After the film is washed off the hairs, the curls will return to their former shape. To decide to resort or not to resort to the procedure again, each girl decides on her own.

Express care is the best solution for owners of dry, brittle, deprived of healthy hair. Chic hair - today is not a dream, but a reality. It's time to embody your desire today!

Advantages of hair lamination

  • I must say that this method really works - the hair becomes more elastic, acquires a diamond shine, and their tips are sealed.
  • When lamination of hair (including “biotechnology”), a special coating is applied to the hair, which seals each hair with a special film, protecting it from damage and adding shine. The latter is due to the fact that the hair scales are glued together with the composition which makes the hair smooth. The film hides bumps and roughness, especially noticeable on injured, split or dried hair.
  • In addition, due to the film thickness, the hair becomes noticeably larger.
  • Laminated hair is easier to style and much more docile. They look good even in a complex and tangled hairstyle.
  • The capsule helps to keep the dye and prolongs the result of hair dye and prevents them from drying out under the influence of hot air, sun and sea water.


Even if you do not take into account the high cost of the procedure, which could more than pay for several sessions of professional rehabilitation, there are other drawbacks.

Let's start with the fact that, no matter how salty beauty assured the opposite, lamination of hair, including biolamination, is a purely cosmetic procedure and it will not bring any benefit to your hair. In addition, biolamination does not have any additional effect on your hair compared to conventional lamination. The prefix "bio" is needed only to raise the prestige and, accordingly, the cost, since all natural (or pseudonatural) is always in trend.

As a result of the fact that long hair resides in the membrane for a long time, the hair shaft begins to thin and collapse inside the capsule, without receiving practically any nourishment and air. When the magic coating begins to flake off, it moves away with the pieces of weakened hair, making them porous and weak. You may begin the process of brittleness and cross-section of hair, even in the absence of this problem before lamination.

Due to the fact that the lamination composition is quite heavy, the owners of long hairstyles can start falling out, because the hair follicle does not support the weight of the "sealed" hair. But to manufacturers of laminating compositions and owners of beauty salons is only at hand, as there is a strong external contrast between “laminated” hair and their condition after peeling off the film. This encourages customers to return.

Do not believe those who tell you about the therapeutic effect of wheat proteins, complexes of pearls and natural cellulose. All these substances and their healing effect are nothing more than a publicity stunt for creating false added value. All the magic promises of hair recovery by creating a protective film, which at the same time misses the air - the usual advertising tool.

There are no credible sources confirming the hair benefits of a bio or conventional lamination procedure. But around the world there are eminent hairdressers who refuse to use it on the hair of their clients, offering in return several treatments with masks and oils.
If you decide to do the lamination procedure, then for about a month your hair will really look like “from the picture”, but not every hairdresser will advise its owners of really long hair that is difficult to treat and repair. Be prepared for the fact that with the detachment of the film your hair will gradually lose its attractiveness and after the coating finally disappears, their condition will on average be worse than before the procedure.

Who is suitable for hair biolamination

Biolamination is suitable for dry, porous and damaged hair, as well as:

  • if you constantly blow-dry your hair, often use forceps and flat irons,
  • to improve the condition of curly hair, well removes fluffiness,
  • after a perm or biowave,
  • if you often dye your hair, even if it is the most gentle dye,
  • if you have long hair that needs extra care,
  • after the sea, when hair is exhausted by the sun, wind and salt water.

The essence of the hair biolamination procedure

Today, many companies produce sets for hair biolamination, most popular in our country are: Lebel Cosmetics, Concept, Kemon, Estel, Constant Delight, Moltobene.

Stage 1. First, you should wash your hair with a special shampoo from the biolamination kit.

Stage 2. Then a special composition (transparent or colored) laminate is applied, it must be carefully distributed over the hair, stepping back a few centimeters from the hair roots. In order for the composition to penetrate well into the structure of the hair, it needs to be heated (10-15 minutes).

Stage 3. After a certain time, the composition is washed off and applied a hair mask, which also comes in a set.

