How to cut a bang yourself: 4 important rules to follow

For girls who wear bangs for a long time and do not represent life without it, the constant maintenance of the desired length becomes a real problem. To cut the bangs you have to run to the salon every two weeks or ask your home to trim the edges.

Still not decided on the shape of the bangs? See how to pick up bangs on the shape of the face.

1 way to cut the bangs. Ideal bangs (for patient)

If you have thick bangs just below the eyebrows, arches or straight to align it - follow the simple steps. Separate bangs from the rest of the hair (fix the hair so as not to interfere). Comb the bangs well and blow the tips inside with a hairdryer. Separate the top layer of hair and fasten separately, for a perfect result, the bang is better to flatten. Grasp the scissors, holding the bang in place with a comb-comb, carefully trim off the excess while following the shape of your bangs. To cut the bangs and not be disappointed - it is better to cut them off by a few, try not to overdo it. When the bottom layer is ready, undo the top and thoroughly comb. Then you will see the bottom layer under the top one, so just trim the top layer under the bottom one, you can leave a couple of long strands for a natural effect. If you have scissors for filing, you can fillet the top layer, so the bangs will look easier!

4 way to cut the bangs. Japanese stuff.

Not surprisingly, the Japanese went the farthest and invented a whole set of devices to cut the bangs. The kit includes a special straightener and straightening scissors. You can purchase such a kit on the Internet.

5 way to cut bangs. Simplest.

Separate the hair from the bangs (collect the hair in the tail). Next, hold the scissors horizontally cut the bangs over the eyes, hold the scissors at an angle - trim the edges, holding the scissors vertically slightly profile to achieve a natural result.

Each of the methods described requires a certain skill and good scissors! If you doubt yourself and do not want to risk, first try to cut the fringe by 1-2 mm (so that it is not very noticeable), if the result suits you - you can safely dub the fringe at home.

How to cut your own bangs yourself? To do this, you will need regular and round hairbrushes, as well as professional hairdresser's scissors (regular scissors are not sharp enough, cutting the bangs well will not work and you will also have split ends).

Cut the bangs correctly

You must follow the rules when cutting bangs

Regardless of how long you prefer to wear hair, felting at home should meet the following requirements:

  1. It is worth paying attention to the fact that wet curls slightly jump after drying, so you need to cut fringe either on dry hair, or leave a length slightly longer than intended.
  2. Strong pulling down the hair can lead to a shift of the cut line.
  3. Long hair before the start of the haircut should be stabbed with a clip so as not to accidentally cut off the extra strands.
  4. Scissors for trimming curls should be well sharpened. This will help cut the hair neatly and not damage the hairs.

Keep in mind, not enough sharp scissors lead to the fact that the tips begin to split.

Which view to choose: in a semicircle, diagonally, arc, torn, cascade, ladder, long straight

In order for a haircut with a bang to become an ornament, it is necessary to correctly determine the look that best fits a particular face shape:

  • Round-faced girls should pay attention to haircuts with oblique bangs. Another option - straight bangs with elongated strands on the sides.

Do straight straight bangs yourself

Women's haircuts with bangs are not at all difficult to do at home. To do this, you will need several tools: sharp scissors, a comb with a sharp edge to separate the strands, barrettes, scissors for thinning.

Trimming bangs occurs in several stages:

  1. The hair that will be cut off must be separated from the rest of the mass, which is stabbed and removed so as not to cut off the extra curls.
  2. The hair is moistened or aligned with the iron.
  3. A small strand is selected from the selected curls and is cut to the selected length. Then the next order is captured, which is cut at the same level with the first one. This operation is performed with all curls.
  4. At the end of the haircut bang combed and filleted.

If desired, hairstyles for short hair with bangs can be profiled. This is done in the following way: on the edge of the bangs they are passed with scissors, which at the same time are held vertically and slightly obliquely, in order to a little thin the curls. If you use professional or just very sharp scissors, short hair with bangs can be shaped without even closing the tool.

We cut oblique bangs

Girls who are not attracted to long or short haircuts with straight bangs should think about the oblique version of this element of hair.

At home, it is done like this:

  1. The curls are separated from the total mass, which will later become bangs, the rest - stabbed. Selected locks are slightly wetted with water to facilitate the task.
  2. Next is to determine the length of the bangs. The classic option is the upper point of the oblique cut is at the level of the tip of the nose, the lower point is at the level of the eyelashes or below.
  3. The hair is slightly drawn off to give length and cut off with short movements. If necessary, the cut is adjusted.

The presence of bangs - a great opportunity to experiment on appearance and find your best image.

Basic rules for self-haircuts

Before you begin the process of cutting, you should familiarize yourself with some rules and nuances.

