Torn haircut for short hair: how to find out what suits you?

Ragged hair cut on medium hair looks amazing. Many women look for their style for a long time, some pay attention to the erratic styling.

Choosing torn options you need to remember that they are not suitable for everyone. You can look attractive only with a well-chosen hairstyle. In this case, a woman can feel feminine and extremely beautiful.

The popularity of this haircut lies in its individuality. For each person, it will look completely different. This model is a torn tips that are created by thinning scissors.

In order to look attractive, you need to know who this haircut is not recommended. Experts advise not to choose a model for girls with thin, wavy curls. This hairstyle looks the most advantageous on thick, soft and lush hair.

In addition, torn strands are an excellent choice for chubby girls, so it is possible to lengthen a face and hide some flaws in appearance.

Torn haircut for medium hair: photo

Many women visit the hair salon in the hope of becoming more attractive. Only an experienced specialist will help you choose the perfect hairstyle, make the image extraordinarily beautiful. Torn strands are quite popular, they can be used to emphasize facial features.

  1. Cascade - a great option for girls with an average length of curls. The technique is characterized as cutting the strands with steps around the entire circumference of the head. In addition, there are options under which only work with the strands of the face. With the help of the cascade you can attract the attention of others and to be more confident in their own abilities.
  2. Ladder - another option that can be done to owners of medium length strands. This haircut is universal, a woman of any age will look perfect. It allows you to look younger than her years.

Along the edges of the hair remain graduated. In order to emphasize individuality, experts suggest performing coloring. Such contrasts allow you to stand out in the crowd, to focus on hairstyle.

The haircut has some drawback, it requires proper care. To hairstyle does not lose its attractiveness, it should often be adjusted. If you do not visit a specialist in a timely manner, the curls will begin to push, their appearance will be untidy. Only a professional, using special equipment, will be able to take care of the tips, thanks to which the hairstyle will again become chic.

Torn haircut for medium hair with bangs: photo

Ragged haircuts again at the peak of popularity, the main characteristic of the models is boldness, negligence. Such options are chosen by girls who want to stand out in the crowd, show their individuality. Hairstyles are multi-level models. Disorder and chaos characterize these styling.

In order to look amazing, you need to choose the right makeup and outfit. So it will create an ideal image and be in the center of attention.

There are a lot of variants of torn haircuts, they can be made in the style of a cascade, patches, asymmetry, with a shaved temple. Each of the techniques deserves special attention.

To make the image irresistible, it is desirable to turn to a specialist, he will help you choose a hairstyle in accordance with the shape of the face.

Bangs are the main decoration of hair, torn haircuts also can not be without it. Experts offer several models for girls who prefer bangs.

Kare - a unique model, is considered the basis for the creation of complex hairstyles. Four of a kind can be presented with both straight and oblique bangs. For a long time, this model is popular, torn curls give additional volume.

Experts recommend to pay attention to the caret with an elongated bang, the strands of which gradually turn into curls on one side. This allows you to maintain the integrity of the image, making it incredibly feminine.

Aurora - the model is performed according to the cascade technique; with such a hairstyle, a woman will be able to feel weak and tender. Torn ends make hair voluminous, it is easy to style, do not have to often visit the hairdresser. This hairstyle is suitable for owners of rare hair, for straight and wavy hair.

Torn haircut

Preferring a ragged haircut on medium hair with bangs, girls should be prepared for what will have to do styling. The process is not complicated, however, requires a certain approach. Even independently you can cope with the styling, and at the same time remain feminine and attractive.

For styling you need the following tools:

  • styling products
  • hair dryer
  • round comb,
  • hair spray,
  • modeling gel
  • iron,
  • clamp that
  • crest.

  1. Wash hair, lightly dry it. Apply the styling agent to the curls, distribute it.
  2. Using the comb to comb the curls.
  3. Dry the head, take a round comb, you can start laying.
  4. Comb to raise the strands at the root, drying hair dryer. Spin the tips inward.
  5. Strand lock clip, bang left.
  6. You can do bangs, it needs to be combed, fixed with lacquer, flatten.
  7. You should also handle the side parts, crown, nape.
  8. Take the wax, rub it in the hands, put on the styling, the strands must be lifted. Wax out the individual strands, varnish sprinkle the entire hairstyle.

Ragged haircut looks amazing, girls can choose different options, feel free to experiment with different models. An experienced professional will help you choose the best option, making the image charming and irresistible.

