Stylish hairstyles for confident guys

In today's world, girls are becoming alike. Glossy magazines dictate fashion to us, ready to make us unique, but in the same way they make us alike. Some people disagree with the fact that they resemble someone, but they often notice that they subconsciously copy someone's style. In today's article, you will learn about several ways to emphasize your individuality, get a little out of the crowd and become memorable.

1. Buy original accessories.
Many companies produce various decorations, accessories and even notebooks in the original style. A variety of cases, bracelets and watches, you can buy in any youth store or a good mass market, but with stationery items, everything is a little more complicated. Notebooks with logo application have been released for a long time, now you can personalize your notebook by uploading any picture or photo. For example, I have a whole collection of beautiful pictures that I have collected over a long period of time, and now I will choose the best of them to make my original notebook. This notebook can be ordered on the site, which is one of my favorites, because it sells high-quality and inexpensive goods. In addition to notebooks, you can order promotional leaflets, which is very useful for entrepreneurs.

2. Change the hairstyle to a more original and modern.
Of course, I do not mean a haircut under a zero or painting of hair in bright green color. This can be very interesting, but not in all cases, so the main thing to remember is that everything is good in moderation. If you have been walking with long blond hair for a long period, then choose one of the popular classic colors, buy good paint and look at the hairdresser. It is better to prefer gray or beige color, but if you really want to differ from the rest, you can choose a smoky pink.

3. Change the make-up.
I do not mean too bright makeup with wide painted eyebrows or coral shadows that are incorrectly applied. Scroll through magazines, pages on social networks, and pick yourself a beautiful and natural make-up. For example, I use quite a large number of cosmetic products, but I use them quite a bit so as not to become like actresses, who are painted so that they can be seen from the last rows. In my everyday make-up, I use beige eye shadow, mascara, eyebrow shadow, concealer, highlighter, matte eyeliner and bronzer. Thanks to the right amount and well-chosen colors, my makeup looks natural, but all its merits are well underlined.

Summing up, I want to say that some people who aspire to the original style in all respects often go too far. People who are unhealthy about personalization are called freaks. They often dye their hair with bright colors, wear bright clothes, and look, frankly, ridiculous. Watch your appearance to look beautiful and harmonious, and do not overdo it in the change of style. Then you will become memorable and original, and most importantly - in moderation.

Hairstyles for young guys

The classic version of men's haircuts are short models without eye-catching elements. Monotonous and strict decisions will be ordinary and inappropriate to look at the guys. When choosing a suitable option, you should take into account some features of a young person, his style and lifestyle.

Selection of an effective teenage hairstyle should consist in observance of some important moments. It includes:

  • consideration of the structure of curls and facial features,
  • providing full care for hair,
  • selection of styling based on the length of the curls,
  • individual preferences and features of a guy
  • matching the age of a young man.

Haircuts are modified depending on the shape of the face:

  • almost any hairstyle will suit the owners of the perfect oval,
  • with a square shape with a massive jaw and wide cheekbones, models with elongated locks on the parietal part, shortened - on the back of the head and temples, are selected. The average length of the curls allows you to make the transition lines smooth. Inappropriate will look short "Hedgehog"
  • triangular features can be softened by a male hairstyle with a long bangs laid sideways. It balances proportions and brings the oval closer. Do not shave whiskey, as they emphasize the natural angularity,
  • a round face is framed with a small volume at the crown. Cascading models look attractive.

Guys with protruding or big ears should avoid short haircuts. Medium or long strand length will suit the owners of a disproportionate head shape. Bangs can be a fashionable and spectacular accent in the image. Elongated oblique and straight strands, falling on the forehead, will be the central part of the styling.

Extravagant decisions should be abandoned to young people studying at an institute or occupying a certain position in an office.

The convenience of daily styling plays a significant role. Models based on classic short haircuts are distinguished by a neat shading in the temporal area, clear framing lines.

Youth hairstyles are modified depending on the structure, length and thickness of hair:

  1. Owners of fine strands should abandon hairstyles, which are based on the creation of lush volume. They will quickly lose their shape. Slightly raise the curls will allow filing.
  2. Thick hair is distinguished by its natural "airiness." Guys with this type should eliminate long bangs combed back.
  3. Curly hair is shown short haircut or careless kare.

Equal strands over the entire surface of the head reduce the need for regular care. Stylish look will be styling with curls of medium length behind and in the forehead, short - over the ears and temples.

Haircuts for short hair

Short hairstyles are the most practical among all. They do not require constant styling, the use of a large number of special fixing and modeling tools. Performed on the basis of medium curls. Allocate a fairly large variety of modern options.

Youth hairstyles remain in fashion, combining very short strands on the temples and the back of the head, elongated - on the crown. They involve a variety of styling methods suitable for all occasions.