  • In order to get a quality haircut, you can not do without professional scissors. You will also need clips for hair, a regular comb and comb comb.
  • You need to cut your hair yourself only in good light, it’s great if this light is daylight. Otherwise, coming into the light, you will see how many missteps were made and how many strands are missing.
  • When preparing for a haircut, place a small container with water next to it, which will need to be wetted with hair. It is even better to use a special sprayer for this purpose, on which you just need to press a button in order to wet the strand. Thanks to this haircut will turn out even.
  • Since you wet your hair in the process of cutting, they will become slightly longer than usual, but this is only for a while. Therefore, cut, for example, a flat bang with a reserve of 1 cm, so that when the bang dries, do not be surprised at how short it turned out.

These rules are simple, keep them simple, but the benefits will be the sea. As a result, you can get a haircut, made not worse than in a professional salon.

How to cut a bang yourself

To begin, separate the hair from the front. To separate the hair from the crown itself or closer to the forehead - you decide, this should be guided by the density of the hair. If you have not very fluffy hair, take as much hair as possible to create volume. As for the width of the area of ​​selected hair, it should be forehead width. Now remove all other hair and fix it with clips. Let's get started!

Hang your hair, which will soon become a bang, on your face and lightly wet them with water to even out. Need to cut by strands - divide this hair into several parts. Take one of them and cut so much that the length of the remaining strand is just below the eyebrows. At the same time, you need to keep the scissors at a 45 degree angle, so it will be as convenient for you to cut.

Now work on the following strands in the same way. The result should be a flat line, but from the very first this line can be slightly curved. It is quite possible to fix it by cutting the excess, then the scissors should be held at a right angle. When you see that bangs are completely flat, dry them and, if desired, dry them profile - pointing the scissors parallel to the forehead, cut off unwanted hairs.

Sunday is the most unfavorable day for cutting hair. Why read here

Future mothers who do not want to harm their baby, often believe in folk legends. What are the superstitions regarding haircuts during pregnancy, learn at:

Oblique bangs - it's just

Wondering how to cut a slanting bang yourself? It should be done on the same principle as the direct one. First, prepare the hair for a haircut, that is, we separate the strands for bangs, remove other hair, spray the future bangs with water. Now proceed to the moments of cutting. Cut oblique bangs need down upIn the process, the scissors must be held at a 45 degree angle. First make a slanting bang with a large margin. After this, do the so-called wet filillining. Divide the bangs about 10 strands and cut each at a different angle. So it will look better and more spectacular. In stock, you need to leave about 5 mm. Now we dry up a bang and we admire result of work.

How beautiful to cut a torn fringe

Torn bangs need to be cut with a certain aggressiveness and carelessness. The process of creating such bangs combines straight cut and oblique bangingThis is what distinguishes a ragged type from the rest. As a rule, girls with such bangs have wavy hair or are simply very naughty and lush, just for such cases, a torn bang will fit perfectly.

The method of creating a semi-circular bangs at home

Semicircular bangs cut the hardest, but you can deal with it. First, we do the standard procedure - we separate the main shock of hair, slightly soak the hair in front. Now we begin to cut: take a strand from the side and cut the hair, leaving a length of 5 mm lower than you need. The same procedure is done with a strand from the opposite side. Then slowly move to the middle, evenly shortening strands. This haircut should be done in front of the mirror in strong light, because any bloopers and curvature will be visible. When the bang is ready, once again check whether you cut it evenly, dry it and profile if desired.

Being taken for a haircut bangs yourself, do not worry too much. Hair is not teeth, they will grow back. Let him have to suffer a little, if your haircut fails, but try. One type of bangs after some time, you can easily turn into another, you want to grow bangs in the future - no problem. Experiment, look for your hair, create your own image and never regret about the changes!

Choosing the right option

To drastically change the image, you should know how to cut your bangs. It should be selected taking into account the shape of the face and hair type:

  1. For a round face fit any shape. A short version will give a bit of enthusiasm. Bangs to the middle of the forehead emphasizes femininity. Oblique option to visually narrow the face. It will look great thick bangs.
  2. With an oval face, preference should be given to the straight elongated shape. Also a great graduated option.
  3. For a square face, it is better to choose an asymmetrical and light form, as it can correct a massive chin.
  4. For a triangular face, an even and thick version with a line to the eyebrows is suitable.
  5. If the face is small and narrow, and the features are small, the shortened version with torn or milled edges is most suitable.
  6. If a person has wide cheekbones, they will be softened by a rare bang of medium length.
  7. For thin and sparse hair, a bang is ideal, which starts at the top of the head and covers the brow line. So the hair will visually appear voluminous.

Popular types of man

Each type has its own effect and a special technique of cutting. Before you start a haircut, it is very important to make the right choice. After all, you need to choose the appropriate length and shape.