The result of hair biolamination depends on three factors:

  1. Quality of biolamination products.
  2. Professionalism master.
  3. The structure of the client's hair.

Hair coloring will be possible only when the result of biolamination completely disappears, so first it is better to determine the hair color. Biolamination can be done almost immediately after staining, but not before it.

How to care for hair after biolamination

If, after biolamination, you use a shampoo with a low pH level, the effect will last longer, although not all produce indicate the level of alkali in the shampoo. Then you can choose shampoos for dry, damaged or dyed hair.

As for balms, masks and conditioners, choose them based on the condition of the length of the hair, let's say, any type of hair needs to be hydrated and nourished, including normal hair, so you can safely choose such hair rulers after biolamination, as well as restoring series and for colored hair.

What is the difference between biolamination and lamination of hair?

The procedure for lamination and biolamination is very similar, the main difference is that the composition for biolamination on a natural plant-based, and for lamination - it is artificially obtained substances that also work on the hair. Accordingly, this affects the price, the procedure of biolamination is much more expensive. Therefore, it is difficult for an inexperienced eye to determine lamination or biolamination, although both procedures are therapeutic and have a positive effect on the condition of the hair.

Pros and cons of biolamination

Like any hair treatment, biolamination has advantages and disadvantages. I will say at once that the advantages of this procedure are much greater than the minuses, and so:

  • Biolamination is completely safe for hair, it consists of components of plant origin that care for hair.
  • bio-lamination fills the hair structure with a special solution, smoothing all scales and damage, even brittle and split hair becomes smooth.
  • after biolamination, each hair is wrapped in a protective film, which is then less damaged by the aggressive effects of the environment.
  • a ten percent increase in hair volume, due to the fact that each hair is enveloped with a special film, the hair is in a cocoon.
  • hair becomes soft, elastic, easier styling and long-lasting shape of hair.
  • With the help of colored biolamination, you can give your hair a lot of shades.
  • after biolamination, the hair color lasts longer, which allows less dyeing hair.
  • Biolamination gives unreal shine to hair.
  • the general condition of the hair, which is already visible after the first procedure, is improved.

If we talk about the disadvantages of biolamination, then most often this is a rather high cost of the procedure and the fact that the effect does not last long. Also, some girls remain dissatisfied with biolamination, having saved on the composition for biolamination and on the qualification of a hairdresser.

Indications for

Biolamination is a safe procedure. Every woman can try it. For the health of their natural hair, you can not worry. The result will definitely please.

Biolamination is required in the following cases:

  • hair has a porous structure
  • very fragile and thin,
  • damaged and look lifeless
  • the tips are strongly split
  • with multiple staining,
  • for heavily curly locks.

Biolamination saves hair after suffering a perm. For this reason, the procedure is often recommended to women in salons. The fact is that daily drying of the head with a hair dryer plus a perm quickly damage the hair. They become very brittle. Even visually noticeable their split ends. In addition, such hair is very difficult to collect in the usual hairstyle. Biolamination, filling the structure, returns the scales of hairs in the natural position, as a result, the curls become shiny and smooth.

Conventional chemistry spoils hair very much, which is not the case with biolamination

You can perform the procedure many times. The quantity and frequency will depend only on the desire of the woman.

Benefits of the procedure

The result of biolamination strongly depends on the initial condition of the hair (the worse it is, the more noticeable the effect), the professionalism of the master and the quality of the composition used. The procedure has the following advantages:

  1. Hairstyle does not push in wet weather.
  2. Dyed hair does not lose its original brightness, always remain juicy and alive. To wash off the pigment inks will begin only after a month.
  3. The formed protective film perfectly protects the hair from damage and dangerous drying. For this reason, lamination is often advised in lounges before traveling to the sea.
  4. Lay curls after biolamination using curling or hair dryer is much easier. Hair quickly takes on the shape it gives.
  5. The procedure has no serious contraindications. Since it contains only natural ingredients, it can be carried out in the most crucial periods of life (for example, during pregnancy and lactation).
  6. Hair becomes much more voluminous due to the fact that the thickness of the biomaterial film is added to their diameter.
  7. Biolamination has varieties: normal and color. This gives women the opportunity to conduct experiments, getting hair with different shades.
  8. The procedure can be carried out both in the salon and at home.