Among the most popular short hairstyles for men are:

  • "Hedgehog". She deserved her demand for unpretentious care and styling. When choosing this haircut take into account the shape of the head and the growth rate of the strands. Extravagance to the image can be added by creating an original pattern on the back of the head with the help of a typewriter,

  • "Little Cap". Universal model for any image. Looks great on thin straight hair and thick wavy curls. Longer strands are left at the crown, the back of the head is cut short. The length transition can be smooth or sharp,
  • "Iroquois". This variety involves the complete shaving of hair on the sides of the head. Suitable only for brave and confident guys who are not afraid of outside attention,
  • men's hairstyle "Anderkat". The modern version of the Iroquois, involving the shaving of one or two temples, the preservation of thick hair on top. May have many styling options. When creating a haircut, it is important to correctly maintain the proportion of length. On the sides, the hair is shaved off with a typewriter, the upper “tuft” is cut with scissors to achieve the same length. The back of the head can also be trimmed
  • "Boxing". Suitable for guys with perfect head shape. The transition between the top and bottom short hair emit nozzles typewriter 0.5 cm.
  • "Canadian". Relevant for curly and straight hair. The upper locks retain a length of about 3 cm. Whiskey is cut short with a machine. On the neck strands are cut in the form of brackets

Modern guys can choose their own version of the haircut and styling, emphasizing their individual features of appearance. A large variety of short solutions makes it possible to wear comfortable hairstyles for any occasion.

Hairstyles for curls of medium length

Medium length haircuts are suitable for different structure and thickness of hair. This is a selection of creative and romantic personalities. Among the popular options you can find sports and business models. In the trend are hairstyles with a slight negligence and disheveled.

Fans of medium curls can choose the following fashion models:

  • "Classic men's haircut." Suitable for young people with a conservative outlook on life. The back of the head is cut with scissors to give the hair the same length. Strands in the forehead and crown slightly raise. Whiskey shaved machine with a nozzle matched to the optimal length,

  • "Gavrosh." A selection of brave guys who love original and unusual decisions. Haircut involves a rather short temples and the preservation of length at the crown, nape and front of the head,
  • "Bean". Universal model that does not lose its relevance for modern guys. Hair does not require styling, it is enough to carry out the correction in the salon.
  • male haircut "Kare". The optimal solution for curly, thick and straight hair. It can be performed with smooth or "torn" edges of curls. Beneficially distinguished by ease of care, emphasizes the masculinity of the image,

Medium-length strands are much more fascinating than short ones, but this does not reduce their popularity among young people. For fixing and styling will require special tools.

Long haircuts

Modern varieties of haircuts suggest a variety of stylish models for long hair. Spectacular hairstyles are able to give the image brutality. They require careful maintenance, compliance with the rules of installation. The choice of elongated solutions will attract the attention of others, regardless of the situation.

Haircuts with asymmetrical, straight or torn ends have come into vogue. Strands can be left flowing or create original bundles. The strands gathered in a tight knot will make you feel comfortable with any hair length.

An alternative to the beam can be an ordinary "tail." The image of an individual "highlight" can shaved whiskey.

Styling details

Most youth hairstyles for guys require daily styling. This is especially true for models with elongated strands in the area of ​​the crown. Faithful assistants in the formation of a stylish image will be all sorts of styling tools. Daily installation does not require much effort:

  • hair must be pre-washed and dried with a hairdryer, lifting at the roots,
  • with a little heated wax applied to the fingertips, slightly raise the strands at the crown. This creates the necessary volume. Curls can be laid back or to the side,
  • secure hair styling will help hairspray.

The use of high-quality gel or varnish will allow you to lay a long bang along the entire length of the head. Do not do without modeling tools and to create the effect of "wet" hair.

Negligent disheveled haircuts require the use of foam with the creation of volume. That means well laid down, it is worth drying the washed strands a hair dryer. With medium and long hair, daily styling is required.

Haircuts for medium thin hair: the best solutions for women

Read more about recipes for home lamination of hair without gelatin, read here.

The video below shows some tips on how to choose the right hairstyle for a young guy.


Hairstyles guys have significant differences with haircuts for mature men. They are more extravagant, creative and have their own original style. The choice of a suitable model is carried out taking into account the individuality of the young man, his appearance. A variety of options for short, medium and long hair allows you to find a unique solution for every taste. The complexity of the haircut depends on the characteristics of its installation.

Table of contents

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Selection of hairstyle to the appearance of the client

Among your clients will be people of different social backgrounds, looks and habits. In your eyes, they will all be united by the presence of eyes, ears, mouth, forehead and chin, the specific location of which people differ from each other.

Selection of a hairstyle implies its adaptation to the client's appearance with the aim of emphasizing his individuality and best features in the most favorable way. When choosing a hairstyle should take into account the anatomical features of a person: the shape of the head, body build, height and weight.

The ability to correctly assess the visual appearance of the client will help you to perfectly choose hairstyles.

When choosing a hairstyle, it is important to be able to analyze the shape of the head and face in order to determine your actions to perform the ideal model.

Body type

Choosing a hairstyle, correctly evaluate the appearance of the client. Hair should not violate the proportions of the person (height, volume, excessive fullness or thinness imply changes in the model hairstyle). Remember that the male figure and facial features are different from the female.

In other words, long hair can favorably emphasize high growth, and, conversely, present people of small stature in the unfavorable light. In the same way, short haircuts that look good on people of short stature will not suit everyone tall.

Face shape

Analyzing the shape of the face, pay attention to its width, elongation, defects or disproportions. The ideal face shape is oval. However, there are many other face shapes (square, triangular, round, etc.).

When choosing hairstyles for a particular client, you should be guided by the client’s personality and modern fashion trends.

Think about how you can create the illusion of the ideal shape of the face: what is beneficial to emphasize and what is better to hide.