Bangs can be:

Basic forms:

  • straight or level
  • oblique or lateral,
  • semicircle or arc,
  • torn

Proper haircut technique

Having decided on a suitable option, should purchase toolsOn which the quality of the haircut will depend. These tools include:

  • Sharp scissors: fit any, but better professional.
  • Thinning scissors: you can create interesting effects with them.
  • Comb or scallop: It is important that they have fine teeth.
  • Hairpins for fixing.

If you do not know how to properly cut the bangs at home, you should familiarize yourself with the technique with which you can achieve the desired result.

Smooth shape

The direct version is a classic that will always be in fashion. But, choosing this form, it should be remembered that it will have to constantly trim. To get an even result, you need to follow important rules.

First you need to separate part of the hair from the rest and stab them with a barrette. All other hair should be collected in the tail, otherwise they will interfere. Then you need to take one strand in your hand and hold it between your fingers, and then pull it down. It is required to cut the length below the eyebrow line. In this case, it is important to keep the scissors at a 45 degree angle.

The procedure must be repeated with all the strands, checking them with the cut length. The bang line should be horizontal. After all the trimmed strands must be carefully combed. Evenness can be checked by pressing strands to the forehead. All kinks can be removed with scissors, which must be held at a 90 degree angle. It is desirable to dry the strands with a hairdryer and lay with a round brush.

Oblique option

A feminine look is created due to the crotch or side bangs.. It is perfect for any hair and hairstyle. Trim it easy. Before you cut the short strand, you need to decide in which direction you will be laying it. First you need to select a part, and the rest of the hair to collect in the tail. Strands must be carefully combed and trimmed along an oblique line. At the same time it is necessary to shear from the bottom up so that the scissors are at a 45 degree angle. After that, the hair can be dried and blow-dried.

Cutting a semicircle

Shaving a concave shape is easybut it is necessary to adhere to exact symmetry. The finished version should resemble a neat semicircle. First you need to separate the strands from the rest of the hair and fix, so as not to get caught the extra strands. It should be trimmed by pinching with your fingers. Gradually, you need to move to the sides, while increasing the length by 1 mm. The result should resemble a neat arc. If the bang turned out too thick, it can be profiled.

Ripped strands

To get torn strands, it is necessary to divide them into several parts. Bang should be equal to the width of the forehead. First, you need to cut smoothly, and then cut the hair diagonally. Bangs should be divided into strands: the width of each - 1 cm. The strand must be placed between two fingers and lifted, cutting off all protruding hairs. In this case, the cut must be straight. The final touch is the thinning. The length can be any, depending on your preferences.

Important tips stylists

If you are looking for the answer to the question of how to properly cut the bang and never cut it before, remember that you should not cut it too short. For starters, it is better to choose an elongated version. If you don’t like the result, you can always remove it beautifully using hairpins or a bezel.

How to cut a bang at home on dry or wet hair, no one can say with certainty, since everything is quite individual. Some people like to do haircuts for wet hair, while others, on the contrary, are much easier when their hair is dry. If you want to cut wet hair, remember that when they dry, the length will be shorter.

To make a layering, you need to purchase special scissors, the blade of which has small teeth. Thanks to such scissors, the hair is not completely cut off. For filing it is necessary to remove excess hair from the face, and then separate the strands and twist them into a light braid. From the tips at a distance of 2−3 cm must thin out all the desired areas.

If your bangs have grown, it is easy to trim. To do this, just repeat the technique of cutting, keeping its shape. It is important not to cut too short. It is much harder to make yourself the option that you originally planned. But if you do everything exactly as described in the technique, you can easily and quickly without any problems to achieve the desired result.

Does the bang fit the face type

Before shearing the oblique bang, you need to determine whether it fits the type of face. On one, it will be perfect, on others it will look inappropriate. There are a number of rules that allow you to identify the result.

First it is recommended to look at your face and determine its type. An oval, square or round face is best suited oblique bangs of impressive length. It should be cut to the cilia themselves. So it will give the face youth and freshness.

If the features are small, it is recommended to cut the hair shorter.

There is one caveat at which oblique bangs are not recommended at all. This is curly hair. Their owners are better to choose a different hairstyle.

Before you cut your bangs, remember that the entire hairstyle should be done in the same style. Haircuts to which this solution fits: cascade, square, bob-square and others.

What rules should be followed when laying

It is best to dry the bang like a hair dryer. Uneven strands, dried in a natural way, will not keep the appropriate shape.

To make such a bang look perfect, you should fix it with varnish (preferably with maximum fixation). Instead, you can use mousse, gel or wax. The main thing is to ensure that the bangs lie beautifully and do not deform in a few minutes after laying.

Hairstyles that contain asymmetry are often done on long hair. This is a big sweep for different fantasies. Even a simple tail in combination with a beautifully laid bang is a suitable option for working in the office or having a party with friends.