Such haircuts attract attention from the opposite sex, arouse admiration in women. Choosing this model will be able to stand out in the crowd, while remaining attractive. Ragged haircut makes a woman young, feminine, self-confident. This allows you to move forward and reach incredible heights.

Fashionable torn haircuts for medium hair: photos

What is a torn haircut

In the capricious and changeable world of fashion, a short haircut with torn strands has firmly taken its position. This trend is unique in that suitable for women of different ages and will be perfectly combined with any style (see photo).

Ragged hairstyle differs milled, deliberately "uneven" strands of different lengths, which are placed in different directions. Most effectively, this haircut looks on short hair, because here you can endlessly experiment with the length of the strands, cut them at different angles, style and put your hair in new ways.

This hairstyle is created with the help of filleting or cutting the strands at right angles. This requires professional skill and sometimes special tools (for example, thinning scissors).

The advantages of ragged haircuts

You can not decide on such a bold hairstyle? But after all, compared with the usual short haircut, it has many advantages. Pluses hairstyles with torn strands:

  • she will help you look younger, as in this photo: after all, such a haircut has a youth and stylish reputation, which means that the woman who chooses her is young at heart and full of energy,
  • she allows experiment with styling: you can put the strands in different directions with a gel or wax, you can smoothly lay it for more formal occasions, comb it back or make some strands fall on your forehead - there is room for imagination!
  • such a hairstyle will help to correct the shape of the faceFor example, hide full cheeks or visually reduce a heavy lower jaw.

Fashionable ragged haircuts for 2018-2019: trends, features, trendy options for ragged haircuts

We note immediately that ragged haircuts with this extraordinary effect are created with the help of a standard hairdressing kit, and in particular a razor and thinning scissors.

Taking into account the special wishes of the client, the master is ready to perform torn haircuts for short strands, create torn haircuts for medium curls, and also make long hair more spectacular due to the graduated technology.

In order for torn haircuts to look even cooler, the master will certainly advise you to try fashionable dyeing, playful coloring and refreshing your hair in different techniques, than the effect of torn strands will be even more noticeable.

In addition, I am glad that ragged haircuts are very easy to style due to the peculiarities of the strands, multi-layered and stepped cropping, sharp and smooth transitions, original variations of the bangs and overall length.

Ragged haircuts are good and the fact that they can give your hair a feminine light negligence, visually make your hair more voluminous.

Fashionable torn haircuts for short hair 2018-2019 - photo ideas

Long hair is awesome, but what amazing ragged haircuts you can try if you have short hair.

Wonderful short ragged haircuts can be created using the technique of bob, bob, pixie, pick up ragged haircuts for short strands with expressive asymmetric gradation.

The novelties of torn haircuts for 2018-2019 for short hair model stylish images, offering women geometric, sharp and asymmetrical cuts, various variations of bangs, torn haircuts with ruffled short strands on the back of the head.

Fortunately, torn haircuts are wonderfully suitable for ladies with different types of length, color and thickness of hair.

Thick curls torn haircuts will make more docile, and on the contrary, rare hair will give special playfulness and charm.

Also, the graded ripped haircuts of 2018-2019, where, for example, a short ragged square is complemented by elongated strands, have become a trendy version today, which looks very unusual and intriguing.

Fashionable torn haircuts for 2018-2019 for medium hair - photo ideas

The most acceptable option for female hair is medium length, which is why torn haircuts are not inferior in popularity to short.

Ragged haircuts for medium hair will suit both girls with straight hair, and for owners of curly and wavy hair, for whom a good ragged haircut is a salvation in the fight against unruly strands.

Fashionable torn haircuts for medium hair can be presented most vividly, calling the option bob and bob cut, graduated bob, torn haircuts in grunge style, asymmetrical variations with torn effect.

Creating torn haircuts for medium hair bob and square, the masters strive to achieve the illusion of a cute easy mess on the hair or an impressive scandalous chaos.

Frequently, average ragged haircuts are also based on ladder technique, complementing it with graduated strands along the edges.

It is characteristic that it is often fashionable ragged haircuts 2018-2019 for medium and short length very often prefer foreign stars of show business and film industry, for whom the choice of hairstyle is a display of originality, style and unique inner world.

Experiments with bangs and torn strands, sharp graduated and asymmetrical transitions are also welcome on the average hair length.