Square head and jaw make the face wide. Use asymmetrical hairstyle, or symmetrical with increased volume at the crown. Guide the hair towards the temples and towards the jaw. The form adapted in this way will be directed upwards.

Triangle (pear)

Narrow forehead and wide jaw. To extend the forehead, partially cover it. Direct hair up and wide.

The rounded border of the hairline and chin create a wide face. To lengthen the shape, lightly cover the border of the hair and jaw. Direct hair up.

Concave profile

For this type of protruding chin, which will help to hide soft bangs. Hair in a hairstyle should be directed upwards. Do not create large volumes in the forehead area - this will only emphasize the problem area (chin) more strongly.

As a rule, assess the shape of the face and head is not difficult.However, sometimes the actual shape of the head may seem different due to the style of hairstyle that the client is currently wearing. If you have any doubts, use your hands to feel the shape of the head and assess possible problem areas. In the figure, the hairstyle allows you to hide a flat nape.

With age, the anatomical structure of a person changes. The same applies to facial features. Age changes (from childhood to old age) are gradual. In certain periods, angularity / sharpness or, conversely, roundness of shapes may appear. Understanding these features will help you better choose a hairstyle for your client. For older people, for example, better fit hairstyles with hair, removed from the sides.

Of course, we should not forget about the ears. The most problematic are large and bulged ears. If haircuts, in which the hair closes the ears, are not suitable for your client, you can try to create more volume above the ear and thereby hide the defect.

Do not forget to take into account whether your client wears glasses, temporarily or permanently. Pay attention to the shape of the glasses and how they sit on the face.

Characteristics and features of youth hairstyles

Young people are usually between the ages of sixteen and twenty-five. They are in search of a life position, play with life, are not afraid to try something new, therefore the hairstyle should completely (or partially) reflect the inner world and personality of its owner.

In fact, there are no clear boundaries between youth and age haircut, there is only a fine line - a personal attitude to bright colors, unusual silhouettes and non-standard styles. Youth hairstyle reflects the desire of a young man or girl to try everything and find himself in society.

Young people are increasingly choosing non-standard bright colors for hair coloring

Youth hairstyles have the following features:

  • creativity, because age allows you to pay less attention to the dress code,
  • bright colors to be seen in a social environment
  • non-standard silhouettes,
  • matching fashion trends
  • unisex, as the bright desire of equality and erasing of the sexual boundaries is manifested.

It cannot be argued that hairstyles of young people should always be creative and non-standard, on the contrary, they can be elegant, stylish and rather ordinary. Still, their main feature remains a reflection of the inner world and emphasizing its attractiveness.

Hairstyles for young men

For guys, haircut has a special meaning in the image, so young people do not lag behind fashion trends. Modern young men are not indifferent to their hairstyle, they regularly turn to hairdressing and do actual haircuts.

Men's haircut should combine brutality and neatness, but also be creative, for example, shaved temples, a combination of strands of different lengths, hair coloring.

Options for short-haired boys

It has always been thought that short haircuts for males of any age are the most convenient. And so these hairstyles are popular among young people, as they do not require special care, are light in design and are combined with different styles of clothing.

When choosing a short haircut, young people should consider the shape of the face. So, for a round shape a multi-layered haircut is suitable, and for a narrow face with pronounced cheekbones and a chin, a half-hair style hairstyle would be an excellent option. The peculiarity of this haircut is the different length of hair in the area of ​​the crown and temples, the main thing is that the area of ​​long hair was small (at the very top). Young guys prefer smoothly combed hair and a pronounced parting on the side.

And also we advise you to look at the haircut undercard. Anderkat is a variation of classic boxing, but with clearly defined shaved temples. Shaved temples and patterns in this area will be popular for a long time. This hairstyle can be worn with a side parting. It visually enlarges the face and opens it.

The Hitler youth has similar features as an undercard. But the main difference is a smooth transition bangs on the occipital region. Variants of this haircut allow shaven temples and hair coloring.

All considered haircuts will require a regular visit to the hairdresser about once a month, of course, everything will depend on the speed of hair growth.

How to make a halfbox

Consider the step-by-step process of cutting a classic semi-box, since the undercount and the Hitler Youth are performed on a similar basis.

Tools that will be needed when working:

  • straight scissors
  • clipper.

  1. We begin the work of the machine by the method of mixing the hair "to zero" from the center of the head in both directions.
  2. Trim the hair on the temples so that they are the same length as the hair on the occipital region.
  3. We make a flat control line with a machine or scissors.
  4. Next, we produce a fringing around the neck, temples and behind the ears.
  5. In order for the transition from long to short hair to be smooth, we make hair shading two centimeters above the control line using thinning shears.
  6. After cutting the hair using the “on the fingers” method in the parietal area and we are milling a little.

Tip: during the haircut you need to watch the shape of the box, it should be oval.

Extra long models for guys

Medium-length hair is gaining popularity among young people every year. Long haircuts will suit the owners of luxurious hair, they give the image a romance. And also you should not forget that hair of such length will require decent care, styling and regular visits to a beauty salon.