What you need for a perfect haircut

Scissors, which will cut bangs, should be very sharp. If you want to buy a light bang, it is better to mow it straight.

Wet hair in this case is very dangerous to cut, since they can be dried differently. Therefore, it is better to cut the bangs dry. So you can immediately see the result.

In addition, clipping wet curls, you can cut out too much.

If there is a fear in how to cut a slanting bang yourself, it is better to seek help from the master. In this case, you have to rely on his taste.

When wielding a scissors ineptly, the bangs can split into small strands.

How does a professional

Before you yourself cut the bangs oblique, the professional divides the hair into several parts and selects the strands under it. Here you need to use a hairpin or stealth. A small bunch of hair, he cuts to the required length.

To cut the strand independently, it is necessary to clamp it between the fingers (thumb and index). This will make the cutting process much more convenient. Proper separation depends on the hairstyle itself. This is the whole complexity of oblique bangs.

Experts recommend trimming hair with a finger longer than the desired length. Such a stock allows you to subsequently smoothly align the result.

Ideal bangs are best cut using special tools. Among them must be a comb with frequent teeth.

When the haircut is finished, the bang must be combed. You may have to adjust some strands. For even and thick hair, bangs of this type should be smooth and shiny.

Main rule

When deciding how to cut a slanting bang yourself, it should be noted that it should be neat. There are exceptions, when an extra strand of strands gives only a piquancy to the general appearance. But it already depends on the style, hair type and other individual characteristics.

How to cut oblique bangs at home when the hair is slightly curly and unruly? In this case, you should wet it. Here it is important to remember that wavy strands when drying look shorter. Therefore, should be cut with a margin.

Even if cut off longer than planned, the strand must first be straightened with gel. After a while she will grow up.

After shampooing, it is recommended to conduct a small check and carefully inspect the hairstyle for irregularities, trim the loose strands. This is best done when the hair is dried and laid.

Scissors should be handled with great care. This is a very traumatic item. If you strongly overdo it, you can scratch the skin on your face and, God forbid, get into your eyes. Therefore, during the haircut you need to be careful and cautious.

If the result is not the same as we would like, but on the whole he is satisfied, do not panic. Many girls, after reading articles on the Internet, are experimenting with their appearance. But it turns out the first time, as it should be, not at all. It should be understood that everything comes with experience. Therefore, if something terrible happened, it is better to contact a professional and correct the result.

The most difficult thing is to model the bang yourself. Simply trim the finished result is much easier. It is necessary to treat this lesson with full responsibility, having re-read the instruction once again.

Oblique bangs, depending on the haircut - which one is suitable

A ragged type of haircut is one of the new trends. In combination with an asymmetrical bang, you get a very bold image. Not everyone will decide on a similar hairstyle. But the most extravagant think how to cut a slanting torn fringe. It is in this case that some carelessness will do.

The hairstyle falls will suit people with large features. Big eyes, wide eyebrows, plump lips are ideal signs for this haircut.

Bangs should be placed in such a way that it does not close the eyes. Cascade with oblique bangs can hide some defects in appearance.

For a bob with asymmetrical bangs, straight hair is better suited. To give volume, they can later be fluffed up.

For the usual type of person well suited cascade with oblique bangs. Owners of small features better to avoid uneven strands. Otherwise the face will appear even smaller.

Challenge of everyday life

Such haircuts are a challenge to everyday life. Many women consider hairstyles with oblique bangs a symbol of independence and waywardness. It is believed that the owners have a strong spirit and very flighty.

Many people, before correctly cutting the oblique bang, think for a long time whether to decide on such changes in appearance.

It is believed that such hairstyles are able to make the fair sex a couple years younger. This is not surprising, because oblique bangs are a symbol of youth style. Therefore, you should not abandon it, especially if this is a suitable option for a type of person.

Trimming hair and trimming braids, women subconsciously crave mischief and flirting. Asymmetrical bangs are relevant now, as in the old days. It is perfect for any hair length. With it, you can easily hide the flaws and emphasize the dignity of the face.

Is it possible to trim yourself

Argued that you can not cut yourself in any case. Otherwise, all initiatives will be unsuccessful, and problems with health, in personal life, material difficulties will not keep you waiting long. What is fraught with an independent haircut? It is noteworthy that this issue was given a lot of attention in ancient times, as evidenced by various signs that have come down to us from the depths of the ages. Let's look at what was noticed by our ancestors.

Financial difficulties

It was believed that if you drastically change the length of hair, for example, a man shave them completely, and a woman cut off a braid, then a cash flow or a small stream of money (someone else) will run out. Only a slight shortening was allowed, but not on Friday, which was considered a favorable time for financial affairs. On this day, you need to pay special attention to the solution of monetary issues and leave your hair alone. It was believed that if you cut your hair on Friday, then you can say goodbye to a steady income. Nowadays, this may be fraught with loss of work, decent wages, or an advantageous position. At another time, correct hair on your own is not forbidden. However, certain rules must be followed.