Remember, torn haircuts for medium hair necessarily require updating, as, in principle, others, because if you don’t refresh your haircut, you risk looking ridiculous, and your hair will be desired.

Fashionable torn haircuts for 2018-2019: long curls and possible options - photo ideas

It would seem, and what else can come up with a great length? It is better to put them in a hairdress, having forgotten about problems with a question how to get a haircut.

But professionals, of course, even manage on long curls to embody torn haircuts 2018-2019, offering women a ragged cascade, ragged haircut with asymmetry on long curls, as well as hairstyles like Aurora and Rhapsody.

If you want a less dramatic change, try ragged haircuts with oblique bangs, leaving the main body in the classic ladder, experimenting only with long or short bangs.

Want a creative, then combine torn haircuts with shaved parts, try a patchwork technique, a triangular bang, etc.

We selected the best torn haircuts for 2018-2019 in a special review of new products.

Choose a new haircut, without fear of doing something new and unexpected on your hair.

Ripped haircuts 2018-2019: photos, examples, best options

Having the desired hairstyle, add sharpness to your torn locks, fixing them with styling tools.

Note that the analyzed hairstyles, if they are performed according to all the canons of technology, will be very practical in the care and styling, because you just need to thoroughly wash and dry your hair, getting stunning styling.

Who is fit torn haircuts?

Ragged haircuts are certainly suitable for any length of hair and all owners of slightly curly and straight hair. This type of haircuts will give thin hair a volume, and thick or curly will help lighten mass and combing.

Ragged haircuts will help visually stretch a long face, with the help of framing strands to hide wide cheekbones. And randomly falling hair softens the features of a square face.

Options for ragged haircuts

Torn haircut for long hair helps to refresh the tips and keep the length, besides does not require frequent correction from the master. For curly hair, such a haircut will greatly simplify styling and highlight their beauty.

Ragged haircut on medium hair creates a flirtatious image and gives volume to even the thinnest and rarest hair. With the help of strands framing the face and any suitable bangs, you can adjust its shape.

Ragged haircut for short hair looks very sporty and creative. Torn strands create the impression of slight negligence, which is in fashion, and with the help of oblique ragged bangs, you can smooth out some of the facial features.

Torn haircut is combined with any type of bangs, it is only important that the bang is in harmony with the haircut and fit the type of person. It is best to use oblique ragged bangs.

Who is fashionable negligence?

Its various variations will suit everyone, if you choose the right hairstyle for the face shape, hair structure and social status:

  • for girls with a round face, haircut will visually make the face more elongated and graceful. Short haircuts are chosen more carefully,
  • too narrow features, on the contrary, can be visually made wider with the help of scattering strands,
  • wide forehead will beat the shaped bangs,
  • lucky also bearers of thick thick hair, but girls with thin strands, taking a couple of extra minutes of styling a tattered haircut, will be able to achieve a basal volume and a visually voluminous hairstyle,
  • It combines well the carelessness of tattered curls with the grunge and street style. If the work requires a more rigorous style - it is enough to cut a little more time for styling, and even the assembled working image will be supplemented with a fresh element of natural strands.

Who does not fit ragged haircuts

  • owners of curly hair will face difficulties, because without constant care and styling, the hairstyle turns from slight negligence into a mess on the head,
  • if the hair is naughty - there are problems with styling. Special hairdressing products for hair will come to the rescue,
  • Certain variants of ragged female haircuts may look too defiant with both short strands and on medium hair.This fact should be taken into account if the work involves a strict dress code,
  • Some haircuts require styling, so for girls who do not have extra minutes in the morning, this style will not work either.

Execution options with a bang and without

Most of the options suggest the presence of bangs, since the image framed with it will be complete and complete. As already mentioned, a ragged haircut with bangs will suit girls who are embarrassed by a wide forehead. If you still don’t want to care for the bangs, you can get by with torn elongated locks at the ends of the hair.