The most popular long haircuts:

  • male square - is a bang, the length of which is almost equal to the length of the remaining strands. For this hairstyle, use the technique of a smooth cut and oval edging,
  • haircut cap - designed for very lush hair. Its feature is a sharp transition from the top of the head to the back of the head. That is, the volume remains on the crown region, and the temples and the back of the head are shaved out with a machine. This hairstyle has several styling options: tousled hair, which creates a little chaos on the head, and hair, laid ironing,
  • haircut grunge - is a harmonious combination of long strands of the upper part and the mild bottom. But the difference between short and long strands does not exceed two centimeters. This hairstyle combines both casual and office styles. Coloring is allowed in this haircut, which adds some zest to the image.

How to make a haircut cap

A tool that is useful in the work, straight scissors. It should be noted that such a haircut is easy to style and for a long time keeps its shape on any hair.

  1. To begin with, we do the parting, separating the temporal region from the parietal. After doing the edging of hair at the temples.
  2. After edging in the temporal region, we comb all the hair back and do the edging at the back of the head. It should be strictly straight, and the transition from the fringing behind the auricles should be vertical.
  3. Parting from the right ear to the left. Hair, which remained below the parting, trimmed at an angle of forty-five degrees.
  4. We comb the hair along the growth line and design a hat.
  5. We cut the entire parietal area to the bangs.
  6. Then trim the bang straight cuts.
  7. We work out all the hair by the method of poiting.

Other hairstyles

Remains its popularity men's hairstyle beam. It is very simple. The elongated strands are gathered with a rubber band for hair and fixed at the top of the head, and the back of the head and temples should be cut short.

Many young people instead of a bundle braids braids, which are also well combined with shaved or short-cropped areas.

Unusual and a bit vulgar option that will stand out from the general mass of people

Curling and creating light waves on the head are suitable for haircuts for medium hair, for example, square or grunge. Curling can be done with the help of curling, and you get a romantic styling with casually laid wavy strands.

Youth haircuts for girls

Undoubtedly, for all the girls it is important to look beautiful and stylish. Each prefers the most favorite images, makeup, clothes. Of great importance in appearance has a haircut. Fortunately, the variety of female hairstyles is huge. Any girl can choose a haircut that matches her face shape, hair structure, and overall style. And also it allows you to often change the hair, to look for the best option, to create extraordinary images of yet undecided beautiful women. Now the most popular haircuts for medium and short hair length.

How to make a graded quads

Haircut square is simple in design. Even a beginner master can handle it. For work will need straight scissors.

  1. Briefly cut the back of the head with the hair-down method.
  2. After trimming the temporal zones and the region of the upper occiput.
  3. Proceed to the graduation of all hair, cutting the hair along the length of the control strand, which passes through the center of the head.
  4. Go to the finishing work, comb your hair and remove excess hair.
  5. The final stage will be the thinning.

Haircuts for medium hair

Medium-length hair is an excellent base for creating different hairstyles: from romantic and delicate to strict and bold.

The elongated bob, popular for several years, looks great on medium hair. The sharp contours of the haircut allow you to hide full cheeks or too protruding cheekbones. The elongated bean can be made in the classic, asymmetric and graded versions.

Graduated bean is based on layering, that is, strands are clipped on the crown and occipital areas and on the sides. And asymmetrical is a strand of different lengths on the parietal region and the face. This option will help hide ugly ears. This haircut can be confused with square, as many hairdressers make the difference between long and short curls up to fifteen centimeters.

Haircut can tune up with new colors with the help of bangs, for this will suit the usual straight or torn. Styling methods are also varied, you can try a huge amount, negligence, or with curling to make curls.

This option of laying an elongated bean creates some negligence on the head.

It's time to talk about the famous haircut, which Olga Buzova advertised quite well. This hairstyle can be worn in different ways: to make smooth hair or curl curls. The caret has no clear boundaries and rules, it can be graduated and combined with straight, oblique bangs or with a side parting.

Four stars pick their haircut

Technique of cutting a bob with bang on a side parting

Before performing the hairstyle, you need to divide the hair into two parts: the first part (top) can be fastened with a hairpin, and we will begin work with the second part. In this case, we will use the “strand on strand” blending method.

  1. We cut the hair in the parietal zone, brushing the strands at a distance of two centimeters.
  2. Then go to the temporal zone, cutting hair with the same method.
  3. Temech's hair is separated by a vertical parting, thus we get a main parting parting. And we are going to cut this area.
  4. Then trim the front hair. Having combed the bangs on the face, we will see that the cut line runs at a sharp angle. If there are shortcomings, then you need to eliminate them and correct the cut line.
  5. The final stage of the haircut will be thinning and edging strands.

Tip: trim the side areas to bring to the upper temporal strands, which run between the frontal area and the temporal depressions.

Long haircuts

Owners of long hair should primarily monitor the health of their hair, as only in this case, the hair looks attractive.

Girls with long hair are recommended to have a haircut cascade. Its characteristic features are elongated curls, distributed by a ladder. The cascade is not whimsical in the care, and the styling process is simple: you can style your hair with a hair dryer, ironing or curling, create a stunning volume, curl curls. It is appropriate to combine it with a bang, which can also be laid in different ways, the main thing is that it emphasizes your strengths and hides the flaws.

In the haircut cascade focuses on the luxurious volume of hair

Long hair can be combined with shaved temple or other figures. And you can paint the tips of the strands in different shades.