Health problems

If you want to improve the condition of your hair, special attention should be paid to shampoos that you use. A frightening figure - in 97% of shampoos of famous brands are substances that poison our body. The main components, due to which all the troubles, on the labels are designated as sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, coco sulfate. These chemicals destroy the structure of the hair, the hair becomes brittle, lose elasticity and strength, the color fades. But the worst thing is that this filth enters the liver, heart, lungs, accumulates in the organs and can cause cancer. We advise against using the means in which these substances are located. Recently, experts of our editorial staff conducted an analysis of sulfate-free shampoos, where the first place was taken by funds from the company Mulsan Cosmetic. The only manufacturer of all-natural cosmetics. All products are manufactured under strict quality control and certification systems. We recommend to visit the official online store If you doubt the naturalness of your cosmetics, check the expiration date, it should not exceed one year of storage.

It is impossible to constantly get involved in a haircut with your own hands, since then the body will start to suffer, the psycho-emotional state will worsen. However, the only time or rarely carried out procedure will not bring health problems. But under specific conditions. So, it is better to have a haircut on Wednesday in a room decorated in green tones. In extreme cases, if there is no such room, add an accessory of green color to the interior. Throw on a sofa a salad-colored blanket or lay a mat on the floor with a color scheme resembling a spring meadow. Arrange the space, get down to business. At the end, do not forget, throwing your hair in a bucket, say: "I throw my hair, I keep my health."

After an independent hairstyle the indisposition, weakness can be felt. It's okay, cross three times, and then say: “Hair cut, energy saved, let it return”! If the hair did not have time to throw out, then attach a strand to the temple, hold for 3 minutes and send in the trash. Otherwise, use the doll's hair, then there is no need to throw the toy away. Forces will return very quickly.

Does life shorten after self-cutting?

People say that if you constantly cut your hair, then life will be reduced. Superstitious people should refrain from independent action. After all, it is known that when you believe in something, it will come true. The rest is enough every time before picking up the scissors, cross on three sides and drink a sip of holy water. At the end it is necessary to wash and splash water drops from the tap on the head.

Should an unmarried girl have a haircut herself?

It used to be thought that a young person who cuts her hair to herself will not get married. And if he shortens his hair, then it will cut off her beauty. Can you believe these statements? In any case, the risk should not be. After all, folk omens did not appear out of nowhere, but appeared as a result of long observations. On the other hand, it can be assumed that the legends were based on the canons of the attractiveness of the past epoch. In the old days, a girl without a long, thick braid was not recognized as beautiful. It is not difficult to imagine what happened when she lost one of the main decorations. Probably becoming an outcast, and her chances of a successful marriage were reduced to zero. Could she voluntarily cut herself? Apparently, the girls were afraid to carry out manipulations with curls, so as not to lose beauty and be desired.

It is clear that to believe in signs or to consider them as prejudices depends on the nature and emotional stability of a particular person. But the best thing is to listen to your intuition and not to do anything that violates inner peace and comfort.

Sharp scissors - the basis of the haircut

First, take care of good scissors to be used only for this purpose. There are very expensive professional models that cost up to $ 500. But you can pick up the so-called semi-professional samples. They are cheaper and will serve you for many years. The main thing to remember, whatever the scissors, they should always be well-sharpened. With a blunt tool, you can destroy the ends of the strands, which will lead to cutting hair.

What else do you need for a haircut

Before you start updating your haircut, make sure that you have all the tools you need for this process at home. To cut your hair at home you will need:

  • Sharp scissors. If the haircut tool is well sharpened, you will get a beautiful even cut.
  • Fine comb (her teeth are placed in one row and fit snugly one to one). It is needed to carefully comb the necessary strands.
  • Mirror. Without it, not a single haircut is impossible, as with its help you can see all the defects and, accordingly, correct them.
  • Water sprayer or any other device with which you can slightly wet the hair.

How to get a haircut at home

In order to independently comprehend hair at home, and not in the salon, you will need:

  • scissors, always sharp,
  • comb or comb,
  • two mirrors
  • sprayer with water,
  • clamps
  • chair and table.

Having prepared all the necessary tools, they should be properly positioned. One mirror can be part of a trellis or dressing table, but the second should be mobile, which is easy to move, turn, remove and put. The second mirror is required to be positioned behind the back so that you can see all your strands completely.

Two mirrors are needed if you are going to cut the length and tips, and to trim the bangs the second mirror is not needed.

Tools must be available in front of him so that you can conveniently take them. The further process of cutting depends on what hairstyle you want and where exactly the “client” is cut. How to cut yourself?