On short hair

  • short torn square Perfect for girls with naturally straight hair. Slightly curly strands also will not be a reason for abandoning a ragged square, but curly curls will not allow such a hairstyle to look harmoniously on your head, if you do not devote time and effort to a dense styling.
    Kare looks great with bangs in the style of asymmetry, a special charm gives oblique parting. When choosing a haircut, preference is not given to an even cut on the bangs. It is better to make it torn, otherwise the face will become too rigid.
    The most relevant variation of this year is a combination of smooth and graded strands. It will look impressive on the back of your head,
  • haircut “bob”.Favorite version of the French stylists, able to successfully refresh the image of long strands in front and very short bristles on the back of the head. Suitable for girls with any face shape.
    The basis of the haircut is the usual “Bob”, which is improved with the help of the shaping scissors, sometimes using ordinary razor blades. There are options with the usual “Bob”, and with a shortened back,
  • cascade with ragged tips. What girls need with thin and weak curls. A special technique of creating a ragged cascade allows you to give a light volume to your hair: step transitions are created between torn curls.

Haircut and owners curls, but with unruly hair should prefer a different style of haircut.

Special volume ragged haircut

Virtually all variants of ragged haircuts for short hair promise volume at the roots and a slight elevation around the perimeter of the hairstyle. This is a great option for those suffering from a lack of basal pomp.

Even greater volume is done before the release with the help of a pile and with the addition of special tools.

Beautiful torn haircuts for medium length hair

  • grunge style haircut. The style itself involves sexual negligence and a vivid image. Hairstyles of this category win a huge number of variations: laying on the side, French tail, volumetric chic.
    Haircuts differ in different lengths of curls, profiled tips and styling.
    Laying to the side implies imitation of a shaved temple with the help of braided braids on the temple. The French tail is distinguished by a large basal volume, made using a double “inner” tail. Volumetric chic speaks for itself: the hair roots are raised with a fleece, lacquer or invisible hair.
    Another option grunge ragged haircut and styling - pigtail on one side. Thanks to the profiled tips, it turns out deliberately careless, but not sloppy.
    The grunge style is suitable for girls of non-strict professions, where slight carelessness is allowed. As for the face, there are a lot of variants in the style, which successfully play around the features of both narrow and elongated, and rounded and small forms,
  • square with straight or oblique bangs. When cutting for medium hair, it is better to focus on torn bangs. The oblique option is suitable for girls who want to visually narrow and lengthen the face, but the straight one is suitable for owners of an elongated face, or a wide forehead.
  • haircut "Aurora". She is a haircut “Italian”. Now “Aurora” acquires new fresh variations, which are achieved with the help of professional equipment and tools, various styling tools and the skills of a hairdresser. As in the 80s, the main feature of the haircut is the rounded volume of hair due to the “cap” on the head. It is done using a multi-level haircut and torn tips on the strands.
    There is “Aurora” for almost all girls, but it will obviously give an unnecessary breadth to apparently round and full faces. The structure of the hair is also not so important, but is best suited to those whose hair is either straight or slightly curled.
    The haircut itself is considered difficult to be performed, so you should trust the hair to a proven professional,
  • ragged cascade on medium hair. In another way - the “ladder”. The hairstyle is universal and will approach both at curling ringlets, and at direct. Successfully, the hairstyle will look on girls with puffy cheeks and prominent cheekbones, since medium-sized strands remove excess fat and emphasize the outstanding features. Curls of different lengths lying on each other make the image light and romantic. The upper strands of haircut chaotically and unevenly, and symmetry is observed to the bottom. The form itself allows you to experiment with bangs, and the method of execution gives the hair a good amount. In its variations, graded, ragged and double cascades.
    Hair requires professional performance. Also, over time, the structure of the hair becomes worse, without proper care for the curls, broken ends will be visible,
  • asymmetrical torn haircut. Torn haircuts for medium hair in asymmetrical style are different, one of the most successful - "Wolf", which received its name for the free style. This option differs from the “cascade” by a “ladder” at the back, on the back of the head, while the front curls are cut short. Oblique bangs will add charm to the hairstyle, and the haircut itself, as noted by hairdressers, is suitable for almost all face types due to unusual cuts of the ends. Slightly curly hair wins most here, since the haircut itself implies a visually “wet” look. This is also the asymmetrical “Bob”, only for medium-length hair. On straight hair, the haircut will look futuristic, and owners of wavy hair will become more feminine due to easy boyish negligence, like celebrities Emma Stone and Taylor Swift.