The combination of long hair and shaved temples looks very unusual and original

Stylist tips

Stylists when choosing a haircut are advised to pay attention to the shape of the face:

  • oval face - any haircut will do,
  • round - asymmetry, side partings, bangs, tousledness,
  • narrow forehead or wide chin - should be refrained angular forms,
  • massive forehead - the volume in the upper part of the head.

If you choose a haircut, taking into account the features of appearance, then it will be able to hide your shortcomings and highlight the advantages. Young people, to achieve originality in the hair, you can combine shaved whiskey, non-standard forms of haircuts, hair coloring in different colors and different methods.

Any hairstyle will play in a new way, if it is laid in special ways, while not forgetting that natural negligence, volume and easy chaos are in fashion.

The fashion of the new season touched both women's and men's haircuts. A huge variety of interesting models and styling options takes into account the different taste preferences and styles of young people. Hair styles can be varied: from crazy and creative to restrained and elegant. It all depends on the nature and characteristics of the person. Therefore, everyone can choose for themselves a haircut that will fit the inner world and way of life.


Quite often, having come to the hairdresser’s, a young man cannot explain what kind of haircut he needs, so it’s worthwhile to list the names and main distinctive features of the most common classical and modern versions.

Men's short haircuts:

  • Hedgehog - a simple and convenient haircut that does not require special care and is ideal for an active lifestyle. At the back of the head and temples the hair is short, at the crown and crown - a little longer. The outlines of the hairstyle are soft, without sharp corners. Despite the seeming simplicity, the hairstyle can easily be given a stylish and original look with the help of a gel.
  • Boxing and semi-boxing - the distinctive features are longer hair at the crown and a clear edging along the hairline. The presence of bangs is allowed.
  • Canadian - hair is left only in the region of the crown, the rest of the head (temples, back of the head, the top of the head) is cut short.

Stylish men's haircuts for medium hair:

  • Kare - a variety of subspecies (classic, asymmetric, with bangs, bob-kare and others) allows you to choose this original hairstyle for any type of face and hair. The only drawback is the need for styling and constant care.
  • Gavroche is a combination of neatly trimmed temples and the parietal part with elongated (up to 8-10 cm) locks on the back of the head, falling on the shoulders.
  • Cap - the name speaks for itself, leaving a minimum length at the back of the head and temples, due to which the hair of medium length forms a “cap”.
  • Classic - appropriate at any time and in any situation.

Hairstyles for long hair:

  • Tail - loose hair is collected in a bun at neck level or higher. Also popular is the highly located tail in combination with shaved temples.

  • Grunge - disheveled strands give the appearance of rebellious and bold look.


If previously shaved temples talked about belonging to one of the subcultures, now men's haircuts with shaved temples are popular among wide sections of young people. Boxing and semi-boxing, voyage, Briton, bob, archer - a mandatory attribute of these hairstyles are short hair at the temples. In addition to the convenience and neat appearance, shaving the temples is ideal for men with a round head shape, visually lengthening the oval face.

Dreadlocks - look original, but not suitable for everyone. The process of creating dreadlocks is quite complicated and takes time, but later this stylish and unusual hairstyle requires minimal care.

A man's braid or several braids will be appropriate not in all situations, at the same time such a scandalous hairstyle can be changed at any moment by unraveling the braids and gathering long hair in the tail.

Fashionable men's haircuts with bangs provide a truly unlimited field for the realization of interesting ideas. The bangs may be careless and disheveled or neatly laid, short or hiding half of the face to the chin. In addition, in many cases, the position of the bangs is easy to change and if in the evening it almost completely closed one eye, giving its owner the most seductive and romantic look, then in the morning, when leaving for work or study, it is quite possible to lay it and fix it on the parietal part of the head.

Hairstyles for children for the spring / summer season

There are specific requirements for hairstyles for boys and teenagers, this is especially true for the spring-summer season - the vacation period, rest and increased activity. The choice of haircuts is great, perhaps the child himself has already looked at an interesting option for himself and wants to try a new style in the period when he is insured against the ridicule of classmates or teachers' reproaches.

At the same time, at this age it is difficult for a child to independently take into account all the nuances and parents should give the child some recommendations:

  1. Haircut should be beautiful and comfortable, do not interfere in games, sports and other activities.
  2. Ease of care. It is difficult to hope that a child at that age will spend a lot of time daily styling, combing or applying additional care products.
  3. It’s not worth starting a change of image from choosing an excessively extravagant haircut - it is not known whether it will fit a specific appearance, and it is not known how peers will react to it. Changes are better to make gradually.

Style and fashion are first and foremost a taste for everything.


Stylists predict the continuation of current trends. In the fashion will remain sports haircuts, shaved whiskey, military, grunge well and immortal classics.

However, blindly follow a fleeting fashion is not worth it, the main thing is not to be afraid of experimenting and then, over time, develop your own, individual style.

Through your fingers

Some will argue, they say, it’s good for those handsome men with photos that it’s not a problem to pick up men's haircuts for thick hair. But what about those who are already worth their weight in gold? It is a fair observation. If the bald patches are only outlined, they are easy to hide with the same multi-layered hairdo. In the case when the situation is already close to critical, we resort to the classical hedgehog. In the presence of a frank bald patch, it remains to follow the example of Bruce Willis. His stylish bald spot is much more spectacular and more brutal than pathetic attempts to cover up the “thawed patches” with three liquid strands.