Cons and consequences of the procedure

Despite its luring performance, biolamination has several drawbacks. These include:

  1. Short duration. In its original form, the effect lasts only a few weeks. Then the enveloping film begins to gradually disappear.
  2. For a short result you have to pay a lot of money.
  3. From too frequent procedures, less oxygen begins to flow into the hair, and their water balance deteriorates. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out this light chemistry no more than 1 time in 2 months.
  4. Fully conduct the procedure at home is difficult. Inside the effect will be more noticeable.
  5. Biolamination weight the hair. For this reason, some women may begin hair loss with the bulbs. People prone to loss of hair, as well as owners of the nature of heavy hair, this procedure is not worth it. In this case, you can not listen to employees of salons red. After all, such an effect to them only on hand: the client will definitely return to them for updating hair styles.

What is the difference between conventional lamination

The technology of bio and conventional lamination is the same. But they have one fundamental difference. In the first case, natural formulations are used, and in the usual case - synthetic. For example, synthetic components include diamine, para-aminophenol, para-phenylenediamine. These substances are included in most artificial means for lamination. Some even believe that such substances are toxic. Lamination can be done both in the salon and at home. But both types of lamination do not cure the hair, but only cover it with a special film, which is what makes them very different from the third procedure.

Features keratin straightening

Keratin straightening restores hair structure, making them several times healthier. Against this background, the hairstyle takes on a well-groomed and spectacular look. When keratinizing, the active substance penetrates into the very depth of the hair and restores it from the inside. As a result of this action, the cuticle is smoothed out in the same way as during lamination. This contributes to the complete restoration of the hair and its straightening. Keratin straightening is cheaper because the effect of its action lasts for 3–5 months. Keratin straightening can also make curly hair straight, which is not the case for the biolamination procedure.

Varieties of procedure

Biolamination may be different. There are the following types of procedures:

In colorless biolamination, the procedure is mainly done in order to give shine and shine to the hair. When colored hair sets a certain tone. The palette of the manufacturers is quite large (from 6 to 20 titles). Thanks to such an enviable choice, a woman can choose the most suitable one.

Color biolamination makes the image more vivid

In addition, depending on the temperature used, biolamination can be:

The hot procedure differs from the cold one in that the hair after the applied composition is treated with a special iron with a thermostat. Due to the temperature, the hair is sealed. After applying air conditioning, which effectively restores the structure.

Stages of the procedure

Biolamination consists of the following steps:

  1. Preparation for the procedure. Master cleans hair with professional shampoo. This tool allows you to remove not only pollution, but also dead cells. In addition, a special shampoo well prepares hair for the penetration of active ingredients.
  2. Work with the bio-laminating compound. Further actions depend on which company will be used. After all, all biolaminates have small differences in application. For example, when working with certain compositions, it is necessary to use a special film or cap that covers the head. Further, the hair is exposed to additional heat. After that, the composition is washed with water. The hot phase is replaced by a cold one, in which another special composition is also applied to the head. During the procedure, additional lotions, masks, serums and conditioners may be used.
  3. Flushing composition.
  4. Drying the head.

What drugs and tools are used

Manufacturers produce a large amount of biolamination products. All compositions are similar in structure. By sight, a biolaminating agent is a regular viscous liquid with no characteristic odor and taste. Such compositions do not contain preservatives and are 100% hypoallergenic. The sets include: shampoo, cold phase composition, hot phase composition, mask and, if color biolamination is used, dye.

In the box of each preparation there is an instruction with detailed use. It should be followed in everything.

Very high-quality products manufactured by Lebel Cosmetics. Their compositions contain a large number of useful substances, in them there are no harmful fragrances. In addition to beauty, with the help of products from this company you can add the desired shade to your hair. The cost of biolamination with Lebel Cosmetics products ranges from 1000 to 3000 rubles. The effect lasts about 3–6 weeks.