Haircuts with torn ends on long hair

  • torn “Rhapsody”. On long hair, such a haircut wins the absence of "gravity" at the ends of the hair. Asymmetrical, straight or triangular bangs are made in several layers. Even thin hair will become fluffy due to giving volume at the crown. Hairstyle looks good on girls and women with curvaceous forms, and age does not matter.
  • ragged cascade for thin hair.According to stylists, such a choice helps to maintain harmony in the length and pomp of the haircut. A competently trained barber knows how to cut curls so that even thin strands appear visually more voluminous.
    The haircut itself is done with a torn bang, straight, or without it, it all depends on the shape of the face. When a round is to give preference to asymmetric and oblique bangs, making the head visually narrower and longer, and for girls with an elongated face, on the contrary, fit straight bangs.
  • haircut "Ladder". An option for those who do not like bangs. The haircut itself is neutral, but elegant, and successfully combined with different types of images. A “Ladder” is created by a multi-level haircut along the perimeter of the head, sometimes only the front strands near the face are corrected. A special feature is the different length of the tips and noticeable transitions. In the variant with elongated bangs, the shortest strands of the face remain at the level of the earlobes.

How to create a torn haircut: technique and nuances

Even without the qualification of a hairdresser and special skills, you can make an uncomplicated torn haircut. On medium hair, the effort will go the least; you need to be able to handle a little bit of scissors.

The execution technique is as follows:

  1. The hair is washed and slightly dried, or simply wetted from a spray bottle. After the strand is combed along the entire length with a comb with a wide arrangement of bristles.
  2. Then the hair is collected in a high tail without “bumps” and folds.

Ragged haircuts can be easily performed by yourself, subject to the technology

  • The tail is removed to the ends of the hair so that about 5 cm from the ends are left. The length left depends on the desire to make a more or less noticeable ragged cascade.
  • The tip of the tail is trimmed with sharp scissors, after which it should be slightly shaken. If desired, the strands are made out by shaping scissors.
  • To get the effect of torn tips, instead of scissors, you can immediately use a razor or blade, so that each cut is uneven.

    The curls themselves eventually fall on each other in steps, framing the strands of the face around the edges.

    How to make a haircut even more extraordinary and bold?

    You can add an image in the following ways:

    • bright hair color or individual strands. A distinctive and original feature will be individual brightly painted locks or a full-fledged hair color. Both natural shades of red and red, as well as variants with unnatural colors are used. For less extravagant girls there are options for highlighting and coloring,
    • boring and pigtails. Romantic emphasis on the hair is done with the help of strands tied with threads with all sorts of beads and beads, or a simplified version in the form of one or a pair of thin braids. This will make the image close to the “hippie” culture, and if used rationally, hair elements will become a playful addition to
    • impudent element will be shaved temple or the back of the head. Such a bold step will help the owners of thick and heavy hair to ease the sock of a new haircut. Hair gathered in a ponytail or bun will look different, revealing a short stubble, which can be complemented with a shaved pattern.

    How beautifully laid

    In many ways, win torn women's haircuts: what is short, that the hair on medium hair often does not require much time for styling.

    But the advice of hairdressers for various on the structure of the hair still present:

    • haircut on straight hair is complemented with pointed tips. To do this, hair gel or wax is applied to the ends with your fingers, as if gluing them,
    • Curly and naughty hairs are stacked depending on the situation: twist strands twisting, curled - straighten with an iron or curling,
    • too thin hair is supplemented when styled at the roots: a foam is applied to the place where hair starts to grow and dried with a hair dryer, or the fluffiness is edited with hairspray and a round comb. Some costing pile at the roots without additional funds.

    Tips for caring for tattered haircuts

    Even with a well-made technique of tattered haircuts, you should follow the recommendations of stylists. Female hair can be disobedient, often with medium length.

    Hairdressers recommend the following points:

    • excessive grubbyness can be removed with wax for the tips of the hair, ironing, mousse or varnish,
    • the image should be corrected once every 2 months, with abundant hair growth - 2 or 3 per month,
    • you should not dwell on the one you like, there are variations, for example, with bang combing,
    • torn ends imply electrification when woolen clothes are worn; special means will save this.

    To look stylish and fashionable, you should experiment. Ripped haircuts are a great option for a quick change of image. In addition to the abundant variety of variations, you can explore your own ways of styling and choose the most suitable hairstyle.

    Video about torn haircuts

    Technique of graded haircut with ragged contours:

    Fashionable in 2018 torn haircuts:

    Technique ragged haircut

    The correctness of the technique of tattered haircut in practice depends on the professionalism and skill of the hairdresser. This is a rather complicated haircut, which is based on two main techniques:

    • cutting the hair at a right angle, which makes it possible to give the torn strands a distinct expression,
    • filing - artificial thinning of the thickness with the help of special scissors.