We clean the feathers

No matter how incomparable hairstyles are for men, but on dirty hair even the most delightful haircut makes a repulsive impression. Bold, sloppy strands are difficult to shape. Therefore, do not be lazy and refresh your head more often! Apply proper styling products. Gel, wax, paste are applied to dry hair, it is important not to overdo it with their quantity. And do not forget to visit your hairdresser once a month to fix your hair.

Youth haircuts for guys - photos

Look at the photo, which models are offered by the stylists for the guys, and how they achieve the presented image in the 2016 season.

The taste and color of comrades can not be picked up. Every young person wants to be a bright personality. But a few rules will not be superfluous to remind. So a very short model is better to adopt guys with curly hair. If the hair is very thick by nature, then so much volume, such haircuts should not be chosen.

The holder of fine hair should be milled hair. Any version of the haircut should be compared with the type of your face to smooth out sharp corners and highlight the attractive features.

In each season, hairdressers make up their own flavor for each haircut. To get a fashionable haircut for a man, there are some nuances. See photo.

Fashionable youth haircuts for guys 2016

Stylish hairstyle is able to add gloss to the guy, because more and more young people tend to keep up with fashion, and not to cut their hair, as always. There are fashionable men's haircuts, which have gained popularity this year and most likely will remain in the trend of the new season. See for yourself.

Looking at themselves in the mirror guys get used to somewhere from adolescence. Consults with each other, compare and go to the hairdresser. Mod boys like. Children follow fashion and understand fashion, to the surprise of their fathers and mothers. What are the options for fashionable boys?

Any boy, teenager and older guy from a variety of models will pick up his haircut. They sunk into the water, when everyone was collected with the same brush and in addition scolded if the guy stood out from the crowd. Parents can allow their child to a stylish haircut and help him with the choice of styling, without fear of reprimand from the school.

Gone are the days when men who pay attention to their appearance, caused grins and sneers.

Gradually it enters the usual order of things. No one is surprised to see how seriously men treat the choice of fashionable men's youth haircuts and hairstyles.

What is now in fashion

The choice of fashionable styling 2017, shown in the photo, is not inferior in terms of the number of haircuts options for women. Among the variety we highlight the following:

Men prefer short hair. Hedgehog, boxing, boxing - just for them. They are suitable for little boys, when there is no need to follow the trends.

"Hedgehog" is always in fashion. Neat head does not require care. Especially good in summer in hot weather. Many professions, including firefighters and the military, require short hair.

Boxing and half-box-not less classic haircuts. Do not think that they are suitable only to conservatives. They can be stylish and youth. It all depends on their owners, lifestyle, hair style and structure.

In the Soviet years, the “Canadian” appeared: so they cut Canadian hockey players. Our athletes sought to be like them in everything, including appearance. For a canadian you need to remove hair as much as possible on the temporal and occipital parts of the head, and leave it on the parietal and forehead. After so many years, the Canadian is considered one of the youth men's haircuts in 2015, as in the photo.

A pronounced version of the Canadian - undercut, while the temples are completely shaved. Note: almost all men's haircuts come down to removing hair from the temporal part. And depending on the length of hair on other parts of the head, a variety of haircuts appears. As already noted, this is optional.

For men of serious professions, side parting will do. In the classic version, the hair in opposite directions from the parting, or back combed using styling tools, usually gel.

Try it yourself

Women have no questions about haircuts: she goes to the salon. Men prefer to save even on time. Therefore, they have a question about how to cut their hair at home. Note that not all of the above can be done at home, although it all depends on skills. Hairstyles can be performed without visiting the salon.

To understand how to cut at home, consider the scheme for creating fashionable youth styling 2017.

  1. Wash your hair and comb your hair.
  2. Divide the hair into 6 parts: 2 temporal, 3 occipital and parietal. With each work separately.
  3. Start your haircut from the parietal area. The following strands are equal to the previous one. Stretch perpendicular to the plane of the head, and not at an angle.
  4. Proceed with shortening the temples to the required length.
  5. Make the transitions. It all depends on the desire: whether you want a sharp or smoother transitions.

To get a haircut, you need to have scissors, a straight comb with frequent teeth and a trimming machine.

Using the machine at home you can get a styling very quickly. In addition to it, nothing is required.

Hair styling options

Given that all men are different, the structure of hair, facial features, style and lifestyle - everything is different. Same haircuts on different men look very different. If you wish, you can add variety with styling. This applies to haircuts, where there is something to lay. So, for example, it is not necessary to stack a hedgehog.

Canadian and undercut can be stacked in different ways. Since the essence of haircuts is the same, the packing instructions can be applied to any.

Instructions for creating a youth male hairstyle:

  1. Laying do only on clean hair.
  2. There are 2 options: either to make a volume on the parietal region, or comb the hair back.
  3. In the first case, using a round comb in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head, dry the hair with means for basal volume, as well as with protection against overheating. In the second case, dry the hair with a hair dryer and lay it on the gel, combing it back.
  4. Highlight some strands or tips to create a textured hair effect.
  5. Important! Use styling products in small quantities, otherwise there will be the effect of "dirty" hair.