Possessing a professional hairdressing set (a set of sharp scissors for making various haircuts), you will be able to cut your hair at any suitable moment without the help of outsiders!

Main points

To self-cut hair, you should take care of the cleanliness of the head. Next you need to sit comfortably in front of two mirrors for a good overview of all the strands.

The head is first moistened with water and combed well, so that there are not any tangled strips.Shaving, turning the arm back, will not work even with two mirrors, so it is necessary to divide the strands into two equal parts from the middle of the forehead to the crown.

Fix one part of the strands with a barrette and bring the other one forward. If the hair is long, it is easier.

With short like this is impossible, so you need to turn your head so that the two mirrors showed it to the maximum. Next, you should fix between two fingers that mark of the strands, which should be left, and with scissors to cut off the excess hair exactly in the direction from the cheekbone to the back of the head, and not vice versa.

When the necessary will be removed with scissors, you need to dissolve the fixed part of the strands and cut along the same pattern as the first one, leveling along the cut mark. If the strands are long, with your head tilted down, you can trim them. If the haircut is short, it will not work, so the curls will be combed again, and you will need to repeat the haircut with the help of the second mirror.

To create a cascade, you need to separate the upper part from the strands, which will form the cap, the remaining curls on the head divided into strands. In order to cut off the cap for the cascade, it is necessary to collect strands into one bundle, cut the necessary part of the hair in the direction of the tip of the scissors from the bottom up. According to the received first length, a little lower by 1-2 cm, the hair along the entire length is cut off diagonally.

The total length is trimmed with scissors after all the strands are trimmed. It will look good on a haircut cascade tips, processed thinning scissors, but if such a tool is not at hand, hair, and so it looks fully.

After cutting, the head should be dried with a hairdryer and laid. On dry curls, the roughness of the haircut will be clearly visible, so after drying it is necessary to cut all the irregularities of the strands with scissors.

How to cut the ends of the hair without cutting the main strands? To do this, cut no more than 1-2 cm. Thus, the ends will be removed. For this procedure, you will need the above set of tools, the curls should be moistened with water and well combed. Cut the tips so that the main length is held between the fingers. For this it is necessary to divide the curls into strands. It will be more convenient. Cutting one strand, it is possible to cut off the next, creating smooth edges. After cutting, it is necessary to dry and lay the curls.

Trim hair ends

Can I cut my long hair myself? Yes, if we are talking about updating the tips (that is, removing the length of not more than half a centimeter). Comb the pre-moistened hair, and then squeeze the right strand between your index and middle fingers. Slowly lower your hand to the tips and stop it before the length you want to cut.

It is better to cut hair not evenly, but so that in the process of cutting very small teeth are obtained. This will smooth out the irregularities that will be due to improper spinning strands. But if you want something newer than cutting your hair a few millimeters, better contact the experts.

How to cut a bang

Slightly move wet hair with a comb. Perform this action so that they are evenly distributed between the teeth. This is done in order to cut the strands do not fall on the eyes. If you want a smooth bang, then begin to cut it from the middle, and slanting - from the short end to the long.

Also do not forget that wetted hair always looks longer than dry. Using these tips, you will be able to cut the bangs yourself, and accordingly you will not have to spend your precious time going to the hairdresser.

About trimming hair

For girls who want to cut their own hair, the following information will be helpful:

  1. There is a belief that if you cut your hair with a full moon, your hair will grow better.
  2. In order to slow the growth of its hair, it is necessary to cut it to a decreasing moon.
  3. According to another popular sign, you should not rinse with freshly trimmed hair with water. Otherwise they will become dull and stop growing.
  4. Bioenergetics believe that if you yourself will cut your hair, then break your own energy field.
  5. It is impossible to cut the hair of a woman with a strong negative energy.
  6. It is better to have a haircut for those who are younger, and not older than you.

Cutting hair is a very complicated process, so be careful when performing this procedure at home. Use the tips that are described in this article and you will not have problems with regrown hair.

If the result is unsuccessful

It is very important to understand how to properly cut a beautiful bang. Beginners need to take into account all the nuances of this process, since one awkward movement with scissors and strands will be shorter than necessary. However, sometimes hairdressers are mistaken, who have long learned how to cut their bangs nicely and carefully. If it is shorter than necessary, do not be discouraged, but decide what to do. There are several ways that can fix a bad result. TOOf course, in a day or a week, the hair will not grow back, but unnecessarily short strands can be removed using a rim or barrette. This is the easiest way to style your hair, which allows you to make an original hairstyle and hide the failed check.

