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Hairstyles with flowers in her hair

Hairstyles with natural and artificial flowers Hairstyles with flowers are a famous symbol of spring, femininity and sensuality. Floral style entered the fashion salon a long time ago. Flowers became the very first adornment of young women, adult ladies.

Mustard mask for rapid hair growth: homemade recipe

Hair growth masks with mustard. Recipes, rules In cosmetology, mustard powder in the form of a slurry is used instead of a hair shampoo, it reduces the fat content of the hair at the roots, and also strengthens the hair due to the increased blood flow to the scalp.

Telogen hair loss what it is

What is telogen hair loss and why does it occur? Analyzing the latest statistical data, scientists managed to establish that with the development of civilization not only the number of diseases increased, but also some of them became much younger.

How to do eyebrow piercing step by step

Eyebrow Piercing: Features of a Puncture and a Choice of Jewelry Eyebrow piercing is the piercing of soft tissues in the face area at the level of the eyebrow with the subsequent installation of a decorative ornament.

Eyebrow styling: starter kit

Training to build eyebrows Attention! Due to the large number of applicants, the training center “Studio Center for Beauty” provides an opportunity to reserve a place for training in basic courses, making an advance payment of 1,000 rubles.