If a man has time, and the desire to experiment is not, it is better to entrust the head to professionals. The choice of hairdressing and beauty salons is huge. It is easy to find a suitable master not far from home.

Below is a table of the most popular salons for Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg, where you can make fashionable, youth and stylish styling:

Modern tendencies

A man should remain a man, regardless of whether his youth hairstyle is male, as in the photo or normal. When making a hairstyle, remember that it should fit into the lifestyle that a man leads. Even if the haircut requires styling, this should not be noticeable.

In the case of men's youth haircuts, especially for 2017, adolescents may be exceptions. But maximum naturalness and simplicity will always be in fashion.

The peculiarity of young people lies in the fact that the majority of representatives of this age group are looking for any means of self-expression, and most often it occurs through their own image. Clothing, accessories, styling: these details most fully reflect the person, his world view and habits, attitude to life, because "meet on clothes" will never cease. Youth men's haircut - quite an important element, which is selected with no less care than the rest. What is relevant in 2016, and what directions to follow?


Loyalty to the classics

It is difficult to argue with the fact that the classic haircut, clothes, shoes and any other thing will always be outside the fashion trends, and the person choosing the classics will remain "afloat", whatever happens. But in society there is a prejudice that people of an older age category are inclined to classics, because its synonyms are “elegance” and “restraint”, which do not always accompany the youth image.

In fact, this is not quite true - a male haircut of a classical silhouette is attractive primarily for its versatility: it is equally suitable for a business person, and an active athlete, and even for an informal personality.

What does such a haircut mean by itself? Even lines, symmetrical sections (relative to the central parting), the maximum length of the strands is 5 cm., It goes down very gently at the minimum 0.5-1 cm.

Such a male haircut does not imply any particular diversity, therefore the whole difference between the “Canadian”, “Boxing” and “British” women belonging to the classical silhouette is only in the total mass, as well as the method of processing the occipital zone (machine or scissors). Therefore, you can go to the hairdresser without knowing all these names: just mention the classics and clarify what the temporal, parietal and occipital zones should look like.

Such a haircut is pretty much opens face , repeats the shape of the skull and often leaves the temples almost shaved, so be prepared for the fact that absolutely all the advantages and disadvantages of the appearance will be on public display.

Classic looks best on an oval or rectangular face, as well as with regular and sharp features.

If you need to smooth the skull line or level the width / height of the forehead, release the parietal zone more genuinely to create volume on it, and also be able to partially cover the forehead with it.

Asymmetry and bangs

It is worth noting here that bangs in the form in which it is typical of female styling are not found in men's today. An even cut of the thick cloth that completely covers the forehead and gives the image a touching softness will not add to the attractiveness of the stronger sex.

  • If a similar detail is assumed, then men's bangs is always either very implicit created only by lengthening on the parietal zone, which can be easily combed back, as if it was not there, either torn , not thick and having some asymmetry: for example, it can be moved diagonally to the side, partially covering the forehead and eyebrow.
  • Youth bangs can be elongated, especially if they belong to an informal silhouette, as well as highlighted in color: lightened, darkened, or a bright, unnatural spot.

As for asymmetry, it is often intended to divert attention from certain nuances of appearance: both non-standard facial features and its general form.

In particular, with a heavy mandible, stylists recommend balancing the volumes by adding in the upper zone, and with a compact form, vertical and diagonal lines are needed, for which they create the difference between the level of cuts on the left and right.

This also includes hairstyles with shaved temporal and occipital areas, while maintaining a significant length of the parietal area. They are in many ways similar to the Mohawk, but the difference in length is much smaller, as a result of which it is possible to both perform classical styling and create an informal image. Such a haircut is undesirable if the areas that are practically bare, have damage : scars, scars, etc.

Rules for choosing a youth haircut

In fact, all attempts to find out what exactly will become the hairdresser's trend of the next season, make no sense if this very trend does not harmonize with a certain type of person. No matter how fashionable the bouffant is, but if the face is already stretched, it is not worth reinforcing this nuance with the creation of the notorious bouffant. Therefore, choosing a male haircut, you need to pay attention to 2 fundamental criteria.

  • Hair structure . Holders of elastic curls are recommended very short haircuts, in which the effect of "dandelion" disappears. However, if the curls are clear, no one bothers to make a shortened bean - this is almost an Italian classic.With a strong density it is better not to grow hair, but in the absence of it, the filing and volume in the area of ​​the crown is obligatory.
  • Lifestyle . For a man, this factor is one of the most important factors, since it is directly connected not only with the creation of a certain image, but also with the procedure for grooming. Athletes better choose very short options that do not require a daily complex ritual of shampooing and styling. Four of a kind, asymmetry with a long bang and similar ideas imply constant monitoring of their condition.

Face type - This is a controversial moment, due to the fact that not all specialists are unanimous for bringing a male face to an oval: someone, on the contrary, believes that it is necessary to eliminate disharmony only with holders of a round face, and all sharp lines should be left unchanged.

In conclusion, I would like to note that a male haircut, regardless of the age and style of its owner, must first be careful: tidiness and grooming will always be above any buzzword, and if “relevance” is added to them, we can assume that perfect.

A well-chosen hairstyle can ennoble any young man. Stylish styling always attracts the eyes of girls. After all, this means that the guy is watching the newfangled trends.