  • Put the bezel on your head, fix it carefully and move it back 1-2 cm. Thus, the front part of the bangs will become more voluminous, and the short ends will hide in the bulk of the hair. The more beautiful the bezel, the more interesting the hairstyle will look.
  • Comb it all to the side and pin it with an original hairpin. For reliability, you can fix the styling varnish so that it is not disheveled. If you do not want to draw attention to the hairstyle, instead of a hairpin, use stealth, which you need to fasten the tips under the hair.

Many girls independently learn how to quickly and beautifully cut their own bangs at home, so the result is not always good. If the strands turned out shorter than desired, you can make a pigtail of them, connecting it with the main hair length.

  • Comb the hair, lightly wax it to make it more shiny and obedient.
  • Separate the three strands in the temple area. The right one should be taken from the bang, the middle one - from the bang and the main length, the left one - from the main body of hair.
  • From the selected strands begin to weave a pigtail. On the middle strand you need to alternately add hair either to the right or left. When the whole bang is woven into a pigtail, fix it with a hairpin.

Which bang is right for you?

When choosing bangs can not rely only on fashion or taste. The main thing - to find the correct form. To do this, take into account the shape of the face and hair structure:

  • A round face - you will have no problems with a bang, since almost all shapes fit a round face. A short one will give a boost, a bang to the middle of the forehead will make you more feminine, and a slanting eye will visually narrow the face. Yes, and from the long thick bangs should not give up!
  • Oval face - can not boast the same versatility as the previous version. A face of this type requires elongated straight or graded bangs,
  • Square face - stop on an easy asymmetrical form, it will correct a heavy chin,
  • Triangular face - the thickest fringe up to the eyebrows is ideal for you,
  • Narrow small face with small features - give preference to short bangs with milled or torn edges,
  • A wide-pointed face - rare bangs of medium length will help soften his features.
  • Curly hair - you can trim bangs, but be ready for daily styling with the help of ironing and varnish,
  • Thin and sparse hair - select the option starting at the top of the head and covering the eyebrows line. This bang will make styling more voluminous.

Hair cutting tools

To cut your bangs yourself you will need several special tools:

  • Regular scissors - their quality affects the result. Ideally, scissors should be professional. In extreme cases, arm yourself with the sharpest
  • Thinning scissors - necessary for creating interesting effects,
  • Comb with fine teeth or scallop. It will be just fine if you manage to get a double comb. On one side there are rare teeth, on the other - frequent,
  • Crabs, clips, gum - needed to fix the hair.

Technique haircuts straight bangs

How to cut a bang at home so that it remains smooth?

  1. Separate future bangs from the rest of the hair. Stab her crab.
  2. The remaining hair is desirable to collect in the tail, so as not to interfere.
  3. Take one strand in your hand, hold it between your fingers and pull it down.
  4. Clip length slightly below eyebrow line. Hold the scissors at an angle of 45⁰, otherwise the blades will slide off the hair.
  5. Repeat the procedure with the rest of the strands, focusing on the cut length. Make sure the bang line is strictly horizontal.
  6. Carefully comb your bangs with a comb.
  7. Remove kinks, keeping the scissors at a 90⁰ angle.
  8. Press the bang to the forehead and check its evenness.
  9. Blow dry your hair with a round brush.

Important moments look at the video:

Technique haircut oblique bangs

How to cut a slanting bang? With our hint is very easy to do!

Step 1. Separate future bangs from the main body of hair. Stab her crab.

Step 2. Collect the remaining hair in the tail.

Step 3. Thoroughly comb your hair and cut it off with a scythe. Scissors bottom up, holding the scissors at a 45⁰ angle.

Step 4. Dry the bangs with a hair dryer.

Know the most important mistake when cutting? Watch the video:

How to make thinning?

With the help of filing, you can achieve interesting effects, make the airy bangs and facilitate its installation. You will need special scissors for filing. Their blade consists of small teeth, thanks to which not all hair, but only a small part of it is cut off.

  1. Remove excess hair from your face.
  2. Chelku divided into separate strands.
  3. Twist the strand into a light harness.
  4. With a thinning scissors, make a cut approximately in the middle of the strand and at a distance of 2-3 cm from the tips.
  5. Process the remaining strands in the same way.

This is how masters advise to perform filing:

There are a few more ways to thin out. You can walk along the tips of the hair, holding the scissors horizontally, or you can flip them vertically and make several cuts diagonally. In the latter case, the bangs will be torn.

Important to remember!

Having decided to cut a beautiful bang, listen to our useful tips:

  • When doing the haircut for the first time, do not cut too much. It is better to give preference to elongated options - if you do not like the bangs, it can be stabbed and it grows faster,
  • The width of the future bangs is equal to the size of the forehead and is limited to the temporal hollows - for them it should not go,
  • Should I moisturize your hair before cutting? There is no definite answer. When cutting a fringe “on dry”, it will not work out perfectly even, especially on curly or wavy hair. If the bangs are wet, the final length will jump by about 1 cm.