Another good bio lamination company is Paul Mitchel. They are composed of phytocomponents, proteins of wheat and soy. After the procedure, the hair gets an outer gloss.

Compounds for biolamination by ESTEL are produced in Russia. Their sets include preparing shampoo, serum for polish, nanogel, fixing lotion. Each product performs its function in this set. Thus, the serum moisturizes the hair, lotion-fixer fills with keratin, shampoo cleans, and nanogel heals the damaged curls.The manufacturing company claims that the gloss persists for about 5 weeks.

Features of biolamination on curly hair

Owners of curly hair cause many enviable admiration. But some do not even imagine how difficult it is for these women to cope with their curly locks. Curly ladies constantly say that they feel a nest on their head. No wonder. After all, curly curls themselves have a structure that is different from straight hair. When leaving, they often break and become thin. As a result, curls are very difficult to comb, they turn into a pack. To improve the appearance of such hair is advised to use biolamination. The procedure is the same for both straight and curly hair.

Biolamination effectively protects curly hair from external exposure, making it much more beautiful. The result is impressive. Such curls are laid after the procedure faster and easier.

Biolamination does not straighten, but only seals each hair.

Care tips after bio-lamination

The effect of lamination lasts not for long, on average 3-4 weeks. But in order to preserve beauty after the procedure, you need the right care. In the salons customers give the following tips:

  • wash your hair with only low-alkaline shampoos or use special products for colored hair,
  • Do not apply to deeply cleaned bio-laminated hair,
  • use after washing balms, masks, conditioners (this is only welcome),
  • after the lamination procedure itself for 1 day does not collect hair in the tail, but walk with loose,
  • the day after the procedure you should not wash your hair,
  • Do not overload your hair with hairpins,
  • on the first day it is strictly necessary to avoid using a hair dryer, curling iron and ironing.

Reviews with photos before and after

Due to the re-dyeing my hair lost vitality and shine. In appearance, the hair began to look terribly sad and completely lifeless. Hair simply bunched out, but, however, had a rich color. Ran to the salon for a friend for help. She offered me two choices, one of which was biolamination with Estelle. Ibid girlfriend said that I was waiting for a super discount, at which I clearly win. Although I have a bad attitude to the products of this company, but I agreed. The procedure lasted more than two hours. I came out of the salon this beauty and the result was quite happy. But time is fleeting and after two weeks I began to observe a slightly different picture. First: the hair began to become very salty, it was not there before. Second: I could not repeat the salon styling, so the effect was not so noticeable. Also, after a short time, the hair was again dry and fluffy. A month later, the gloss completely erased. In the end, I can say that I will no longer conduct such an experiment with me. Already learned that there are other more impressive and persistent ways of hair restoration.


Lamination products were presented to me, I did not buy them myself. The first time I tried the procedure two years ago. Honestly, I myself would never have bought such a set, because I indulged my curls with henna or other cheap or natural remedies. But I got hooked. Gave something from the Hair Company series. The standard laminating kit of this manufacturer includes: products for two phases (hot and cold), shampoo, keratin booster and a restoring mask. But I did not have the entire list of funds, but only the cold phase, the hot phase and the mask. I replaced other means with similar compositions of other firms. The process of my home lamination looked like this. At first I washed my hair with an ordinary shampoo, after a little drying my hair with a towel. I tried to make such an effect that the head was just wet and water did not flow from it. After tying curls around the head. I did this in order not to harm my skin during the hot phase. Put on gloves and then put on a hot phase. She held for 15 minutes and heated her hair well with a hair dryer, after which she washed off. Then she smeared her head with nourishing oils and held it for about 30 minutes. At the next stage, I did the cold phase according to the instructions. Already at the finish line she distributed a regenerating mask through her hair. Again, all washed away and evaluated the result. Look and you! I did not say, but I have wavy hair. For me, at home, the experiment is more than successful. The curls on my head after the home biolamination acquired friability, they became shiny and smooth. The result I am one hundred percent satisfied. But since the effect does not last long, I do lamination infrequently, but only before the most important events.


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