Trendy youth hairstyles for guys 2016

Regarding the hairstyles fashion for young men is changing rapidly and almost not inferior to girls. The styling for a short haircut is very relevant for 2016. Mini hairstyles are preferred by the largest number of guys. This choice is associated with simplicity, a minimum of effort, time and convenience. But sports and business options will undoubtedly add courage to each young man.

For elongated hairstyles guys are wary. Not everyone's hair allows, such styling seems frivolous to someone, and it requires more care, and there is not enough time at all. But the options for models of medium length quite a lot. This is a constant retro, classic, youth eccentricity, and even romance.

Long hair - a rarity among guys, which is associated with common prejudices. And the trends of 2016 support this attitude. The main choice is made in favor of mini and medium haircuts.

Options for short-haired young men

Classic hairstyle in business style, complemented by a bang - a great option for motivated guys. It requires minimal time and money. The highlight of styling becomes bangs to the side. Hairstyle gives masculinity and restraint, looks very neat.

For creative guys a great option is a long bang. There are different ways of laying it: naturally falling, slightly ruffled (using styling tools) or fixed to the side or back. This hairstyle is suitable for all sorts of activities that are often attended by creative young men.

Hairstyle men from Hollywood 50s. This is a short haircut in combination with a long, fixed back bangs. The style of Elvis Presley, whose lush head of hair was laid in the cook. Creative variations of this image are relevant in 2016. Instead of bangs, they can use all the hair hanging over their forehead. Cock can be formed from chaotic strands or precisely laid.

Instead, Coca also use standing bangs, combed up by special means.

An asymmetrical hairstyle with a smooth bang falling on one eye is considered relevant. Alternatively, oblique short bangs are used. A good choice of such hairstyle for thin guys, as well as owners of an elongated or oval face. The image is filled with drama. It is important to observe the accuracy of the lines in such a hairstyle.

Glamorous guys fit classic bean to the ears. It gives charm. Well this hairstyle is suitable for owners of thick hair.

Thick, hanging bangs are fashionable, although they are not always comfortable to wear. More acceptable is the option to the level of the eyes or to the middle of the forehead. The basis of this hairstyle can be a bob haircut.

For sports guys hairstyle can be modified. The most convenient way is to choose a short haircut, but it should be of high quality. Guys who adhere to the sports style, it is good to choose a hairstyle that gives restraint, romanticism and is distinguished by accuracy.

The image of "courageous dandy" can be obtained by placing each strand with precision. Ideal for managers and guys who keep their lives under control. The image of a dandy usually gives the impression of elegance.

Hollywood version of hairstyles for boys will suit owners of thick hair. Such models are fashionable and stylish. Short hair is complemented by an elongated bang and fixed by special means.

And for holders of bald patches super-short haircuts that do not require additional care are well suited. But it will have to adjust often. This option is often chosen by the stars.

Extra long models for guys

Classic hairstyle is based on the length just below the chin. It is best to choose a guy with a broad face. Visually, it will seem longer. This hairstyle makes the face neater, reducing its features.

This hairstyle looks good with a business suit and a club clothing option. Therefore, you can visit any places and events with it.

It is important to remember that the elongated version is suitable only for thick hair or curly, which itself creates the desired volume.In 2015, there were no significant changes in the elongated hairstyle, but new trends in coloring appeared. The basic colors are natural shades, the effect of burnt strands, as well as chocolate and dark honey.
Actual and fashionable image - curly medium hair, disheveled and folded a little carelessly. This hairstyle gives confidence and sportiness.

Long hairstyle, complemented by a bang, is perfect for creative guys, but for the office it may look ridiculous.

A good option for lovers of nightlife, clubs and all the glam.
Hairstyle requires significant care, a variety of styling products and even alignment. It is worth remembering this, choosing this option.

Guys with thin hair, eager to get the maximum possible volume, it is worth trying a graduated hairstyle of medium length. She suggests the possibility of many ways of laying.

Graduated hairstyle suggests the average length of the hair behind, different - on the sides, bangs to the middle of the forehead. Laying last, it is worth leaving it to hang down or fix sideways. The advantage of this hairstyle is the possibility of its correction during the day.
A very short bang will be a stylish option. This will make a more sporty, open image.

The combination of masculinity and elegance - a stylish image for the owner of medium hair. This is a fairly simple hairstyle, shortened from the side. Laying can be done by combing the hair back or on the part.
If the guy has thick hair, then fit a haircut with an elongated bang. Additional volume can be added using styling products. This hairstyle is universal. It is equally well suited to businessmen, and athletes, and creative guys.

Men's curls and waving

For guys with wavy or curly hair is perfect fashionable version of the hair, based on a short haircut with a long bangs. This option is not only convenient, but also easy to maintain, requires a small amount of time for maintenance.

With the help of curling thin on the nature of the hair will be a lush mop of curls. Do it on "boomerangs" or medium bobbins. The finished curls are shaped into a hairstyle. The actual option is accurate styling, in compliance with clear forms. These are diamond-shaped, ball hairstyles.

Fashionable in 2016 and classic perm. It is made using ordinary hair curlers on medium length. Curls are obtained air and light.

Punk hairstyle

This option is suitable for guys who do not depend on the opinions of others. The features of these options are shaved temples, bulk strands that fall on the face of a narrow band. An aggressive mohawk is being replaced by waves.

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