Do not be afraid of stylish changes, try to be different, and bangs will help you with this!

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  • How to wind hair on papilotki (curlers boomerangs)?
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How beautiful and smoothly cut the bangs

Bangs - is the most important element of hair and image. Changing it, you can greatly transform the appearance of a person. Unlike the whole haircut, the bangs can be trimmed by yourself. Bangs will always be popular, because this item hairstyle hides many flaws in appearance. It is especially important for those who have a not very regular face shape. For example, bangs can hide too wide or low forehead, as well as soften a massive or pointed chin. This part of the haircut can correct the cheekbones, highlight the eyes, eyebrows and even lips.

Width and thickness of bangs

According to the rules, bangs should not go beyond the temples. There are, of course, exceptions limited to certain types of haircuts. Before cutting the bangs, you need to separate the hair with a U-shaped or triangular parting. You can choose any thickness. But if you make too thick bangs, the hair in the bulk will remain less. Consider the density of the hair.

How to choose a bang?

It should be remembered that not any form of bangs can look beautiful on the face.

Chubby girls can make themselves any bangs. For example, oblique bangs visually narrow the face. You can trim a short bang to the middle of the forehead, it will give this form of femininity. The oval face type needs a graded or elongated straight bang. The square shape is rather heavy, so bangs are required to correct this. An asymmetrical fringe will look best on such a face. For a triangular shape, fit a long and very thick bangs.

Owners of small faces are advised to cut short bangs. At the same time it is better to make the edges ragged and heavily milled. Girls with wide cheekbones fit rare bangs of medium length.

How to cut oblique bangs?

Oblique bangs look very original, giving mysterious and spectacular image. In order to independently cut the bangs diagonally, you will need professional scissors, preferably, and thinning scissors. It is better to carry out this procedure on clean and dry hair. You can wet them a little if they are naughty or wavy. But then you have to take into account that after drying the hair will be shorter.

First you need to decide on which side to lay the bang, and how long it will be. If you want to make a thick bang, you can not make a thinning. Then, when laying it will be necessary to slightly raise it with a round brush so that it does not look hard on the face. In the case of processing tips thinning scissors such tricks are not needed.

Girls who want to learn how to cut the bangs to the side. must also take into account some rules:

  • scissors need to keep the tip down and about a 45 degree angle,
  • hair should be cut from top to bottom, without haste,
  • it is desirable to cut in small steps, in this case, the chances of getting an even and beautiful bang increase significantly,
  • After the haircut, you should comb the bangs and see if all the strands are the right length.

How exactly to cut the bangs?

The bangs grow very quickly, so you need to periodically trim it to maintain shape. Straight bangs should be cut with scissors with short and thin blades in good light, slowly.

First you need to remove excess hair back. Then split the fringe into three parts. Comb with frequent teeth comb the right and central part of the bangs. Place the strands between the index and middle finger, squeeze and pull them down, remove the unnecessary length. Hair must be cut, holding the scissors at a 90 degree angle, otherwise the bangs will turn out to be an arc. Next you need to do the same with the rest of the hair. Then you need to put together all the pieces and comb the bangs. Carefully cut the hairs out of the bangs and check whether all the locks are the same length.

After all the hair is smooth, you can wet it, comb it again and make sure that everything is cut off smoothly.

How to cut a torn bang?

To cut a torn bang yourself, you will need simple professional and thinning shears. Hair should be separated from the common part and wet. Then trim them to the chosen length. After this, the bang should be divided into strands about 1 cm wide. Now you need to make the bangs torn. To do this, take one strand and cut it with scissors with a straight cut. Do this with the remaining strands and dry the bangs.

Then you need to comb and trim it with thinning scissors. You can use only the tips of such scissors or the entire working surface, the degree of filing depends on it.

How to cut a semi-circular fringe?

The hardest thing is to cut the bangs in a semicircle. First you need to separate the bulk of the hair, slightly wet the hair in front. Next, you need to cut the strands from the side, leaving a length of half a centimeter lower than you need. Then gradually it is necessary to move to the middle, shortening the strands. Bang semicircle should be cut in front of a mirror with good lighting. The finished haircut can be dried and shaped if desired.

There are some simple tips for self-cutting bangs:

  • During the haircut should not strongly pull off the hair. Otherwise, the cut line may shift.
  • It is recommended to carefully pinch off excess hair with clips or barrettes before starting a haircut. This is necessary not to accidentally cut off a strand of basic hair, which can spoil the hairstyle.
  • If there are no professional scissors, you should purchase at least new sharp scissors. And so that they are not stupid, it is not recommended to cut anything except hair.

Bangs - this is the easiest option to add novelty to their appearance. Performing all these secrets, you can properly cut the bangs and achieve a beautiful hairstyle without help.