    In this case, the basis for women's ragged haircut can be different classic forms - square, bob or cascade. In the course of work, the master forms individual strands using both scissors and a razor. Hair get a "ragged" effect, look more volumetric, easy and impressive.

    The technique of torn haircut implies both conventional, traditional techniques - hair filing and a sliding cut, and modern techniques - a cut at right angles to strands of different levels and incompatibility of horizontal lines of a blunt cut.

    Ragged haircut for short hair

    It is the short hair length most suitable for experiments in the technique of torn haircuts and the realization of even the most daring and creative fantasies of hairdressers-stylists. Torn haircut for short hair is particularly voluminous, asymmetric and, importantly, practical. After all, for styling hair of short length requires a minimum of time and effort.

    Options for torn haircuts for short hair are recommended to choose, taking into account the contours of the face:

    • The square and round face features are perfectly softened by strict geometric lines, the game of contrasts (the best base for this option will be a bob),
    • facial features of an oblong, elongated shape will get perfect harmony due to the asymmetry of the hair, with an emphasis on bangs.

    It should be noted that there are several options for ragged haircuts for short hair: ragged square, bob or ragged bangs. On short hair, a haircut with torn strands can take on the most diverse, stylish and extraordinary images.

    Ragged haircut for long hair

    For owners of long hair, such a haircut makes it possible to make fresh and original changes in their appearance. Ragged haircut for long hair is best obtained on soft and straight hair. But for thin, weakened hair, you should also not exclude variants of the technique of torn haircuts.

    In the case of hair longer than the shoulders, the scheme of a ragged haircut is as follows - the master initially draws up a cascade, selects the most optimal depth of the steps and cuts them at a right angle. The crown part can also be of different lengths - from the “prickly” hedgehog to the strands at the level of the chin.

    Modern hairdressers-stylists recommend maximum preserve the natural color for long hair with torn haircuts. It is better to give preference to natural shades, and in the case of the arrangement of soft accents, it is better to resort to highlighting individual strands and abandon coloring.

    Torn haircut for long hair can be done in several ways:

    • Cascade model - allows you to achieve the perfect balance of length and volume of hair, as well as get rid of the weakened ends of the hair,
    • Ladder - one of the classic options for long hair. Always up to date and universal.

    Ripped haircut with bangs

    Having chosen a female ragged haircut, you should definitely consider the whole integrity of the image, an important element of which is the bang. It bangs can be a predictable continuation of the haircut, or a bright and memorable accent. Experienced masters determine the type of bangs, depending on the type of person:

    • The triangular face is rounded, long fringe,
    • Square and oval face is better to frame oblique bangs,
    • Long face - bang - rvanka.

    Bangs must fully fit into the created style and make the look even more attractive. Ragged haircut without bangs can naturally be combined with perfect ovals of the face and long hair.

    How to make a haircut even more extraordinary and bold?

    If desired, in any torn haircut, you can make a peculiar notes of exclusive and creativity.To do this, there are several tools - these are the most varied variations with coloring and clear contrasting by shaving out additional areas. But this option is exclusively for those women who are not afraid of experiments and close, studying attention from outside.

    In the course of dyeing, you can use the most "flashy" and bold shades: selectively toned strands of yellow, green, blue, crimson or lilac paint. Also a combination of several colors at the same time or shades smoothly moving into each other is permissible.

    Radically changing the general idea of ​​the classic ragged haircuts will help shaving of separate areas of the head, which will add sharp contrasts with long ragged strands. Even more chaos in the hair can make elongated at the top of the strand, which are "sloppy" scattered in different directions.

    Ripped haircut by face type

    Despite the versatility, ragged haircut should be chosen under the type of person. This will help you master the beauty salon. Here are some basic tips:

      • For a round face A long slanting bang will fit, which visually lengthens its oval, as well as the set short strands on the top of the head, they will help visually stretch the face.

    • If a face narrow and elongated, you need a volume haircut with the effect of "ravage", preferably with a bang, which covers the forehead.
    • If you have full face, cover the cheeks will help milled strands, descending on the cheekbones.
    • Square face balance the oblique bangs up to the chin or at least the middle of the cheek, as in this photo:

    It should not be forgotten that even faces of the same form look different. For example, those who have a big nose are advised to make a voluminous bang of any shape so that the impressive nose does not catch the eye. For girls with a heavy lower jaw, volume bangs will also help, but rather not straight, but slightly sloping and framing the forehead on both sides.

    If you have a small face with regular features, do not be afraid to wear a face-opening haircut with short ragged strands at the crown.

    Ripped haircuts for short hair with bangs

    Bang is a great addition to a ragged haircut.. It can be short and straight, to the middle of the forehead (the so-called “French bang”), long and oblique (see photo), reaching to the chin or to the middle of the face.

    An interesting option is staining bangs or individual strands in it. You can choose both traditional and bright unusual color that goes well with torn strands.

    Who is not suitable

    And yet this hairstyle is not suitable for those who has curly hair. Curls will hide thin filigree and beautifully cut locks, they will be difficult to put, so it is better to stay on another version.

    Also if you have thin and sparse hair, it is undesirable to make a complex haircut. However, here you will gain styling products, hair dryer and a round comb. You yourself can practice and learn how to give hair volume.

    Styling tips

    Much more organic will look like artistic chaos on your head, like almost all photos.

    Use a styling gel if you need stiff protruding strands.

    To give the volume fit mousse and varnish. To highlight the sharp tips of the strands, use hair wax.

    If your hair is thick and difficult to lay, a modern invention is suitable for you - clay for hair. If the hair is thin and easy to "lay down", get powder for hair, it does not weigh down and adds volume.

    Look at the transformation that takes place with a dark and long-haired girl in the hands of an experienced hairdresser:

    Laying strands is best with a hair dryer and a round brush for hair. If the hair is slightly wavy, straighten it with a styler.

    More about haircuts for short hair can be read:

    Torn haircut will not hold all day without at least a thin layer of varnish. Fix the result, and you do not have to correct hair during the day.

    All about ragged haircut

    Despite all its boldness and extravagance, torn haircut is considered the standard of beauty and femininity. Here is such a controversial haircut and won the hearts of many women.

    A torn haircut is called “torn” because of the uneven strands that create it. This haircut is very similar to the cascade, but differs in large volume and pomp of hairstyle.

    It is worth noting that a ragged haircut came into the fashion world for a long time, but only now has gained due attention. Perhaps this is due to the fact that modern women are more open to experimenting on their appearance.

    A torn haircut is often confused with asymmetrical and cascading haircuts. Yes, they are really similar. But do not ignore their differences. The most striking distinctive feature of a ragged haircut is its uneven bevels and corners, strands of different lengths and torn fluffy tips (created with the help of strong thinning).

    To learn about the other distinctive features of a ragged haircut, let's learn a little more about its characteristics.

    Features torn haircuts

    • Torn hair ends
    • Strands of completely different length,
    • Pomp hair,
    • Making a ragged haircut from any other
    • Lie down on absolutely any hair,
    • Fits all facial features,
    • This haircut is universal, because it will give your image both boldness and femininity,
    • A great solution for weak hair,
    • Will spare you from split ends,
    • Torn haircut can be done on any length of hair.

    How to create a torn haircut?

    To begin with, the basis of any other hairstyle is chosen, from which we will create a torn haircut. Most often, such a haircut is done on an already finished bob, bob or cascade. A special feature of a torn haircut is considered to be its creation, because it can be made from any hairstyle and hair.

    Next, make neat slices at right angles and mills. Then create the effect of torn hair ends. It is the thinning that gives the tips of the hair a slightly untidy, ragged look. But in fact it is a very fashionable effect!

    Torn haircut for different hair lengths:

    1. Ragged haircut for short hair.The most popular option. Such a haircut, of course, will throw you a couple of years and visually rejuvenate.

    Such a model is created from an already finished bob, bob haircut or cascade. What is convenient, it is very convenient to take care of a ragged haircut on short hair, because it does not require any special expenses for itself. Yes, and styling in most cases is not needed.

    Of the minuses of this style, you can select only a frequent trip to the hairdresser to update the haircut, since within a couple of weeks your hair will grow back.

    1. Torn haircut for medium hair. A stylish option for those who are not afraid of innovations and experiments in their appearance. This option will look especially feminine and sophisticated, at the same time, while maintaining its bold flavor.

    The main plus of such a haircut is versatility. Average hair length will allow you to resort to the correct styling. So you can play with your images even every day! Today you are bold and sexy, and tomorrow you are feminine and sophisticated.

    1. Ragged haircut for long hair. Most often, a torn haircut for long hair is done to create an additional volume of hair. The higher the ragged strands begin, the more spacious your hairstyle will look. To heighten the volume of the cascade start right from the top and down along the entire length.

    It is worth noting that this is a favorite version of the cutting rock singer Courtney Love. It was a ragged haircut on long hair that created her unique hooligan image on the stage. Modern rock divas and actress Taylor Momsen also followed in her footsteps.

    What is remarkable, despite the length of the hair, you can not put a torn haircut at all, so it will be its own disheveled and not even careful to give you a special daring charm.

    Ripped haircut with and without bangs

    In a torn bangs bang does not matter. You can choose the option, as with bangs, and without. The main feature of a ragged haircut will always be the uneven length of its strands and torn hair ends with a light down. Therefore, if you still choose a bang for your image, then you can also experiment with it. For example, make it also torn or oblique.

    For those who are not particularly fond of bangs, there is the option of either a completely shortened torn bang at an angle, or, in principle, its absence.

    Who is torn haircut?

    Torn haircut will fall well on all types of hair. However, it is important to remember that it will give them pomp. Therefore, people with curly hair should be more careful, as they already have very voluminous hair.

    This haircut is suitable for all types of people. Particularly advantageous, it will fall on the ladies with a rounded face and with soft features. In this case, torn haircut will give clarity and rigidity to your face, and highlight your features with the most pleasant side.

    What celebrities have chosen a ragged haircut?

    Such celebrities as Scarlett Johansson, Milla Jovovich, Taylor Swift and Charlize Terron used a torn haircut in their images.

    As for the eminent actress Charlize Terron, she once had to shave her head well for the role in the movie “Mad Max”. Over time, the industry’s hair again, but Charlize has already chosen her favorite version of a torn haircut for short hair, and has not parted with it for several years.

    Actress Jennifer Lawrence also shortened her hair for the desired role. And in order to remain just as stylish and bright, she tried on a torn haircut that was new to her image, and was pleased.

    Who should not do a ragged haircut

    This option is more suitable hairstyle girls hooligans active in life.

    This haircut is perfect for lovers of extreme sports. If you have curly hair, or they are too thin, you should not experiment with this option of haircuts, because it is possible that on the contrary you ruin your image. Most harmoniously, this version of the haircut will look on thick hair, you should also pay attention to that nuance. That hair must be "obedient." This is a long-term opportunity to keep styling, because styling is the main “weapon” of this swift.
    The ideal length for performing a ragged haircut is exactly the average length.

    If you come to a professional so that he performs a torn haircut in such a way that you have less hassle with her, then you are mistaken in choosing a haircut. Ragged haircut implies daily care, it is necessary to do styling so that the haircut looks harmonious and beautiful.
    Choose this haircut only if you have a desire to daily care for your hair, and if you have enough time for it. Also, you should understand that not only time is needed, special hair care products and a hair dryer with a curling iron will be needed to even out the hair.

    New technology - torn cascade

    This technology is universal haircut, because it can afford a girl with a completely different length of curls. Previously, this haircut model was based on the traditional method of a sliding cut, and the traditional “cascade” was performed closer to the face.

    Modern masters began to apply new technologies to perform swifts, one of which is the technique of unlit lines. The idea is such that there is no smooth transition through all the hair along the strands, which is performed with the classic version of the haircut.

    In the new technology, the hair is not cut straight, but in most cases the masters use a typewriter or a razor, this is necessary to create a neat and level line. This is a great option for Swifts for those who have short hair and also for those who have long and even medium hair lengths.

    Options for torn haircuts for different hair

    We have already said that a ragged haircut will fit different hair lengths, and you can also not bother with face types, because you can choose a haircut that fits perfectly for any face shape.

    The ragged cascade, which is made with strands that fall on the face, is perfect for those who want to visually reduce the face a little, and for those who want to achieve the opposite effect, the option is where the strands on the sides will fly apart.

    If, because of your face shape, you do not dare to cut a bob or a square with straight lines, then your decision is torn strands that will be combined with a multi-layered bang. This option is suitable for medium length or even short, but if you have the opposite long hair, look for another option haircut.

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